Chapter 121: Cross-Region (5)

Chapter 121: Cross-Region (5)

After leaving Cloud Leopard, Su Chen didn’t encounter any more decent opponents. Rather, a Vicious Beast that appeared halfway through his travels actually bothered him for some time.

There were also Vicious Beasts in the exam grounds. They were worth additional points, and the exam officials had specifically included them in the grounds as an additional factor. They could not be reasoned with, there was no benefit in charming them, they did not form factions and they did not evaluate the situation. Sometimes, two people would fight and fight when a Vicious Beast would suddenly jump out, biting one of them. Often, a relatively stable situation would instantly be thrown awry.

Because of this, there was even the distinct possibility of death.

Some felt that this wasn’t fair?

Yes, it wasn’t fair!

But this was society, and this was reality!

There were always many things that were unfair, and many unexpected situations that would occur.

If you had no way of conquering it, you could only be defeated by it.

Perhaps this was what the Hidden Dragon Institute wanted to tell everyone.

However, this time Su Chen was not so unlucky. He was able to resolve the battle quite smoothly.

However, when he gazed at the Origin Energy motes that had appeared, Su Chen didn’t dare to absorb them. He knew that there was a live broadcast light screen of the exam. Although the light screen only had one display and there were ten thousand students, so the camera was most likely not on him, there was still a certain level of danger.

Thus, Su Chen could only pretend to unintentionally come into contact with some and absorb them, but he didn’t dare to make any too obvious moves.

After the Origin Energy Motes disappeared, Su Chen continued to move forwards.

As he continued to move forwards, he encountered less and less obstacles.

That was because the pulses on his jade tablet had become stronger and stronger as he had obtained more and more points.

This made it so that exam candidates with lower strength didn’t dare to step forwards, but it also attracted the attention of exam candidates who had greater strength.

“Have I finally found a decent opponent?” a sinister voice sounded out from the distance.

The speaker was a person completely shrouded in a black cloak. It covered his entire body, making it so that it was difficult to see his face clearly. However, his tone of voice clearly was filled with shadowy, cold intent.

His tone sounded like it was filled with injustice, and was always filled with an indescribable chilling intent, causing goosebumps to appear on the skin of those that heard it.

Su Chen similarly felt the powerful waves from the opponent’s jade tablet. He knitted his eyebrows and said, “It seems like you are very excited?”

“Of course, those pieces of trash were too useless. Fighting them was simply too boring,” the black-cloaked person yelled loudly. “I was always waiting for a decent opponent. You seem pretty strong, so you are probably worth me expending some effort to fight.”

Su Chen replied, “I don’t think you need to pretend to be some kind of lonely expert. If you really feel that you are quite bored and can’t find an opponent, you can go and find opponents in the Blood Boiling Realm. If that’s not enough, you can try and find some Yang-Opening Realm opponents. The world is very vast, and there are many experts. Trust me, any one of them could teach you what it means to be a person.”

The black-cloaked person acted like his throat had been pinched. He was unable to speak for some time.

His so-called expert demeanor and “I am unrivalled” attitude had been likened by Su Chen as a frog in a well.

Yes, he was just a novice in the Qi Drawing Realm. Even in just the Qi Drawing Realm, he was still just a weak chicken in the face of real experts.

What use was there in pretending?

However, to the black-cloaked person, Su Chen’s words were undoubtedly a massive humiliation.

The face concealed by the cloak had already become red from anger.

The black-cloaked person angrily said, “Bastard, you dare to speak rudely to me! I’ll kill you!”

As he spoke, he reached out with his hand into midair, and a snow-white long spear had already appeared in his hand out of thin air. The black-cloaked person said piercingly, “Experience the terror of my Frost Stillness Spear!”

He had yet to toss out when Su Chen had already jumped fiercely into the air. A streak of snow-white light passed behind him, leaving behind a blur. It penetrated the ground and released a powerful explosion of icy light.

Su Chen flipped through the air, but he was not affected at all.

The black-cloaked person was extremely surprised. “You, how could you have dodged my Frost Stillness Spear?”

So the sudden explosion that had occurred behind Su Chen was the actual Frost Stillness Spear.

This was the tactic that the black-robed person used. He used a bunch of words to distract his opponent, while the actual killing blow would come from behind.

This spear strike had missed at the most crucial moment. The black-cloaked person’s heart was also extremely shocked.

Su Chen snorted disdainfully, “Your battle tactics are just like you, arrogant and weaselly.”

Although they had only encountered each other for a brief period of time, Su Chen understood his opponent’s temperament and didn’t waste any more words. He created a turbulent, large fireball and sent it out.

The large fireball seemed common, but it was definitely the most commonly used tactic among low-tier Origin Qi Scholars, and it used quite a large amount of energy. It was also one of the few ancient Arcana techniques that had been passed down for tens of thousands of years without disappearing, and humans were extremely familiar with it.

Upon seeing the fireball fly out, the black-cloaked man let out a sharp yell. A cold flow appeared from within the black cloak, and the fireball flying towards him began to wither as it flew through the cold flow. It became smaller and smaller until, with a small bang, it disappeared.

This was Su Chen’s first time seeing such a defensive method. His fireball technique had actually been extinguished by his opponent’s cold flow attack?

Not only this, but the cold flow continued to rush towards Su Chen. “Taste my Absolute Chill!”

The ice-cold Qi coiled through the air. Anywhere it went, a trail of frost was left behind.

The frost came whistling towards Su Chen. At this moment, he felt an indescribable heaviness come over him. He could only activate the Snaking Mist Steps multiple times and add three Meg’s Guardians.

Given that he had no Origin Stones to support him, this was an extremely extravagant maneuver.

However, his judgment was extremely accurate. Although the Snaking Mist Steps allowed him to avoid the brunt of the attack, merely the radiating cold from the attack caused the protective barriers on his body to shine brilliantly. A layer of Meg’s Guardian was shattered then and there, and the Absolute Chill, which had some penetrative ability, actually caused Su Chen to tremble from the cold, and he suddenly felt that he was very cold.

Retreat again!

A series of afterimages suddenly appeared behind him. He activated his speed to the greatest extent until he was able to completely retreat from the are of effect of the Absolute Chill.

The area in front of him was already covered in frost and snow.

What a powerful Origin Skill!

Su Chen was quite shocked.

This was Su Chen’s first time encountering such a powerul Origin Skill. In the Qi Drawing Realm, this was already considered an extremely powerful skill.

Was it a Bloodline Origin Skill? Su Chen thought.

He didn’t know if it was a mixed bloodline or an inherited one.

While Su Chen was still in shock, he didn’t know that his opponent was experiencing something similar.

He missed?

His Absolute Chill attack had actually missed?

It hadn’t even harmed the opponent’s skin.

What speed and what a strange barrier!

The two of them gazed at each other, and their hearts were simultaneously filled with an intense apprehension.

“Do you still want to keep fighting?”

Su Chen suddenly said.

“Hm?” The black-robed person was stunned for a moment. He didn’t understand what Su Chen meant.

Su Chen said, “I admit that your Absolute Chill is very powerful. But unlike you, I have no interest in battling experts...... At the very least, I’m not interested right now. If possible, I would like to avoid battling any experts right now. Since that’s the case, why don’t we just go our own ways and find some other pushovers and avoid running into each other again? In any case, we are all just trying to earn points. Why do we need to persist entangling one another so that others can take advantage of us?”

Su Chen felt that his words were very reasonable, as well as logical and practical because they addressed the needs of his opponent.

If his opponent’s brain operated normally, he should accept his own suggestions.

But he had guessed incorrectly.

Upon hearing what Su Chen had said, the black-robed person actually began to laugh darkly.

He said, “If you say that, can I take it as you are scared?”

What the fuck!

Upon hearing these words, Su Chen knew that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

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