Chapter 129: Spirit Burying Terrace (3)

Chapter 129: Spirit Burying Terrace (3)

Boom boom boom boom!

The continuous explosions caused the Shadow Snakes behind him to continuously let out pained cries. Even so, their inherently vicious temperament made it so that they were unwilling to let their target go, and they continued to chase after him furiously.

Su Chen madly charged forwards. After exiting the large hall, he returned to the stone room he was in prior.

The twelve statues continued to stand there unmoving, just like before.

He pulled off the medallion that he was wearing and tossed it out as he charged forwards at full speed. He began to yell, “Awaken!”


A massive thundering and shaking suddenly began to sound out.

The twelve statues simultaneously began to tremble violently, and large chunks of rock began to fall from their bodies, sending up clouds of gray dust.

“Faster, faster!” If it were anyone else, they might have been astonished by this scene, but Su Chen seemed worried that the Bloodmelting Swordsmen wouldn’t awaken fast enough. He tossed out three jugs of wine in a row and let out five large fireballs, worried that he wouldn’t be able to delay long enough.

Finally, the first statue completely shattered. What followed was a blood-red streak of sword light that screamed towards Su Chen. It grew larger and larger the entire way, stabbing towards him.

“I...... fuck!” Su Chen cursed.

Although he had been prepared to be attacked, Su Chen still couldn’t help but curse in that moment.

As his body shifted, he activated the Snaking Mist Steps to their extreme limit, taking three steps in a row in midair. Su Chen’s figure then suddenly did a rapid one-eighty in midair, dodging the sword strike.

At this moment, all of his vigor had been exhausted. He could not continue to maintain his airborne condition and he began to descend. As soon as he hit the ground, he hurriedly rolled.

A razor-sharp sword flew over the top of his head. Another Bloodmelting Swordsman had appeared.

Su Chen continued to sprint forwards.

Earlier, in order to wake up the Bloodmelting Swordsmen, he was worried that he had not tossed it far enough and wouldn’t be able to wake them. Now, he could only feel that he had thrown it too far, and the very near distance seemed to be at the end of the horizon.

He had just taken a step when two blade strikes came whistling towards him.

The third and fourth swordsmen continued to walk out. Su Chen slammed the ground, and he flew into the air, narrowly dodging a sword. He was unable to dodge the other strike, and he could only borrow the use of Meg’s Guardian to forcefully block it.

With a loud ‘Bang!’, two Meg’s Guardians were simultaneously pierced through by the sword.

Su Chen borrowed the force of the impact to fly into the air again. While in midair, he could see that some of the Bloodmelting Swordsmen that had been awakened earlier had already begun to engage in battle with the Shadow Snakes.

Thank heavens, whether it was the Shadow Snakes or the Bloodmelting Swordsmen, they attacked each other without discrepancy.

His anxiety had yet to disappear when he suddenly heard four continuous “booms” from behind him. Four Bloodmelting Swordsmen stepped out from the statues.

Because Su Chen was at the very front, every Bloodmelting Swordsman that awoke would attack him first. Su Chen knew that the situation was not good. He hurriedly activated the Snaking Mist Steps, dodging the first swordsman’s attack. He then struck backwards with his blade, parrying the attack of another swordsman. The blade shattered. The third swordsman was just about to attack when an air tentacle suddenly appeared, binding the swordsman’s legs, causing it to stumble. Su Chen took advantage of the opportunity to avoid the attack.

However, the fourth swordsman’s sword came slicing towards him, once again slamming into his barriers.

This sword strike was even more ferocious than the one he had sustained earlier. With a series of multiple “bangs”, all of the barriers on Su Chen’s body were shattered. The impact of the large sword was not reduced, and it continued to cut into Su Chen’s body. Su Chen was struck by the fierce blow, and a shower of blood sprayed from his body.

He fell from the air to the ground.

This sword strike did not result in a shallow cut. He had no way of moving for a short time.

The final four statues chose this moment to emerge, and they simultaneously walked towards Su Chen.

Su Chen could only slowly crawl towards the medallion.

However, no matter how fast he was, he was not faster than the Bloodmelting Swordsmen.

The four Bloodmelting Swordsmen had already charged to Su Chen’s side, raising their large swords towards Su Chen.

Their swords began to descend!

In that moment of imminent peril, Su Chen suddenly raised his hand. An air tentacle appeared, grabbing onto the medallion in front of him and pulling it backwards.

The medallion flew through the air, landing in Su Chen’s hand.


Su Chen lifted the medallion.

Four large, blood-colored swords simultaneously stopped in front of Su Chen’s forehead.

They retrieved their swords!

Four Bloodmelting Swordsmen turned around and charged towards the Shadow Snakes.


Su Chen let out a long sigh.

Next, a wave of furious pain forced him to grit his teeth. He looked at himself only to see a deep, bloody wound from his chest to his midsection. The wound was quite deep; he had narrowly avoided being disemboweled.

Thankfully, he had cultivated the Flowing Wind Body Technique, and his physique was much more resilient than a normal Origin Qi Scholar. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Even so, Su Chen was suddenly struck by a wave of dizziness. He hurriedly pulled out a vial of recovery medicine and drank it.

Thankfully, he was permitted to bring medicine inside the exam ground.

Not faraway, the twelve Bloodmelting Swordsmen had already formed a large group of battle.

The Bloodmelting Swordsmen were very powerful, but the Shadow Snakes had the advantage in numbers. The battle between the two parties resulted in a massive buildup of snake corpses. As large numbers of Shadow Snakes died, the Bloodmelting Swordsmen also began to fall one by one.

Su Chen carefully lifted a jug of wine, preparing to do battle at any moment.

But this time, the goddess of fortune smiled on him - the Bloodmelting Swordsmen were victorious in the end.

The Bloodmelting Swordsmen that had been set up here to protect the Spirit Burying Terrace were indeed strong. Nearly three hundred Shadow Snakes had been completely massacred. However, they had also paid the price of six of their comrades, and after killing the Shadow Snakes, the remaining Bloodmelting Swordsmen returned to their original positions, ignoring Su Chen no matter how much he shouted at them.

Su Chen sighed. He knew that this medallion most likely could only stop the Bloodmelting Soldiers from attacking him, but it was impossible to command them. This was for the best; those Bloodmelting Soldiers were not human. Although they were still made of blood and flesh, they did not have the spirit of humans. They were essentially walking corpses. Bringing them out of this place would only bring Su Chen countless problems.

After ingesting the medicine, Su Chen felt much better.

He stood up again, walking towards the corpses of the snakes.

Just like the Corpse Spirit Flowers, the Shadow Snakes were also medicinal ingredients that were hard to come by.

Medicinal ingredients were usually divided into common, uncommon, rare, mythical, and divine medicines - those five tiers. The Corpse Spirit Flowers were considered low-tier mythical ingredients. Although Shadow Snakes were not as precious as Corpse Spirit Flowers, they were high-quality materials that were hard to obtain.

With so many snake corpses, he had achieved quite a profitable harvest.

Accidents and dangers represented an unexpected harvest. At the very least, these Shadow Snake corpses were much more valuable than the black gold pedestal or the cloud jade lotus terrace.

He stowed away these snake corpses without any trace of politeness. Su Chen was just about to return to the corpse pit when he suddenly discovered that something was not quite right.

He lowered his head.

Beneath his feet, large quantities of blood were converging and flowing, kind of like quicksilver. They gradually formed an Origin Formation pattern.

There was still an Origin Formation here?

Su Chen was shocked.

Hadn’t all of the mechanisms here been broken down? What was happening now?

Su Chen did not understand.

The fresh blood was from the six Bloodmelting Swordsmen that had just died. The flowing of their blood had caused the current situation, but it seemed like the fresh blood they had was not enough. Thus, although the Origin Formation was lit up, it had not really been activated.

Having realized something, Su Chen turned around to look at the remaining six Bloodmelting Swordsmen.

A few suspicions suddenly emerged in the back of his brain.

Since the main hall already had four Demonic Puppets that were even more powerful, why was it necessary to open up a rock room out front and place twelve Bloodmelting Swordsmen as guardians? The strength of those twelve Bloodmelting Swordsmen could not even compare to the finger of a battalion-tier Demonic Puppet.

Upon seeing the fresh blood on the ground, an idea appeared in Su Chen’s head.

Could it be that their true usage was not to guard the area?

Upon thinking to this point, guesses had already begun to surface in Su Chen’s heart.

He didn’t immediately move. Rather, he first returned to the corpse pit and harvested the Corpse Spirit Flowers there.

This time, Su Chen didn’t run into any other problems. He easily harvested the Corpse Spirit Flowers, then placed them in the jade box he had prepared long before - this kind of flower absolutely needed to be placed in a special jade box to avoid wilting. The value of just the jade box alone was quite uncommon.

Then he returned to the stone room.

Just like before, he applied a large number of barriers on himself. Su Chen lifted a short blade.


Six streaks of light to chop off the heads of the remaining six Bloodmelting Swordsmen. They fell to the ground.

The fresh blood gurgled from out his chest. After it flowed onto the ground, it began to disappear as if under the control of some mystical force. Thus, the blood-colored Origin patterns became even clearer, and the stone room began to gently tremble.

Su Chen began to retreat, until he reached the entrance of the tunnel.

There was no harmful trap.

An instant later, the trembling stopped.

A small door soundlessly opened on a wall of the stone room.

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