Chapter 122: Cross-Region (6)

Chapter 122: Cross-Region (6)

Indeed, in the next instant the black-cloaked person had already begun to effuse another powerful cold flow.

It was the Absolute Chill again, swirling directly towards Su Chen without slowing down at all.

At this moment, Su Chen’s disadvantage of lacking powerful attacks had already been completely revealed.

The fireball technique or Flying Flower Hands were not powerful explosive attacks, not to mention the Thunder Blade or air tentacles, which couldn’t even be considered explosive in the first place. All of Su Chen’s methods were all commonly found battle techniques. The reason for this was because he lived in the Scarlet Mountain Range for long periods of time, and his main target was hunting Vicious Beasts. Success might not be determined in one place at one time, and it was particularly important to pay attention to long-term effectiveness. Thus, he pursued long-term battle ability, and the Black Streak Battle Blade and the Blood Aura had covered up his disadvantage of lacking explosive methods. Of course, the most important reason was still that these kinds of Origin Skills were all precious, and even if Su Chen wanted them, it would not be so easy to obtain them.

But when battling with other humans, where the circumstances could change unpredictably, it was impossible to make any long-term predictions.

The ones that he had dealt with previously were all relatively weak, and couldn’t fully expose Su Chen’s weaknesses in battle. Now that he had encountered such a powerful foe, his flaw of lacking killing ability was fully revealed. He could only battle while constantly at a disadvantage.

Repeatedly using the Snaking Mist Steps and activating Meg’s Guardian after Meg’s Guardian.

The black-cloaked person didn’t use any other tactics. The Absolute Chill was powerful anywhere, and its freezing ability arrived wave after wave. Wherever it went, th enearby trees would all be covered in silver icicles and layered in a white frost.

Large quantities of cold Qi had entered Su Chen’s body. Su Chen felt his body go numb, and his speed also slowed down because of it. Undoubtedly, this lowered speed made his ability to dodge even more difficult, so even more cold Qi would enter Su Chen’s body, forming a vicious cycle. Su Chen was forced to use even more layers of Meg’s Guardian, but he still felt that it was hard to hold on.

The black-cloaked person evidently understood this point. He let out a fierce laugh, “Sure enough, you’re at your limit. Die!”

As he let out a crazy yell, he activated the cold flow from his body.

In reality, though, he was cursing in his heart. Why does this bastard have so much endurance?

Even if he was able to win this battle, the Absolute Chill that he had saved up would already be mostly used up, and he would be at a massive disadvantage in any future battles.

If he had known that this bastard had so much endurance and that he would need to pay such a large price, he would have agreed to not fight from the very beginning.

Despite the regret in his heart, his attacks became even sharper and more vicious, as if he were hoping to topple Su Chen with one blow. That way, he could conserve the most energy and obtain his points.

When Su Chen saw this, anger rose in his heart. “You asked for it.”

Yes, Su Chen did not possess any explosive Origin Skills, but this didn’t mean that he didn’t possess any other methods. In fact, the thing had prepared for this competition before it began was meant precisely to cover up this weakness.

At this moment, his hand flipped over and pulled something quickly out from his Origin Ring.

A jug of wine.

Upon seeing Su Chen pull out a jug of wine, the black-cloaked person was first dazed before he began to laugh, “You brought a jug of wine? What do you want to do? Are you planning on using some kind of drunken fist technique?”

There were drunken fist techniques in this world, but their status was not very high. They were looked down on as merely rural skills and were only suitable for use by Body Tempering martial artists.

“No, it’s a gift for you.” Su Chen gently twisted the jug’s lid, then tossed it to the black-cloaked person.

“Get out of my way!” The black-cloaked man struck out with his arm, and a strong gust of wind landed on the jug of wine.

But at the very instant that his arm slammed into the jug of wine, it actually exploded.

Vicious flames became an attack that surged forwards like an expanding wave, engulfing the entire area. When it slammed into the black-cloaked person’s Absolute Chill, they interweaved and formed brilliant sparks.

This time, the Absolute Chill was no longer able to break through the flames, and the two powerful forces were blown apart. The power of the collision left behind scorched and frozen earth. It appeared very varied and colorful.

“AHH!” the black-cloaked person yelled piercingly.

His speed was not nearly as fast as Su Chen, and he was knocked over by the remaining waves. He was sent flying.

Su Chen wanted to take him out in that instant. A large fireball slammed onto him, sending him flying quite a distance. He slammed hard onto a tree before falling to the ground.

The cloak covering his face fell. It was actually an ugly youth with a red rash covering his face. No wonder he had used the cloak to cover his own face.

“No!” The black-cloaked youth yelled. He furiously attempted to cover his face with the cloth as he rapidly retreated.

Didn’t all of his arrogance seem to have disappeared?

Su Chen had begun to understand this youth.

Because of his ugliness, he felt ashamed, and he lacked any self confidence. However, he was unwilling to be mediocre and furiously cultivated. After seeing some success for a period of time, he had become arrogant regarding his own strength. In reality, this kind of person, who was outwardly arrogant yet inwardly filled with a sense of inferiority, was not uncommon.

At that moment, Su Chen had lost any heart to teach him a lesson.

All he did was sigh and take his opponent’s points. No matter what, the battle had already been fought, and the spoils of battle still needed to be taken.

He didn’t know before taking the points, but after he did he received quite the shock.

Su Chen actually received thirteen points in an instant.

That was also to say that before the black-cloaked person had run into him, he had already obtained around forty points, which was quite the sum. One had to know that during his entire journey, he had not obtained more than twenty three points. Of course, this was very much related to him making every attempt to avoid battle.

After obtaining the black-cloaked person’s points, Su Chen’s points suddenly rose to thirty six points. Even the pulses of his jade tablet had increased a level because of it.

What he didn’t know was that at the very instant he took away the black-cloaked person’s points, the numbers on the leaderboard screen changed.

Su Chen’s ranking had suddenly rose, entering the top one hundred. He was placed at the ninety-eighth rank. At the same time, he was the first name without a bloodline symbol behind it.

However, this did not create too much of a commotion.

The ranking list would constantly change. One or two accidents was unsurprising. Su Chen was not the first to ascend to the top one hundred, and he would not be the last. More important was how long he could stay on that list.

But to the Su Clan, even if it was just a split second of glory, it was enough to stun them.

Su Cheng’an, Su Keji, Su Changqing, and a large group of others all saw Su Chen’s name.

They could not see Su Chen’s battle. All they could see was Su Chen’s ranking, and in that instant, the entire clan was frozen like a wooden chicken.

How could this happen?

Su Chen had actually reached the top a hundred with a score of thirty six?

This was simply inconceivable.

At that moment, the entire Su Clan was all dumbfounded when they saw that. Even Su Changche was speechless.

Because he was inside the exam grounds, Su Chen didn’t actually know about this small circumstances.

He didn’t even know that he had entered the top one hundred. After obtaining the points, he left.

Upon seeing that Su Chen was about to leave and did not seem to intend on sending him out of the exam grounds, the black-clothed person paused for a moment before yelling, “What was that?”

Su Chen stopped. “You’re asking about that wine jug? It’s just one of my inventions.”

He didn’t waste any words before leaving.

As he watched Su Chen depart, the black-cloaked male said to himself, “No...... I don’t believe it, how could I, Gan Erlei, lose? That Demon Face definitely cheated! Yes, he must have cheated! That wasn’t his invention, but rather it was something that he bought from the outside, he broke the rules!”

He began to loudly yell, “I want to file a complaint!”

This yell spread through the entire forest. Naturally, Su Chen also heard it.

When Su Chen heard it, he could only shake his head and smile.

The Hidden Dragon Institute truly didn’t allow any externally purchased explosives, but personally created explosives were not included. In the beginning, Su Chen had brought his jug of wine in front of a judge and concocted an Explosive Medicine in front of them. Otherwise, he would not be allowed to bring it inside either.

However, Gan Erlei’s yells were actually indirectly a great help to Su Chen.

This yell was too loud, so loud that many people nearby also heard it.


Frigid Despair Gan Erlei actually was defeated?

How could such a person, who possessed the frightening Absolute Chill, be defeated?

Who did it?

Demon Face? Who was Demon Face?

Everyone who heard Gan Erlei’s yells began to make guesses.

As for what Gan Erlei said about cheating and filing a complaint, no one paid much attention to it.

Every exam candidate in the exam grounds had been searched again and again. Wanting to cheat was truly too difficult. In any case, strength was strength; even if that strength was derived from cheating, it still meant that the other party was stronger than themselves. Punishment was up to the exam officials, but the battle was their own. No one wanted to provoke an opponent even stronger than Gan Erlei.

Thus, when they saw Su Chen walk by, wearing the demonic mask, everyone realized that this was the “Demon Face” that had defeated Gan Erlei, and no one tried to create any trouble for him.

Some people who were particularly loose-lipped spread this rumor even more. In just a short period of time, Demon Face had become a well-known individual in that region.

The benefit of becoming a well-known person was that Su Chen was able to rapidly pass through the area. He did not fight another battle and easily walked into the ninth region, then into the eighth.

But there was also a disadvantage to becoming well-known, which was that Su Chen’s points no longer increased.

Very quickly, his ranking was surpassed by those behind him, and he once again fell out of the top one hundred.

To see this kind of situation, the Su Clan members were not at all disappointed. Rather, they had a sense of relief.

If Su Chen really had stayed in the top one hundred for an extended period of time, that would really be too great of a face-smacking.

This meant that everything that the Su Clan had done in those past years was just a joke, the biggest joke.

That was especially true of Su Cheng’an. When he saw Su Chen’s name disappear from sight, he let out a long sigh.

This was perhaps the most ironic part of the whole situation.

No one hoped that Su Chen wouldn’t have a good result more than he did.

Thankfully, Su Chen’s ranking truly had not continued to gone up. His points remained the same until the sun went down.

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