Chapter 126: Surprise Attack (2)

Chapter 126: Surprise Attack (2)

The flaming meteors were incredibly powerful and explosive. Its strength was enough to tear through mountains, and even with a protective barrier applied it was possible for one to be smashed to pieces if struck by multiple meteors in a row.

However, this was not the most frightening aspect of the attack.

After the meteors landed, countless steel needles shot out like a torrential downpour.

Blood Hedgehog Spikes!

There was a beast from Cloud Mountain known as the Blueblood Hedgehog. It possessed extremely poisonous spikes, and if it encountered any danger, it would expand its entire body, causing the needles to fly into the air like rain. This needle-rain would be hard to survive.

This was the Blood Hedgehog Spikes.

A dense wave of Blood Hedgehog Spikes surged forwards, like a constant hail of arrows. This wave of spikes was completely relentless in its attempt to kill.

However, this still was not the most frightening aspect of the attacks.

After the Blood Hedgehog Spikes, four figures exploded into view. They simultaneously flew from all four directions towards the high tower. One sent out a streak of sword light like a silver river floating through the air, another stabbed out with a spear strike like a dragon flying through the air, still another slammed down with a giant battleaxe as if trying to sunder the heavens and the earth, and the last one sent out a palm strike as scorching as a dry, prairie fire.

Yang-Opening Realm!

Four Yang-Opening Realm experts simultaneously attacked the protective barrier enveloping high tower.

Flaming meteors, Blood Hedgehog Spikes, and four Yang-Opening experts simultaneously attacked, causing the various important individuals on top of the high tower to face the threat of being wiped out completely.


When faced with this imminent threat, however, Zhao Yu gently lifted his hand.

A jade-colored crystal hand appeared.

The palm of the hand was placed towards the sky.

At that moment, it appeared as if time had been frozen. All of the flaming meteors automatically froze in midair.

The jade-colored hand gently waved, and the hundreds of flaming meteors actually turned around and returned in the direction that they came from, leaving behind a trail of smoke. The air surged inside the smoke cloud, causing the countless Blood Hedgehog Spikes to be blown away. The wave of needles almost instantly fell to the ground.

At this time, the four Yang-Opening experts’ attacks had also landed. Sword, Spear, Axe, and Palm simultaneously landed. Their power was boundless, and the killing intent soared.

Zhao Yu finally moved.

His figure flashed, and in that instant he became a streak of azure light. His jade-colored hand waved four times.

The sword light dispersed, the spear image dissolved, the giant battleaxe shattered, and the flaming palm stopped glowing.

The four Yang-Opening experts fell to the ground, blood pouring out of their orifices.

The four assassins had been easily broken like rotten tree branches under Zhao Yu’s might.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Zhao Yu’s figure flashed like lightning, and the azure light chased after them.

In the Light-Shaking Realm, one could move like the speed of light without any Origin Skills, as well as actual flying.

However, in the same instant that he left the high tower, the clouds in the air suddenly began to change, turning into a red-colored giant made out from the clouds that charged towards the high tower. There were still many important guests below it, and although they were not weak, Zhao Yu knew that they were not the giant red cloud man’s opponent. This was because Zhao Yu was very clear about the origins of that giant red cloud man.

Upon seeing the situation, Zhao Yu squeezed out a name from between his gritted teeth. “Long Barton, you persistent bastard!”

As he spoke, he had already slammed his palm towards the giant red cloud man.

His jade hand slammed towards the giant red cloud man, and in that instant a mottled light suddenly shone.

After a moment, the frightening giant man had already completely dissipated under Zhao Yu’s thundering attack.

However, at the same instant that this giant man was obliterated, the four Yang-Opening Realm cultivators took the opportunity to escape.

“Hehehehe. Indeed, fitting of being one of the Hidden Dragon Institute’s eighteen Golden Girders. I originally wanted to kill a few important individuals this time, but unfortunately with your protection I won’t be able to do it. But even so, I am quite happy to make some more trouble for you.” This voice echoed around the mountain range before slowly dissipating.

It wasn’t until this point when everyone regained their senses.

They felt as if in that brief instant, they had taken a journey to death and back.

Zhao Yu was not able to cleanly deal with the Blood Hedgehog Spikes with the flaming meteors, and a few people were still struck by them. When Zhao Yu saw this, he was unwilling to abandon them, so he pulled out a medicinal pill and said, “Dissolve it in water, then place it on the tongues of those who are wounded. The poison will be cured.”

There were underlings of the Hidden Dragon Institute who immediately carried out his orders.

Those from the noble clans were quite frightened, but someone bolstered their courage and asked, “Please, sir, who were the people who just attacked us?”

“The Immortal Temple, a remnant of the Arcana Race. It’s not worth mentioning them,” Zhao Yu replied.

The Immortal Temple was quite well known in the Seven Kingdoms of the human race. Upon hearing this race, everyone suddenly understood. They did not wonder why the Immortal Temple had done this, because to a terrorist organization, they didn’t really need much of a reason to do anything.

However, Zhao Yu felt that something was still off.

Although the Immortal Temple was an ancient Arcana organization that had existed for over ten thousand years, in reality as time had gone by, their goals had also changed. Apart from a few stubborn older individuals of the Arcana Race, most of the Arcana Race now treated these terrorist activities as an order of business.

Simply put, they had become an organization driven by external motivations rather than ideals.

But what benefits could they stand to obtain from attacking the Hidden Dragon exam grounds?

Zhao Yu didn’t understand.

And this surprise attack did not have the normal Immortal Temple flair to it. Although those three waves of attacks were quite powerful, it was not very impressive considering that they knew he was present.

The four Yang-Opening experts all escaped after being defeated, and even Long Barton immediately retreated after striking out once. Even though he had clearly attacked, his focus was still on protecting his underlings, forcing Zhao Yu to back off. That was also to say that the focus of this operation was not on how to unleash an effective attack, but rather on how to effectively escape?

Did they cause such a commotion for seemingly no reason other than just to escape more easily?

Zhao Yu was somewhat speechless.

He thought for a moment, then said with some distrust, “Increase our monitor radius and see if there is any other commotion that occurs. In addition, take inventory of our losses and see if any important individuals have died.”

“Replying to sir, people have already been dispatched, and sir’s Sixth Battalion has already been deployed. The casualties are being assessed, but most were only injured, and almost no one died. A small footboy was struck by more spikes, and he died before we could save him. Bloodline nobility clans all possess secret techniques to counteract poison, and there were not many big side effects after taking the medicine. In addition, a portion of the Origin Energy Formation was disturbed.”

“How so?”

“A few Origin Points were broken, and they have no way temporarily to project an image. However, it’s not too severe, and it can be very quickly fixed. It will not affect the progression of the exam, but for a short period of time we will not be able to observe the movements of the exam candidates.”

“Hm? How were those Origin Points broken?”

“It seems like a few flaming meteors landed on them, but it is also possible that something else happened.”

“Send someone to quickly fix it.”

“Yes, sir!”

Zhao Yu once again fell into silence. His heart was like a maze of suspicion and doubt.

Was it just a coincidence? Or was there a definite goal?

Or could it be that the Immortal Temple’s influence had reached among the students, and they were trying to help one of them cheat?

The students of the Hidden Dragon Institute would definitely become important individuals upon graduating. It was not unreasonable to assume that the Immortal Temple wanted to seize this opportunity to insert a few members that belonged to their own organization.

Although it seemed a bit excessive to use such a large number of individuals just to protect one exam candidate and allow them to pass, it was still best to stay on the safer side.

It was very easy to stay on the safer side - during this period, anybody whose points rapidly increased was under suspicion.

The light screen was temporarily unusable, but the leaderboard screen was unaffected. Because of the last image that he had seen, Zhao Yu first looked at Su Chen, who was the only one in the top one hundred without a bloodline symbol.

But after the surprise attack occurred, Su Chen’s points did not rapidly increase again.

In reality, that entire night, his points would not change at all.

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