Chapter 117: Cross-Region (1)

Chapter 117: Cross-Region (1)

Su Chen’s vision blurred. When he could see again, he found himself standing on an empty patch of grass.

A feeling of nausea rose up, making him want to feel like throwing up.

This kind of feeling was inevitable given that this was his first time experiencing spatial teleportation. The Whitetower Teleportation manual had said so. They were all spatial teleportation techniques, so they all had shared similarities. However, the Origin Energy Formation’s teleportation distance and magnitude were much greater than Whitetower Teleportation.

He had yet to completely escape from his dizziness when Su Chen suddenly heard wind behind his back.

There’s a person!

He had no time to use any Origin Skills. Purely based on instinct, Su Chen lowered his head and leapt forwards.


The palm strike landed on Su Chen’s back, but because Su Chen’s reactions were quick and that person was weak, the palm strike’s full power was not unleashed.

Su Chen used this momentum to fly forwards. He rolled when he landed on the ground to dodge any follow-up attacks that might be coming for him. At the same time, he picked up a stone from the ground and tossed it behind him without even standing up. His movements were fluid, displaying Su Chen’s wealth of battle experience.

The stone, which had been infused with the power of the Flying Flower Hands, whistled loudly through the air. With a “bang!”, it landed on the chest of the ambusher.

“Ah!” The ambusher let out a pained cry.

It wasn’t until now that Su Chen was able to turn around and size up his opponent.

He saw the immature face of a youth, who was gazing at himself with shock and disbelief.

He had been the one who initiated the ambush, so how was he the one injured?

Having lost this opportunity, he would definitely be the unlucky one.

Su Chen picked up a nearby tree branch and tossed it towards the youth.

The Flying Flower Hands made it so that even leaves could harm people.

When Gu Qingluo wasn’t an Origin Qi Scholar, she was already able to use leaves like secret weapons, not to mention Su Chen, who was already an Origin Qi Scholar.

The tree branch filled with Origin Power was much more powerful than the stone that he had hastily thrown out. It whistled through the air.

The youth raised his hands in panic to block it.

Unfortunately, although he had fighting spirit, he did not have the strength to fight for glory. He was still in the Body Tempering Realm. In the exam grounds, his only purpose was to give up points to solidify the foundations of others.


The tree branch slammed into him, sending him flying. A simple attack rendered the youth unable to move.

Su Chen walked over to him slowly, picking up his jade tablet and, using the instructions that he had received earliier, took away one point before turning around and leaving.

However, he had not taken many steps when a wind suddenly arose at his back again.

This time, Su Chen had time to react, and he leisurely dodged it.

It was still the youth from earlier, only now he was holding a blade in his hand which slashed past Su Chen’s body.

“Why are you still coming for me?” Su Chen knitted his eyebrows.

“Return my point to me!” the youth yelled crazily, unwilling to listen. He swung again and again with his blade.

Su Chen clasped his hands behind his back and activated the Snaking Mist Steps, dodging the swings easily. “You aren’t my opponent, so don’t waste any more of my time.”

“Return it to me, or else I’ll keep bothering you!” The youth yelled. “You already stole one of my points, so according to the rules you cannot steal from me a second time today.”

“Idiot!” Su Chen’s face revealed a trace of anger.

He didn’t expect that the first opponent he would run into was such an idiot.

The youth swung out with his blade.

Su Chen didn’t waste any more words with him. He sent energy into his hand and struck out, his palm like a blade.

The palm of flesh slammed into the steel blade, yet the blade was actually unable to chop through Su Chen’s hand.

With the Thunder Blade and the Flowing Wind Body Technique, how could Su Chen be easily injured by a regular steel blade?

He then grabbed the youth and pulled him towards himself. Next, his hands latched onto the opponent’s jade tablet like lightning.

With a bang, the jade tablet shattered.

The youth’s figure instantly blurred, and finally he had disappeared without a trace.

Su Chen guessed that even if he wasn’t the first exam candidate to leave the exam grounds, he was likely one of the first three.

However, he was also very clear that this exam candidate’s luck was quite good to run into himself.

The exam official had already very clearly stated that injuries or deaths were possible during the Hidden Dragon Battle!

Su Chen didn’t like killing people, but there were always individuals who did.

Su Chen did not consider these any more. Instead, he pulled out a map from his Origin Ring.

The map was a special map that had been given to them by the Hidden Dragon Institute. It was linked to the Origin Formation that had been set up here and could directly indicate one’s location in the Red Peak Range.

Because the Three-Mountain Region had fifteen cities, the Red Peak Range had thus been divided into fifteen regions.

The regions were determined based on strength. Northface City was the thirteenth region, and in terms of strength it was the third to last in the entire Three-Mountain Region.

The Flowing Cloud City was ranked sixth, and its overall strength was clearly higher than Northface City. As such, they were also allocated three more spots than Northface City was.

All of the exam candidates were first placed into their own regions. That was to say that if Su Chen wanted to go to the Flowing Cloud City, the sixth region, he had to pass through a large number of other exam regions to arrive.

This mission of his really was quite burdensome and faraway.

However, the good news was that the exam official didn’t say that one could only earn points in one’s own region.

That was also to say that he could still earn points in other regions, which could save Su Chen quite a bit of time.

In fact, the only reason why the Hidden Dragon Institute accepted students by region was mostly to protect the weaker cities, giving them some opportunities. If this weren’t the case, instead directly choosing those with the highest points, then places like Northface City might not even have one exam candidate enter the top one hundred.

Their politics needed to be fair, so because of this they had set such rules.

However, the divisions of the regions didn’t prevent others from obtaining points from different regions, meaning that Su Chen could earn points even in other regions. However, the pressure of battle would likely be much greater. Thus, under normal circumstance, people from lower regions wouldn’t go hunting in higher regions, while people from higher regions might go to lower regions to earn points. This was not anything new.

Su Chen did not have much room to make decisions. Thus, he put on his mask and began heading in the direction of the sixth region.

According to his original plan, Su Chen did not plan on doing battle before taking care of the Spirit Burying Terrace.

However, the situation was not in Su Chen’s control. He didn’t walk far when a lunkhead suddenly jumped out from a patch of grass nearby. He held a large broadsword in his hands and chopped down towards Su Chen. He was even yelling something as he slashed down.

Su Chen had just dodged it using the Snaking Mist Steps when the lunkhead began to spin around with the sword in his hands[1. Reminds me of Garen from League of Legends.]. A surging sword wind rushed forwards, and its strength was not small. Evidently, it was a skill intended for battling multiple people.

Unfortunately, his speed was still too slow. Even though he had spun, he was still unable to even touch Su Chen’s hair.

Once the opponent’s sword stopped, Su Chen had already prepared seven or eight air tentacles that surged forwards together, binding him and preventing him from moving. He first took the lunkhead’s points, then waved his hand, tossing the lunkhead back into the patch of grass, and left.

When the lunkhead had escaped from the tentacles and had stood up, Su Chen had long since disappeared.

He was stunned for a while. How come it seemed like the battle had ended before it had even begun?

He felt like he was trapped in a dream. Everything seemed surreal.

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