Chapter 120: Cross-Region (4)

Chapter 120: Cross-Region (4)

If you’re a man, sweep through the entire exam grounds!”

This sentence completely shocked Li Qingyun and Bai Li.

The two of them gazed at Su Chen like they were gazing at a strange creature.

What kind of person could say these kinds of words?

What kind of sky-high arrogance was needed to make this kind of decision?

This was the same as battling all the way to the first region!

Everyone knew what kind of people existed inside the first region. They were the strongest batch of seedlings in the entire Three-Mountain Range. There, clan geniuses were worth a fart, and many members of noble bloodline clans existed. Any one of them could be an expert with an inherited bloodline, and even those with mixed bloodlines had to make way for them.

Li Qingyun and Bai Li’s supposed fighting for the glory of the lower regions was merely going to the twelfth region to fight a few battles. If they were confident, they would head to the eleventh region. In any case, these regions were close together, and they possessed roughly equal strength.

They had never considered fighting through the entire competition grounds from the very beginning.

Upon seeing their appearance, Su Chen coldly laughed, “What, you don’t dare to do it?”

“It’s not that we don’t dare, it’s that we cannot do it,” Li Qingyun grumbled. Although he was usually quite full of himself, even he didn’t dare to boast concerning this matter.

“If you don’t try, how do you know you can’t?” Su Chen countered. “Anyways, as long as one tries, even if one fails there will be no regrets. Thus, regardless of whether or not you choose to go, I have already made my decision to fight all the way down this path. Either I will fall while advancing, or I will walk all the way to the end. Thus, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to fight you.”

As he spoke, he turned around and left.

After talking for quite a while, the last sentence that he had uttered was sincere.

Are you kidding me? Battling to this point was already extremely tiring, and I still need to battle the two of you?”

When battling these two individuals, even if he won, he would pay a heavy price. Most likely, he would even have to use almost all of his trump cards.

Su Chen was unwilling to use his trump cards so early. Thus, he could only use his mouth to defuse the situation, not his fists.

If it were a stranger, someone that Su Chen didn’t recognize, no matter how much he spoke it wouldn’t be useful. Since these two people had just run into the twelfth region from the thirteenth, what Su Chen had just said was indeed quite effective.

As long as he was able to focus their attention on a common enemy, his plan could succeed.

If he was lucky, not only could he avoid this battle, but he could have two extra helpers to help him distribute the pressure.

Indeed, at this moment the two of them looked at each other. It was still Li Qingyun who darkly laughed, “Interesting. This Demon Face does have quite the appeal. What do you think, Bai Li? Interested?”

Bai Li glanced at Sui Chen. He suddenly yelled, “Hey, if I participate, can you take off your mask and let us see who you are?”

Su Chen turned his head around. He looked at Bai Li, and then he looked at Li Qingyun.

Li Qingyun’s face was similarly filled with expectation.

He thought for a moment, the nodded his head. “As long as you can keep up with my footsteps, the next time we meet I will take off my mask.”

As he spoke, he turned around and left.

“As long as you can keep up with my footsteps...... what great arrogance,” Li Qingyun harrumphed, watching Su Chen’s departing figure.

However, he could not deny that at least in terms of lofty aspirations, he was superior to himself by quite a bit.

Even though that was the case, the proud and arrogant Li Qingyun was unwilling to lower his head. He looked at Bai Li and said, “Let’s go, and see who can make it farther.”

Bai Li giggled. “I’ll go this way. I’ll see you later.”

With a somersault, he had already disappeared in a patch of grass.


Having avoided his battle with Li Qingyun and Bai Li, Su Chen had avoided a quite possibly vicious battle, saving him quite a bit of energy.

But more importantly, with the two of them splitting the pressure for him, the path forwards for him had become more uncomplicated.

Very quickly, Su Chen walked out of the twelfth region and entered the eleventh.

Anything below the tenth region was considered a low-tier region, and there wasn’t any great discrepancy in terms of talent. Thus, even in the eleventh region Su Chen didn’t encounter any decent opponents. When he did run into battles, he just used a fireball and air tentacles to quickly and efficiently deal with his opponent.

At the moment, he controlled seven Origin Skills. In terms of quantity, this was already quite good for an Origin Qi Scholar near the edge of Qi Drawing, but the quality of the skills was still lacking. He lacked attacks that could shake the Universe with one blow, ones that possessed powerful killing propensity.

However, most of the people attending the exam were still in Body Tempering. Even the most outstanding exam candidates were usually quite new to the Qi Drawing Realm, so their strength was not very high. It was already quite impressive for these exam candidates to possess even just two or three Origin Skills.

Apart from this, Su Chen had another formidable quality, which was that his cultivation base had already reached the fifth layer of Qi Drawing.

Although cultivation base did not directly represent combat prowess, the comprehensive benefits that the increase in cultivation had given him still existed. Just his Origin Energy amount was already much more powerful than most people.

The first layer of Qi Drawing was at ten Yellow Stars, while the fifth layer of Qi Drawing was at fifty.

That was also to say that Su Chen possessed Origin Energy equal to five times that of a normal, first-layer exam candidate. In the entire exam grounds, there was probably not a single person who was more powerful than him in this aspect.

By relying on this quality, as long as Su Chen didn’t meet any seedlings from those regions, he could basically sweep the floor with the candidates in these lower regions.

His luck was quite good. He didn’t run into any seedlings from the eleventh or twelfth regions, and the two seedlings from his own region had been tricked into advancing into the higher regions with him. Thus, he walked into the eleventh region without incident.

But once he got to the tenth region, Su Chen finally encountered some trouble.

He ran into a youth with black skin.

When he fought, he was like a ferocious hyena, attacking with his hands and feet and even biting. Fighting him was like fighting a rascal.

However, it seemed as if this battle tactic was quite useful. Every one of his attacks were filled with decay and expiration. Even the secret tool that he used was a damned rock powder pouch - the damned Hidden Dragon Institute actually allowed this kind of tool to be brought in.

Su Chen was completely covered in filth, but in the end the youth had been restricted by his air tentacles and Soul Eye before sending a fireball into the ground right in front of him.

The youth was knocked over onto the ground. He wore an expression of disbelief as he loudly yelled, “You definitely aren’t from the tenth region.”

“Oh? You’re that sure?” Su Chen asked.

“Of course, I have already fought all of the people in the tenth region before. The number of people that can beat me can be counted on one hand, and I recognize them all!”

Su Chen laughed, “I felt like you were a seedling, no wonder fighting you took so much effort. Do you fight often? You used the rock powder pouch quite harmfully, and you were even willing to go for the balls. You use all these different tactics?”

The youth replied, “If you fought with others every day since your youth in order to not go hungry, you would also know how to do this.”

“What?” Su Chen was slightly stunned into silence.

Although Su Chen had guessed that his opponent grew up on the streets, upon hearing these words Su Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

No wonder his opponent had so much experience, yet lacked any powerful skills.

It was a miracle for this kind of person to have even become an Origin Qi Scholar in the first place.

“Hey, tell me, what region are you from?” the youth was still yelling.

“Why are you asking me this? You want to come fight me again?”

“Of course!” the youth loudly yelled. “I will not let anyone who has defeated me before go. I must definitely win against them. Tell me your name; one day or another, I will come find you to do battle again. However, if I win, you must give me an Origin Skill!”

Su Chen was speechless. “You can’t possibly have obtained all your Origin Skills in this way?”

“If I didn’t, where else would they have come from?”

Su Chen was dazed for a moment before finally nodding, “Okay, my name is Su Chen, and I’m from the thirteenth region.”

“I am called Cloud Leopard!”

“Cloud Leopard[1. His actual name is Yun Diao. This is a relatively strange name, but because it is a self-chosen name I felt it would be more accurate to translate according to its meaning, since it’s not an official name of sorts. That is also why Su Chen asks him if his surname is Yun.]? Is your surname Yun, or......”

The youth shook his head. “Orphans don’t need a surname. I chose this name myself.”

“So that’s how it is.” Su Chen understood.

Without question, Cloud Leopard was a kid who had fought his way to this point from the streets of a market city. He had never received any official instruction, but he had depended entirely on his iron will to arrive at his current position.

This must not have been easy.

At that moment, Su Chen was suddenly reminded of himself.

In those past years, the experiences that he had experienced were very similar to those of the youth in front of him.

Upon thinking to this point, he suddenly pulled something out of his ring and said to Cloud Lepoard, “This is for you.”

“What is this?” Cloud Leopard took it and looked at it. His face revealed a shocked expression. “Origin Skill?”

It was the Thunder Blade manual that Su Chen had obtained from Bai Fan back then.

Cloud Leopard held the Thunder Blade and gazed at Su Chen with excitement. “Why did you give it to me?”

Su Chen shrugged his shoulders. “I just wanted to give it to you. It’s not like it’s particularly valuable. After all, I already learned the Origin Skill on it, so if you like it it’s yours.”

To him, this was as a matter as easy as lifting his hand. If he wanted to do it, he could do it. There was nothing to hesitate about.

Cloud Demon, however, gazed at him excitedly.

He stood up and retreated a few steps, as if he were worried that Su Chen would go back on his word. Then, he actually ran away in the blink of an eye.

Su Chen couldn’t understand this response for some time. Shouldn’t you at least say thanks?

However, he did not have any particular motive in giving away that gift, so he didn’t mind not receiving any thanks. He just shook his head and laughed a bit before turning around and leaving.

He hadn’t walked far when he heard the strange movement behind him.

He turned around to look and saw Cloud Leopard standing far off in the distance.

He yelled at Su Chen loudly, “I’ll remember you.”

“...... Is this your way of thanking me?” Su Chen was speechless.

Cloud Leopard once again turned around and left.

This time, he did not reappear.

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