Chapter 125: Surprise Attack (1)

Chapter 125: Surprise Attack (1)

Su Chen did not know that his battle with Demon Blade and his looking at the map would result in such a large effect.

Of course, even if he knew it didn’t matter much.

The current him was very different from the him in the past. He had not intended on continuing to pretend acting like he was blind, yet he did not specifically intend on revealing it either. Everything would progress according to its natural order.

To the people that like him, this was undoubtedly a great, happy surprise.

To the people who didn’t like him, this was undoubtedly a huge blow.

No matter which party they belonged to, this was the response that Su Chen wanted.

Currently, he was still focusing all his attention on his path forwards.

After experiencing the battle with Demon Blade, Su Chen was able to accept the situation. Nighttime was Demon Blade’s realm, but it was similarly the realm of a “former blind person”.

He had been blind for three years, and he definitely would not be inferior to anyone in night battles. If anyone wanted to battle him in that domain, he would welcome it!

He, Su Chen, would give the opponent a lesson on how to battle at night.

His attitude had greatly changed, and so as a result so did his movements.

Su Chen didn’t attempt to cover up the waves of his jade tablet. He continued to advance with a slight strut.

This kind of attitude had indeed attracted many other exam candidates.


A wood javelin came flying out from the forest towards Su Chen.

Unfortunately, before the person had tossed out his javelin, Su Chen had already detected his breathing. Naturally, he would not allow this javelin attack to land.

He easily dodged this javelin, then grabbed the body of the javelin and sent it flying back. All he heard was a piercing yell from within the forest.

One had to admit that the Flying Flower Hands was very powerful. Its most outstanding aspect was its practicality; anything that was thrown out with it would have its ability to injure greatly increased. Although it wasn’t an attack that could shake the universe with one blow, it had a very powerful adaptive ability.

The javelin person retreated with a tragic yell, but Su Chen laughed, “How can you leave without leaving your points behind for me?”

He activated the Snaking Mist Steps and easily caught up to his opponent, stealing away his points.

Unfortunately, he only had one point. Once Su Chen took that point away, the exam candidate disappeared then and there.

“He only had one point remaining?” Su Chen shook his head and sighed.

At that moment, a sudden flash of cold light suddenly appeared.

Two exam candidates slashed out towards Su Chen, one from the left and one from the right. Their arrival was sudden, fast, vicious, and unexpected.

It felt like the person from before was just bait.

Even so, this couldn’t escape Su Chen’s ears. Right as the two of them flew out, Su Chen darkly laughed. A large fireball had already appeared in his hand, slamming towards one of the two. He completely ignored the other person, and a sword pierced towards his body. However, it encountered resistance from a white light and was actually unable to advance.

After sending one person flying away in an explosion of fire, Su Chen turned around to face his opponent and laughed, “Are you done poking me?”

That exam candidate made no progress after a few repeated stabs and finally panicked. He wanted to retreat again, but he found that he had no way of moving. Something was restricting him like tentacles, binding him up tightly. All he saw after that was Demon Face’s palm slamming towards him......

After finishing off his opponents and gazing at the two of them lying there, Su Chen said in a low voice, “So they’ve finally begun to form alliances?”

As time progressed, some exam candidates seemed to realize that it would be difficult to survive in an area full of experts if they battled on their own. To obtain a better result, they had chosen to walk the path of an alliance.

But to experts, they were not above forming alliances, and neither were they afraid of them.

As long as they weren’t powerful opponents like Demon Blade, Cloud Leopard, or Frigid Despair, two or three exam candidates were not very effective against Su Chen. All they could do was give him more points.

After this mad charge, Su Chen had gained another fifteen points in an instant. His total number of points had reached sixty seven points.

The reason why he had made so many points, apart from the fact that Su Chen was so vicious, another reason was that after a day of fighting, many exam candidates had already left the exam grounds, and the total number of points began to aggregate.

Now, the Frostbird Ji Hanlei in first place had already obtained more than three hundred points, and many exam candidates already had more than six points. That was also to say that one could obtain at least two points by defeating random candidates. There were not many people remaining with just a single point like the bait from earlier.

And as time would go on, this situation would only become more and more severe. More and more exam candidates would leave the exam grounds, and the remaining candidates would have more and more points. The number of battles between students would decrease because of this, but the speed of gaining points would increase.

However, this was not the most crucial point.

Most crucially, Su Chen’s ranking had once again increased!

After defeating Demon Blade, everyone was waiting for Su Chen’s ranking to fall. They didn’t expect, however, that it seemed like Su Chen had taken some kind of medicine and did not slowly move down the rankings like last time. Instead, he began to constantly do battle, and his ranking shot up.

How long had it taken for him to obtain fifteen points? His ranking had already risen from seventy-fourth place to seventy-two.

Although the amplitude of the ranking change was not too great, but it was already quite rare for someone without a bloodline to advance in the rankings rather than retreat. It was quite an attention-drawing sight.

Finally, more and more people began to notice Su Chen, and the “camera” also began to follow him more as a result.

Su Chen didn’t know what was happening outside, so he continued to advance forward at a rapid clip, unhindered. In his mind, nighttime was his home turf, so if he could arrive at the Spirit Burying Terrace soon, that would save him from the troubles of daytime. However, he did not know that he had already become a focal character in the outside.


Another exam candidate was sent flying.

The bright fireball illuminated the night, revealing a dazzling scene. Su Chen’s figure flashed through the air, and he very quickly disappeared once again among the dark night.

“What a kid. It seems like now is the time for him to really display his strength,” someone laughed.

“He should be the same as Night Blade, skilled in night battles.” Someone had realized this point.

Demon Blade had basically ended up kicking a steel plate.

“Even if that’s the case, that’s still quite impressive. Did you notice that he has quite a number of Origin Skills? He actually possesses seven of them.”

“Hmm, but he doesn’t have any powerful Origin Skills. Relying on pure quantity is not enough to resolve this issue.” Someone pointed out Su Chen’s true weakness.

“Oh, if that’s the case, then his path forward is doomed to be limited. Perhaps he can have a small moment of glory and obtain a top one hundred, but in the end he will never become a person like Long Pojun. I think that the top fifty is his limit,” someone concluded.

The important individuals watching the battle were all very insightful and possessed abundant experience. They were able to tell Su Chen’s strengths just from a glance, as well as the highest rank he was likely to achieve.

Even so, there were always a few things that even a pair of experienced eyes couldn’t replace.

Just as the important individuals were still engaged in individual discussions, Su Chen had finally completed his journey all the way to the sixth region. He had arrived at the location of the Spirit Burying Terrace.

The location was filled with piles of rubble and fallen trees.

The rubble and trees came from the Immortal Temple themselves. They had cut their way through the vegetation and began opening mining tunnels before finally discovering the Spirit Burying Terrace in the end. They were originally just waiting for it to open, but because of the Hidden Dragon Battle they had to switch people. This was basically the same as waiting on a beautiful woman for countless years and finally coaxing her clothes off, with only one thrust remaining before being told that they had to switch out for a different person.

One could easily imagine the depression in their hearts.

Not only this, but after they were switched out they weren’t even allowed to leave...... they had to help cover for the new arrival.

No regrets.

On top of the high tower, a large group of people were watching the movements on the exam grounds.

Zhao Yu was watching the light screen with a solemn expression. His face was always dark and his expression serious. His expression never changed, like his face was sculpted from clay.

But at that instant, his expression, which was like ice that never melted, finally changed, displaying a rarely seen expression.

Zhao Yu’s eyebrows jumped, and his eyes suddenly revealed a shocking brilliance, as if he had turned from a clay figure into a golden statue of a god.

The next instant, the sound of many whistles appeared.

Countless numbers of fiery meteors appeared, flying towards the tall tower.

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