Chapter 128: Spirit Burying Terrace (2)

Chapter 128: Spirit Burying Terrace (2)

The dark current surged and seethed towards Su Chen, but he was prepared. He activated the Snaking Mist Steps, and his figure retreated like it was made of smoke. At the same time, he superimposed another barrier on his body.

The dark current was like a fiend. It slammed into Su Chen, causing quite a clamor.

Those barriers began to pop one after another, as if they had been struck by the Blood Hedgehog Spikes. The barriers sounded very brittle.

Following this very brittle sound, the barriers shattered like eggshells one after another.

Su Chen retreated even more rapidly, constantly adding on barriers and rapidly changing directions.

The dark current pursued him relentlessly like a dragon, forming black smoke trails that coiled throughout the air. Upon closer inspection, a large number of unnamed black insects had gathered in the black smoke. The brittle noises landing on Su Chen’s barriers like dense rain were actually created by those bugs.

They had long and razor-sharp mouths as well as a hard exoskeleton. At this moment, they were once again flying towards Su Chen, letting out piercing, shrill cries.

The barriers on Su Chen’s body could not withstand this blow, and just as Su Chen’s last barrier was about to explode, even more bugs had begun to surge forwards. Su Chen suddenly flipped his hand, and a fireball appeared.


The fireball slammed into the bug swarm, and the fierce flames instantly began to spread amongst the swarm. A large swath of the poisonous bugs were incinerated into ashes.

When Su Chen saw that this was effective, he sent out another fireball.

These bugs had hard shells, but they could not endure being roasted by fire. Under Su Chen’s continuous barrage of fireballs, a large portion of them died. The remaining numbers that broke through the flames to attack Su Chen could only slam onto the barriers, killing themselves as they broke the barrier.

Once the final bug had disappeared or died, Su Chen finally let out a sigh.

Although that encounter had been short-lived, it was incredibly vicious. If it weren’t for the fact that his mind was clear and he had used his fireball attacks to defend himself and kill off the bug swarm, he probably would’ve been eaten alive if he had focused solely on defending himself.

Those bugs were not a trap that was set up in the Spirit Burying Terrace. Rather, they were mutant bugs that had evolved due to living in the environment of the Corpse Spirit Flowers. Because these bugs had naturally evolved in this kind of environment rather than under any specific stressors, these kinds of bugs could not evolve all-around defensive bodies, so they would definitely have a few obvious weaknesses. There was no fire in the Spirit Burying Terrace, so their ability to resist fire was basically nonexistent.

This was something that Su Chen had realized while he was being pursued. In fact, Su Chen’s most powerful weapon was his ability to remain clear-headed even in the face of imminent danger.

At this moment, he stepped over the bug corpses, then arrived at the wall again. Despite the fact that it was heavily layered, he could still smell the powerful stench of blood and flesh.

Since this place was not isolated, this area displayed the full eeriness and sinister aura that had accumulated after seven thousand years.

After all, this place was a giant ancient tomb.

At this moment, what appeared in front of Su Chen was a pit littered with corpses.

This giant pit was three hundred feet in diameter and roughly fifty feet deep. There were six protrusions that stuck out from it. The large number of complicated Origin Energy engraved patterns and the unique structure of the pit indicated that some large Origin Formation was hidden here.

As time had gone on, the large formation had lost its effectiveness. However, its use had already been completely manifested in the giant pit - the pit was filled with black sludge, and one could see heaps of white bones amongst the black sludge. From afar, they were like crops of bones on a desolate, black wasteland sown on the entire corpse pit.

However, this was not the most frightening.

In other words, what was the most frightening was not the bones, but the sludge!

The black sludge!

Su Chen knew that that wasn’t sludge. That was blood and flesh.

Sludge formed from blood and flesh.

More precisely, everything prepared in this place was for the purpose of creating this flesh and blood sludge.

Inside the black sludge, apart from those bones that did not decay, a few black flowers were also growing. These flowers did not seem very remarkable; some grew in the black sludge, some surrounded the white bones, and some hung on the walls of the cave. They looked like wildflowers that were simply using every means at their disposal to survive in such a vicious environment.

But Su Chen knew that it was precisely these flowers that caused the deaths of countless people, resulting in everything that he had seen coming into being.

Corpse Spirit Flowers.

They were a strange kind of vegetation that grew in the sludge from the rotten corpses.

In order to obtain them, some people were willing to cause a bloodbath and creating such a large underground tomb all in the name of burying spirits.

All of the atrocities that had been committed was for these seemingly unassuming flowers.

In that instant, Su Chen’s heart surged with rage, and he even wanted to immediately destroy these damned poisonous flowers.

In the end, reason overpowered his impulsiveness. He knew that the flowers were innocent; in the end, the only thing at fault was the greed inside mankind’s hearts.

After calming himself down, Su Chen gazed at his surroundings. After confirming that there was nothing out of place, he walked forwards.

Just as he was attempting to harvest the first Corpse Spirit Flower, a sense of danger suddenly appeared in his heart.

Su Chen hurriedly removed his hand. A black shadow shot out of the sludge and towards Su Chen.

Thankfully, Su Chen had yet to deactivate his Meg’s Guardian. The black shadow slammed into his magic barrier, instantly resulting in an even more powerful vibration than before.

Su Chen finally saw that what had ambushed him was actually a small black snake not much longer than a foot. After its first attack was ineffective, it continued to let out shrill hisses at Su Chen.

But as soon as Su Chen saw the snake, his expression changed.

Shadow Snake!

This was a kind of living organism that also thrived in such a sinister environment, and it often lived alongside organisms like the Corpse Spirit Flower. The Immortal Temple had guessed before whether the Corpse Spirit Flower would have any other Vicious Beasts like the Shadow Snake living near it, and in the end they had concluded that it was not too likely. That was because this location was manmade, and the person trying to grow these flowers had no reason to cause so much trouble for themselves.

But this time, they had guessed incorrectly.

Perhaps the person who had set up the area had brought them, or perhaps the Shadow Snakes themselves had sensed the powerful aura of death in this area and came on their own. Regardless, there were Shadow Snakes here!

Shadow Snakes were not some kind of powerful Vicious Beast, but they were beasts that lived in groups.

As the first Shadow Snake appeared, hundreds of Shadow Snakes slithered out from the black sludge. When Su Chen saw them, he felt like his spirit was about to depart.

Although the Shadow Snakes were only the most low-tier of the Vicious Beasts, hundreds of them combined were enough to completely drown him out.

Su Chen didn’t hesitate. He burst into a sprint and ran away.

“Hiss!” With a piercing yell, the hundreds of Shadow Snakes rushed forwards together.

These snakes did not have large bodies, and their physical strength was only so-so. However, their bodies stored a vicious poison, and their speed was like lightning. They were so speedy that they began to close the distance between them and Su Chen.

Su Chen no longer had to conceal the speed of his Snaking Mist Steps. He revolved his energy and flew forwards like a wisp of smoke, taking multiple steps in midair. It gave off a feeling that he was flying high in the sky, giving off a graceful and elegant appearance. If Gu Qingluo saw it, she would definitely be so surprised that she wouldn’t dare to believe her eyes. This was because the Snaking Mist Steps that Su Chen was using had greatly exceeded the level usable by someone without a bloodline. He could already take multiple steps in a row and exert his energy in midair.

Unfortunately, even so he could only maintain the distance between them instead of completely escaping these Shadow Snakes. Most fatally, a few Shadow Snakes that had fallen behind suddenly coiled themselves together, forming a ball. Next, they furiously slammed into the Shadow Snakes in front of hem. Those Shadow Snakes borrowed that force to raise their speed by a certain level, causing them to rapidly close in on Su Chen.

They could actually use this tactic.

Su Chen hurriedly pulled out a jug of wine before tossing it out.


In the giant explosion, tens of Shadow Snakes were sent flying, and their scales also similarly fell off. At the same time, they let out pained hisses.

But they did not die!

Shadow Snakes were Vicious Beasts. Naturally, they did not possess as obvious a weakness as those poisonous bugs. The Explosive Medicine could injure them, but it could not possibly kill them in one blow. In addition, they simply had to be beasts that gathered in flocks. The Shadow Snakes that had been injured temporarily stopped their attacks, but the other Shadow Snakes leapt forward even more viciously.

That was also to say that this jug of Explosive Medicine didn’t have any use, only slightly delaying his opponent.

“Dammit!” Even the normally calm Su Chen couldn’t help but curse.

Truly, no matter how smoothly the plan had been executed, a single accident was enough to be life-threatening.

If he couldn’t outrun the Shadow Snakes and couldn’t kill them, what could he do?

Su Chen furiously racked his brain.

He suddenly thought of something. His eyes lit up, and he turned around and tossed out another two jugs of wine. At the same time that he delayed the Shadow Snakes, he also charged forward at high speed.

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