Chapter 123: Night Attack

Chapter 123: Night Attack

As night fell, the dark night covered the ground in an inky black.

The darkness on this night was extremely dense. There were no stars in the sky, and the moon couldn’t be seen. It was an endless black, just like if a beast had swallowed all of the light.

Even if he couldn’t see anything, this was not a problem for Su Chen.

Su Chen continued to walk along the mountain path. He didn’t need to rely on his eyes; rather, he progressed simply by listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the forest. It was as if he had returned to the days when he had lost his sight.

This murky darkness didn’t hinder Su Chen at all. Rather, it became Su Chen’s greatest ally, concealing his figure and hiding his movements, making it so that he was able to smoothly pass through areas where danger lurked on every side.

However, the darkness also made it so he had lost his sense of location and had no way of determining his position. Su Chen couldn’t help but take out the map and scan it from time to time in order to ensure that he hadn’t taken a wrong turn.

After walking for quite some time, Su Chen finally stopped on a small mountain slope.

He pulled out the map and intended on confirming his location once again.

The instant that the crystal lamp lit up, Su Chen suddenly felt his heart jump in alarm.

Purely based on instinct, Su Chen dodged to the side.


A cold streak of light flew past Su Chen’s face from the darkness. He had no time to see what kind of person was ambushing him. Without turning around, his left hand struck out with a Thunder Blade, blocking the blade strike that had followed up. Next, he tossed out the crystal lamp in his hand, then charged out from the midst of the flurry of these attacks, then turned around.

The crystal lamp shattered. From the last bit of light remaining, he could see that the assassin was dressed in all black, and even the blade in his hand was covered in an inky black substance, not reflecting any light. Another potentially fatal blow was headed towards the hurriedly retreating Su Chen’s midsection.

As Su Chen retreated, he simultaneously chopped with his arm towards the assassin’s wrist. The assassin quickly pulled his hand back, yet a cold light simultaneously shot out of his left hand. Su Chen tilted his head, avoiding it and simultaneously kicked out towards his opponent. However, the opponent reversed the edge of the blade, forcing Su Chen’s leg back and rendering his attack ineffective. The opponent took advantage of the opportunity to advance again, stabbing forwards. Each stab was struck towards Su Chen’s vitals, he had no time to dodge, and in that critical situation his right hand turned into a Thunder Blade and stabbed towards the opponent’s throat.

Trading wound for wound!

The black-clothed person leaned backwards and dodged. Then, the blade in his left hand chopped down towards Su Chen’s wrist. Su Chen pulled his hand back, and the two of them were thrown apart by the force of the contact. No one was able to take the advantage, and both of them revealed shocked expressions.

They were both surprised by the reactions and adaptability of their opponents.

Like a flash of lightning, the two of them had already exchanged multiple strikes back and forth, yet neither of them was able to gain any advantage.


The light disappeared.

The light from the exploding crystal lamp had at this moment disappeared, and everything returned to darkness.

However, the fighting did not stop because of the darkness.

The assassin once again stabbed forwards, completely unaffected by the darkness. Su Chen could not see the path of the blade, but he did not care. He only turned his shoulder away, and the blade sliced past his shoulder. At the same time, he countered and grabbed for his opponent’s face, his foot slamming towards his opponent’s kneecap. The assassin similarly could not see the attacks, but he also tilted his head and leapt backwards. He precisely dodged the punch and the kick by an almost inconceivably small margin, then swung out with the blade again......

The two of them continued to trade blows in the darkness. Their speed was extremely fast, and even though they didn’t use any Origin Skills, their battle was much more dangerous than any that Su Chen had encountered before. As long as one of their reactions was even the slightest bit delayed, they would instantly be seriously injured.

The most surprising fact was that the two of them were doing battle in absolute darkness. They had exchanged about ten or so moves back and forth in the pitch black environment until the sound of thunder suddenly rumbled out with a bang. Su Chen’s Thunder Blade had struck the black-clothed person’s arm. The black-clothed person’s short blade also sliced past Su Chen’s chest, and the two of them simultaneously received wounds and separated.

The furious battle had finally temporarily paused at this moment, but the danger had not decreased at all.

The two of them simultaneously silently slipped into the darkness. Neither of them spoke, and not even a breath could be heard.

In such a quiet night, whoever spoke first would reveal themselves.

Su Chen carefully took multiple steps, listening closely to the wind. At the same time, he pulled out the steel blade from within his ring - he finally had time to pull out a weapon. Similarly, the assassin enshrouded in shadows walked carefully step by step, using his own method to determine Su Chen’s location.

They slowly circled around in the darkness. It appeared as if they were randomly walking around, but with surprising precision they slowly drew near to each other. Suddenly, they both simultaneously jumped into the air. Two streaks of blade light - one cold, one dark - slashed out towards their opponents. They struck each other accurately, creating sparks upon impact.

In actuality, the two of them had discovered each other a long time ago.

The black-clothed person let out a piercing whistle, and his blade slashed out at a strange angle. A sinister, gloomy dark wave flew out from the blade.

He had finally used his own Origin Skill.


A massive explosion sounded out.

“AH!” Having been struck by the shockwave, the black-clothed assassin let out a shrill yell as he flew out.

Next, a massive fireball slammed in his direction.

After their fast-paced close-quarters battle, they had finally reached a point where they could each display their strengths.

The black-clothes person’s reaction was extremely fast. He was able to control his body even while he was in midair. His body shook like a snake’s, and he actually completely dodged the fireball and the resulting explosion.

In the next instant, tens of tentacles snaked towards the black-clothed person. The black-clothed person stabbed out over and over again. As the gloomy, sharp wave once again appeared, the air tentacles were easily broken. However, in the next instant he suddenly felt his head hurt. Knowing that the situation was not good, his body shot towards the ground. He had been struck by the Soul Eye.

Su Chen had already activated the Snaking Mist Steps and charged forwards, swinging the battle blade and creating a chaotic Qi flow. It actually let out roars like the sound of thunder as it stabbed towards Su Chen’s opponent.

Although it was just a normal attack, this blade strike included the force behind his Flowing Wind Body Technique as well as the Thunder Blade’s additive ability. Its power could not be underestimated. If the blow landed, it was more than enough to slice the black-clothed person in two.

In that critical moment, the black-clothed person suddenly let out a yell. His figure suddenly became faint, as if he had slipped inside an endless darkness.

Su Chen’s blade swung past, but he felt as if he had not struck anything. It was as if he had swung right through his opponent’s body.

The black-clothed person had already completely disappeared with a whoosh, concealed in the darkness.

“Trying to run?” Su Chen tilted his head and listened attentively for a moment before suddenly flicking out his wrist. Another jug of wine flew out, landing in a seemingly empty patch of darkness.

Another fierce explosion sounded out, and the flames soared to the sky. Immediately afterwards, a black figure appeared.

“AHH!” This was the first time during this battle that the black-clothed person had let out a cry of pain. He attempted to fly away as soon as he landed.

Su Chen sent another fireball slamming towards him. “Leave your points behind before leaving!”

The black shadow dodged repeatedly in the air, evidently not wanting to give its opponent the opportunity at all.

But what waited for him was air tentacles all over the place that had appeared out of nowhere.

After he had sliced through all the air tentacles, he was greeted by a large handful of leaves augmented by the Flying Flower Hands, whose power was similarly not weak. At this moment, Su Chen’s Soul Eye was almost ready to be used again.

At night and in close-quarters, the black-clothed person’s combat prowess was definitely not below Su Chen’s. But as soon as Su Chen pulled apart the distance and fought with Origin Skills, the black-clothed person was very clearly inferior to Su Chen. He had been beaten black and blue by Su Chen’s indiscriminate bombing. Eventually, he could only yell, “Here, take it!”

He lifted up the jade tablet.

Su Chen used his plundering technique on the jade tablet. However, in the instant that he pressed the the jade tablet, a streak of blade light suddenly appeared from the black-clothed man’s hand, piercing towards Su Chen’s midsection.

This change was very sudden, and the black-clothed man was incomparably excited. “Die!”

However, all he heard was a series of loud bangs. This was the sound of barriers breaking under the black blade. However, it was not just one noise. One barrier layer after another appeared on his opponent’s body, and he had absolutely no way of breaking through it with just one blade strike.

“How could this be?” The black-clothed person was shocked.

His reply was a swift fireball to the face.

“Ah! I’ll remember you!” The black-clothed man yelled pitifully as he flew into the air. His figure repeatedly flashed in midair before completely disappearing. All that remained were the vicious words that he had spoken echoing in the darkness.

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