Chapter 131: The Brooke Formula

Chapter 131: The Brooke Formula

This was a book on Origin Energy Patterns.

Unlike those other recordings, the information contained in this book was not carelessly written. Instead, the research had already been finished, and the information had already been systematically tidied up.

Put simply, it was already pre-formed, and it had real, confirmed theories and how to apply them.

However, what was recorded was not Origin Skills. Rather, it was an algorithm that Mainbrooke had developed via analyzing large quantities of Origin Energy Fragments. It was called the Brooke Formula.

By using the Brooke Formula, Mainbrooke could deconstruct Origin Skills, analyze them, and even reform them and adapt them. This could be used to create brand-new Origin Skills.

It was possible to do this?

Su Chen was shocked in his heart.

Mainbrooke was worthy of being known as the most proficient scholar of Origin Energy use. He could even invent such a method. Even Mainbrooke himself reckoned that the Brooke Formula was one of his mightiest inventions. His tone was filled with self-confidence and pride.

The Brooke Formula was quite complex, and it would be impossible for Su Chen to learn it in any short period of time. But what also made him excited was that the Brooke Formula manual had used a fireball as an example of its application.

The fireball was one of the most practical techniques of the ancient Arcana period, and it was the most widely-known Arcana technique. Thus, many who had studied it loved to use it as a model example, increasing its universality.

The book carefully detailed the Origin Energy Fragment constituents, and how to use the Brooke Formula to break them down and analyze them. After performing a precise mathematical operation, areas that could be changed would be suggested.

One kind of change was to merge the fireball technique with the Inferno Origin Energy Model, using this to create an all-new Arcana Technique, the Firebird.

This was the book’s most precise, comprehensive record. Mainbrooke first listed out the components of both the fireball technique and the Inferno Origin Energy Model. Then, he used Brooke’s formula to deconstruct, calculate, and then reform the patterns, finally creating this all-new Arcana technique.

Although throughout this process, Mainbrooke had emphasized his Brooke’s Formula, the Firebird Arcana technique had completely emerged because of it.

To Su Chen, the Brooke Formula was too complex. It would take too long to really understand it, but the Firebird Arcana technique’s patterns were already present. With the fireball as his foundation already, he would be able to learn it very rapidly.

Thus, Su Chen immediately began to rotate the Energy in his body according to the Firebird pattern. Very quickly, a small firebird sat in the palm of his hand. It was small in size, but a shocking amount of Origin Energy was contained in it.

Su Chen released his hand. That firebird automatically flew into the air, slicing out an arc through the air as it followed Su Chen’s silent commands. Next, it slammed into a faraway wall with a “Bang!”, the explosion sending chunks of fragmented rock flying. It disappeared in a wave of sparks.

Su Chen was very happy. The Firebird’s strength was evidently one step greater than the fireball, and the most hard to come by was that it possessed the ability to change direction on its own. It could fly in a circle around its target in midair before attacking, and it could even attack the target after flying behind it. It was evidently very agile.

“But unfortunately, it still is lacking in absolute power,” Su Chen sighed with regret in his heart.

What he had always wanted was a skill like a Bloodline Origin Skill, powerful to the point that it could single-handedly shake the universe.

Even so, the truth demonstrated that under circumstances without a bloodline, wanting to possess such strength was truly too difficult.

Was there really no possible way?

Su Chen thought.

Perhaps he could try using the Flying Flower Hands along with the Firebird? The Flying Flower Hands could increase the power of any hurled item it was applied to. Even a small tree leaf could become as frightening as an iron dart under the Flying Flower Hands. What about the Firebird?

As Su Chen thought about this, he began to create another Firebird.

The Firebird was not bigger than the fireball, and it had to be immediately released upon formation. Because it was an Origin Energy Model, it could exist on its own upon formation, allowing it to fly around in midair and attack in a non-linear way. Thus, it also made it possible for Su Chen to use his Flying Flower Hands on it.

But when he tried to use the strength of the Flying Flower Hands on the Firebird, the Firebird exploded immediately. The giant explosive power unleashed a raging inferno in the stone room. Thankfully, Su Chen had already cleaned up the entire place. Otherwise, half of the stone room would have been obliterated in one blow.

Didn’t it still fail?

Su Chen shook his head and sighed as he bitterly laughed, “I couldn’t do it in the end. Whatever, it’s enough just to have the Firebird.”

But just as he was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something and began to mutter to himself, “The reason why the Firebird exploded was because it was unable to handle the power of the Flying Flower Hands, but what if the power of the Inferno Origin Energy Model was raised? Didn’t Brooke’s Formula point out which pattern fragments were responsible for amplifying strength? If I can improve its stability in that regard, perhaps the Firebird would be able to withstand a higher level of energy?”

Upon thinking to this point, Su Chen couldn’t restrain himself. He pulled out the book on Brooke’s Formula, then began to calculate based on the Origin Energy Patterns recorded in it.

This was his first time using Brooke’s Formula to help him calculate things. Thankfully, he didn’t need to do anything complicated like merging two Origin Skills. All he needed to do was determine how to strengthen the Firebird, allowing it to take more energy.

If it was an ancient Arcana technique, raising its upper energy absorbance limit would definitely imply that its energy output would also increase. Otherwise, raising the upper limit of its absorbance would be pointless. This would also imply that other areas would have some changes, and his work would become more complicated.

But the Flying Flower Hands was not an ancient Arcana technique; from top to bottom, it was a contemporary Origin Skill, activated via an Origin Energy Talisman. Thus, it would not affect the previously existing Origin Energy Pattern, making the task at hand much simpler for Su Chen.

Even though it was such a simple matter, Su Chen still calculated for quite a few hours.

Finally, with the aid of the Brooke’s Formula, a new Origin Energy Pattern emerged.

It was still the Firebird, but some of the fragments of the Origin Energy Pattern had changed, and the Origin Energy Model’s strength had increased. This method made it so that the Firebird was more resilient, but because of this it had become stiffer, losing its original agility and nimbleness.

The Firebird modified by Brooke’s Formula was the optimum result from countless calculations. If it didn’t have the support of the Flying Flower Hands, this kind of modification would definitely be considered a failure.

But in the next instant, when the Flying Flower Hands was used on the Firebird, everything changed.

This bird flew into the air, even more nimbly than before. It flew around in the air at an even higher speed, leaving behind an arc of fire, before ferociously slamming into the mountain wall.


A large hole had been blasted in the mountain rock face after the giant explosion, and the wall began to tremble. Countless streams of sand and stone fell to the ground.

“Success!” Su Chen excitedly yelled loudly.

The strength of this attack was very powerful. It was even more powerful than the blood aura!

He had actually been able to create an Origin Skill even more powerful than a Bloodline Origin Skill. At this moment, Su Chen was so excited that he wanted to cry.

This was an all-new Firebird Origin Skill, and it was also an Improved Arcana Technique. Perhaps he should give it a new name?

What about the Erupting Firebird? Su Chen was just thinking when he suddenly noticed that the trembling above his head had become louder.

Dammit, the tomb was about to collapse.

Su Chen did not hesitate. He turned around and booked it.

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