Chapter 13: True Jade Pavilion

Chapter 13: True Jade Pavilion


Su Cheng’an smacked the table and leapt to his feet.

He was seething with anger.

“Did he really say it like that?”

Yan Wushuang was the very picture of a weeping beauty, “Lord, these words are absolutely true. Elder, you know that I, Yan Wushuang, lived a very bitter life. I entered the palace with Elder, but I was unable to enjoy this good fortune for even a few days. Instead, I am busy taking care of the Su Clan’s businesses day and night, without even a day to rest. I didn’t expect that even after working so diligently that I would receive this kind of abuse. For Young Master to treat me in such a way, what use is there for me to continue living here……”

“Alright, alright. Don’t be so quick to threaten to kill yourself.” Su Cheng’an waved his hand in comfort, but his expression was taut.

Yan Wushuang was not of high birth. Everyone knew about this matter, but since she had been taken in as the Fourth Concubine, it was best to let the things of the past stay in the past. No one was permitted to bring up this matter in the entire clan.

Unexpectedly, this old scar had actually been cruelly stabbed by Su Chen. How could Su Cheng’an not be angry in his heart?

He was very clear about Yan Wushuang’s intentions to take over Tang Hongrui and her son’s business, but he chose to conveniently forget about it.

People were always like this. If one was biased from the very beginning, one would overlook everything that did not align with this bias.

As a result, Su Cheng’an currently felt that Su Chen was a very unfilial son.

Following the birth of his two sons and the acceptance of his new favorite, his love for Su Chen had gradually become cold. In the wake of Su Chen disobeying him again and again, the relationship between father and son displayed an increasing number of cracks, progressing to the point where it would be very difficult to repair.

For this matter to happen today, Su Chen had possibly already reached a point where his crimes were too great in Su Cheng’an’s eyes.

At this time, Su Cheng’an was thinking deeply in his heart. After thinking for a moment, he spoke, “An unfilial child should be disciplined. But the majority of the businesses under Hongrui’s control were brought from her original family. Although in name they are part of the Su Clan, if Hongrui doesn’t give her approval, it’s difficult for me to make a move. I still need to consider this matter for some time.”

“What need is there to consider?” Yan Wushuang huffed. “So what if it was a dowry? Once she married into the Su Clan, the businesses should belong to the Su Clan. For Tang Hongrui to be so monopolizing, not allowing anybody else to interact with them; is this the path of a good housewife?”

“Then what do you think we should do? Although the Tang Clan is not as good as the Su Clan, they still have a decent amount of strength. I can’t just forcefully take it away from them like so, can I?”

Yan Wushuang thought for a moment before saying, “Isn’t Su Chen unwilling to let go of them? Then why not let him personally oversee the businesses? I just don’t believe that he, a blind person, can do a good job of managing them.”

Su Cheng’an thought deeply for a brief moment before his eyes began to shine, “This is also an idea. When he makes a mistake, we can use it as a pretext to make a fuss, take the opportunity to dismiss him from his position and recover the right to manage it. But what is the best for him to oversee?”

Yan Wushuang said savagely, “Since he is blind, then let him manage the business that requires sight the most.”

“True Jade Pavilion!”


The True Jade Pavilion was located in the Thousand Curves Alley; an antique store located in a tunnel.

The Primordial Continent was a place that could be considered to have matured in its advancement. Many glorious societies and cultures had once risen and fallen in this place. At the same time, they had left behind an astonishingly abundant supply of ancient, hidden treasures.

As for when the Primordial Continent’s culture had been the most glorious, the expansion and development of some of the countries had been even more rapid and formidable than modern human society. Although they had all eventually faded into the dust of history for a variety of reasons, they still possessed a few remarkable technologies. Their heritage and treasures also went the way of their societies, buried beneath the surface of the Primordial Continent

Precisely because of this, in this world, archaeology not only had important historical significance, but also tremendous practical importance.

There was once a clan in Long Sang that obtained the ability to smelt and smith metals because they had unintentionally uncovered a tomb from ancient times, and used it to become quite prosperous.

This caused the antique business in this world to thrive.

Following the vigorous development of the cultural relic business, counterfeits also took the opportunity and began to appear on markets.

This caused the requirements placed on the inspectors of these antique stores to become even more stringent.

The current head storekeeper of the True Jade Palace was called Tang Zhen; he was an elderly man who had followed Tang Hongrui to the Su Clan. He had been the head storekeeper of the True Jade Pavilion for twenty years, and was an old hand with a rich amount of experience. He behaved extremely cautiously and prudently, and he was very faithful and loyal. Although he did not have any huge deals that invited the praise of others, he never made many mistakes.

Although the True Jade Pavilion could not compare to other large stores like the Thousand Year Pavilion or the Treasure Evaluation Tower located on the Thousand Curves Alley, a famous road of antiques towards the north, it was always able to steadily expand. It could be considered a mid-to-high class store, and among the few businesses under Tang Hongrui’s control, it was definitely the most important.

A small room on the third floor of the True Jade Pavilion.

Su Chen sat on the seat of honor on the left side. Below him stood Jianxin. Tang Zhen sat on the right side, and below him was the second storekeeper Zhang Heng and the third storekeeper Lou Yi.

“In name, my father sent me here to manage the True Jade Pavilion for my mother, but in reality his intention is for me to learn from the three storekeepers. Thus, the Three Storekeepers have no need of to feel apprehensive at my arrival. Just do what you normally do and that’s enough,” Su Chen said slowly and deliberately, sitting on his own seat.

The three storekeepers all spoke simultaneously, “We comply with the Young Master’s orders.”

“I pay my respects to the three storekeepers,” Su Chen responded, not forgetting his manners. “The three storekeepers all have matters to take care of. How about this, the second and third storekeeper can go deal with the matters at the front desk. The head storekeeper can remain with me and teach me the ins and outs of antiques. As a newcomer, what I need most is to study.”

“This is also good.” Upon hearing these words, Zhang Heng and Lou Yi both bid their farewells to Su Chen, then went off to perform their own duties.

Su Chen also told Jianxin to leave. Only Su Chen and Tang Zhen remained in the small room when Su Chen suddenly kowtowed to Tang Zhen, “Storekeeper must save me.”

“What does Young Master mean?” This movement frightened Tang Zhen, and he hurriedly helped Su Chen up. “I cannot afford to accept Young Master’s great respect.”

Only then did Su Chen respond, “I do not wish to hide anything from head storekeeper. The reason I came here today was because I was exiled here by my father, not because I was sent here.”

“So that really was the case.” Tang Zhen let out a sigh.

In reality, Tang Zhen already felt a premonition in his heart when he saw Su Chen, a blind person, sent to an antique store. Although he wasn’t in the Su Clan, he still had some knowledge of some of the happenings in the Su Clan. While this Fourth Young Master was indeed blind, he was always an exceptional figure in the Su mansion.

In terms of excellence, he could not be considered to be lagging behind; however, it was precisely because of this that he had incurred so much jealousy and hatred.

Su Chen more or less explained the matter of Yan Wushuang’s scheming to obtain his mother’s businesses.

Upon hearing that Su Chen had cursed that Yan Wushuang as a common whore from the Spring Moon Brothel, Tang Zhen was so frightened that his eyebrows jumped repeatedly. He finally understood why Su Cheng’an had exiled him to this place. Speaking rudely, insubordination, disrespect of elders, humiliating his father’s concubine - these were not small offenses!

“My mother told me that when I come over I definitely must listen to the head storekeeper’s instructions. The head storekeeper has worked hard and prudently for the Tang Clan for twenty years, so you must be trustworthy. Thus, she wanted me to definitely ask the head storekeeper for help.”

“Aiya, I have no other abilities except to identify a few jade tools, some precious antique texts and the like. Even if you didn’t mention this or kowtow to me, or even if you weren’t here, these are all things that I need to focus all my attention on doing. What could I possibly help you with?”

“You can teach me,” Su Chen answered.

Tang Zhen was startled. “What did you say? You want to learn how to inspect treasures?”

“Precisely so!”

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