Chapter 124: Shock

Chapter 124: Shock

The black-clothed person finally ran, only leaving Su Chen with an additional sixteen points.

However, to Su Chen, what was really hard for him to forget was that fierce, vicious battle. It was the most dangerous battle that he had encountered since entering the exam grounds. His opponent’s moves were all intended to harm, and he showed no mercy whatsoever. That was also to say that if Su Chen’s reactions had been any slower, he would already be a dead man.

Su Chen didn’t know if this black-clothed person always fought so viciously, but he knew that people were allowed to die in the exam grounds.

The path of cultivation was not always smooth sailing. There were difficulties, and there were countless more dangers. If there was battling, one could not avoid injury. If even this was not allowed, then there wasn’t really a point to doing battle in the first place.

Perhaps for this very reason, even though this was their recruitment opportunity, the Hidden Dragon Institute still allowed a certain number of deaths to occur.

And just then, he had almost become one of those number.

Indeed, there really were many more hidden talents in higher regions. Any one of them was so dangerous, and Su Chen was covered in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

However, he did not know that the person he was facing was not an ordinary person.

The pavilion on the tall tower was already in an uproar. The light screen just so happened to be locked onto Su Chen’s figure.

What Su Chen didn’t know was that his battle had been seen by all of the noble clans up on the high tower. Of course, what everyone paid attention to at first wasn’t Su Chen, but rather that black-clothed person.

That person was called Demon Blade. He was a very popular individual in this exam, and he was very skilled in ambushes and night attacks. He possessed the Mirage Hound bloodline and could blend in with the darkness, coming and going without any traces. He was not at his peak strength during the day, so he had only obtained twenty or so points. But once night fell, that was his time to shine. In less than half of that night, he had obtained the same number of points that he had during the day. Everyone originally thought that they would be able to watch him slip in and out of the darkness, hunting down target after target. They didn’t expect, however, that Demon Blade’s moment of glory had just begun before he was defeated by someone.

It seemed from his appearance that his wounds were not light. In any case, he shouldn’t expect to have any more good performances that night.”

“Demon Blade actually lost, and it was even at night, which is supposed to be his strongest suit.”

“Who was the person wearing the mask? How did he withstand Demon Blade’s one-hit kill? And how did he determine Demon Face’s position?”

“Yes, and why was he able to move around so leisurely in the darkness?”

“Look at the rankings, someone without a bloodline just entered the top one hundred. It should be that kid from earlier.”

“He’s called Su Chen? Who is Su Chen?”

Everyone began to discuss amongst themselves.

This time, Su Chen had risen in the rankings to seventy-fourth place based on his fifty two points.

This made it so that he would remain for a longer period of time on the leaderboard, making it hard for him to not attract the attention of others.

The Su Clan was once again thrown into a panic.

This time, it wasn’t just because Su Chen once again appeared on the leaderboard, but even more because of Demon Blade, they saw Su Chen’s behavior on the screen of light.

They saw Su Chen lift the crystal lamp and look at the map.

He was actually looking at the map!

Looking at the map!

Looking. At. The. Map!

He wasn’t blind!

Everyone in the Su Clan wanted to yell this.

“This can’t be true, this can’t be true!” Su Keji said, his face deathly pale. “That Demon Face can’t be Su Chen, this has to be a coincidence. Demon Face defeated Demon Blade, and Su Chen also defeated another person at the same time, which is why Su Chen appeared on the leaderboard! He isn’t Su Chen, he shouldn’t be Su Chen!”

“But in this period of time, no one else obtained a large number of points,” Su Feihu said leisurely.

Demon Face had around forty eight points. Anyone who obtained one third of those points would definitely experience a surge in their rankings. Sixteen points was enough to reach the top one hundred in lower regions.

But now, they couldn’t find any other existence that was like this.

Demon Face could only be Su Chen!

Apart from Su Changche and Su Feihu, the entire Su Clan was about to lose all hope when faced with this situation.

How can he not be blind!

“Why? Why is it like this?” Su Changqing didn’t understand. “Wasn’t he unable to see? How come he can suddenly see now?”

“Of course because he recovered,” Su Feihu snorted. “Su Chen said before that the old beggar who blinded him had said that he would exchange Su chen’s eyes. He had never said that Su Chen would remain in darkness forever. Because Su Chen believed this, he was never willing to give up.”

“Then why didn’t he tell us that he got better?” someone angrily said.

“Why did he need to say something?” Su Feihu slowly said. “If he had told you, would you all have rushed to him to flatter him and treat him well? Based on Su Chen’s personality, do you think that he would be willing to receive this kind of ‘good’ treatment?”

Everyone was speechless.

Yes, everyone had their own temper.

Su Chen had probably lost all hope in the Su Clan, hadn’t he?

Since he had lost all hope, why try so hard to regain it? On the other hand, if he continued to pretend that he was blind, lots of people would expose themselves in front of him and their dirty, dark sides. Wasn’t it quite interesting?

At that moment, everyone began to remember things.

They remembered the unseemly behavior they had displayed in front of Su Chen, that they had not bothered to conceal because they thought he was blind, or even attempts to bully him because he was blind, which had allowed him to see through them completely......

My goodness, how many of our secrets did this guy discover?

When did his eyes recover?

Last time, when I took that ceramic bowl right in front of his eyes, had his eyes recovered?

That time when Su Chen came to my courtyard, did I hide the accounting booklet with all my debt in it?

Did that brat discover my relationship with Lian Gu?

Suddenly, when faced with a Su Chen who had recovered his sight, everyone had their own guilts and fears.

Even Su Cheng’an could only stare blankly at his son.

His eyes had recovered?!

His eyes had actually recovered?

How could that be?

He had never actually said anything about it!

It was as if muffled thunder had exploded in Su Cheng’an’s ear, causing his vision to blur from dizziness.

There was another person who was just as shocked about Su Chen regaining his sight.

Gu Qingluo.

Unlike most of the others, she was extremely clear that this Demon Face was Su Chen.

Thus, when she saw Su Chen use the crystal lamp to light up the map, her entire body froze.

His eyes had recovered?

When had they recovered?

One day? Two days? Or was it a month? Two months?

Or was it even longer?

Gu Qingluo’s heart began to pound madly.

She faintly recalled that the last time she had taken a bath behind the mountain was half a year ago. Su Chen had just finished the end-of-year competition.

Half a year.

Su Chen’s eyes shouldn’t have recovered for that long, could they? Gu Qingluo thought.

Yes, they had definitely just recovered.

They must have just recovered!

If they hadn’t......

Gu Qingluo’s heart trembled before she began to emit a fierce killing intent.

Perhaps the only people unsurprised to see that Su Chen had regained his sight were the people from the Immortal Temple.

Yes, they were also present.

Of course, they were not standing on top of the tall tower.

The tall golden tower was where the various large clans sat, but apart from that place, such as on the mountain slope below, on the grass, in the trees - many of them had no right to enter the exam grounds, yet they were very attentive of the fates of the exam candidates.

Sang Zhen, Night Demon and the others were all gazing at the light screen in midair as they sat on one of those mountain sopes.

When Su Chen defeated his opponent, and the light screen locked onto Su Chen, Sang Zhen let out a sigh. “They’ve noticed Su Chen. Now we’re in for it.”

The Immortal Temple probably didn’t want this kind of situation to occur the most.

As soon as the exam officials noticed Su Chen’s performance, they would give him more “camera time”. Undoubtedly, this was extremely dangerous.

If Su Chen was being filmed when he opened up the Spirit Burying Terrace, everything would be revealed.

“That is not Su Chen’s fault,” Night Demon attempted to defend Su Chen.

“I know,” Sang Zhen replied. “Let the others start executing the second plan.”

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