Chapter 114: In Control

Chapter 114: In Control

Blood continued to bubble around Master Feng’s fingers even though his hands tightly clutched at his own throat.

Master Feng stared at Su Chen, his eyes wide with shock. How could he do this?

He fell to the ground without any strength remaining and died.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Sang Zhen howled in panic.

As he yelled, all of the others all rushed over. They were all dazed when they saw Master Feng lying in a pool of blood.

“It seems like you need a new alchemist,” Su Chen replied. “I’ll be the one to do it. How does that sound?”

“Do you know how much money and energy is required to train an alchemist?” Aaron said angrily. “A talented alchemist is impossible to raise without spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of Origin Stones!”

Thanks for reminding me.” A happy smile appeared on Su Chen’s face. “I suddenly remembered that we never discussed the matter of repayment. Why not use this to repay me?”

He gazed at Sang Zhen as he said word by word, “How about rewarding me by raising me up as an alchemist? As for the items in the Spirit Burying Terrace, we will continue with our previous agreement. Anything that you mention will belong to you, and anything else that I discover will belong to me.”

Sang Zhen gazed at Su Chen with shock.

He had never expected that Su Chen actually dared to do such a thing and dared to ask for such a high price.

However, he had to admit that the price that he had requested was close to the bottom line of the Immortal Temple, and was quite a tasteful price.

He could ensure his own safety by keeping the Corpse Spirit Flower near him and didn’t need to worry about it being used to harm others. If the Immortal Temple wanted to obtain their medicine more quickly, they could only use all of their efforts to raise Su Chen and wouldn’t be able to renege on their agreement. Finally, Sang Zhen had also said that only with strength could one have the authority to become an ally of the Immortal Temple.

Of course, Su Chen didn’t possess enough strength, but he was definitely qualified to become an alchemist that could concoct the Spirit-Sobering Medicine.

Most amusingly, this alchemist needed to be trained by them personally. They had no way of not acknowledging it.

It was not too much for Su Chen to request that everything else belonged to him. Just like Baron and the others, they had ensured that they would at least break even along when dividing up the spoils. This way, they could also ensure that the Immortal Temple would not hoodwink them.

After going around in all these loops, all of the problems had been resolved.

If Su Chen had planned this out a long time ago, then it would not be such a big deal. However, everything had occurred during their process of negotiation. It was not possible for Su Chen to have known that they would meet with Master Feng, and yet he was still able to make his decision and kill in such a short period of time.

Even Sang Zhen couldn’t help but praise such adaptability and decisiveness.

He nodded his head. “Although your strength is not great, your head has already demonstrated your value. You have the right to become an ally of the Immortal Temple...... Hehehe, the Immortal Temple has not had any Qi Drawing Realm allies for a long time.”

Su Chen also laughed.

After determining the big picture, all that remained was outlining some of the details, such as how to enter the Spirit Burying Terrace and how to bring the items out, etc. It was only a matter of determining what approach to take and there would not be any more large conflicts. All that was necessary now was time and exploration.

Thus, Su Chen and Sang Zhen left the room together, analyzing the next step of the plan.

Only Master Feng remained in the room, lying on the floor all alone. It wasn’t until later when a servant came to clean up the bloodstains in the room and dragged this master’s corpse out, as if he were dragging a dead dog......

Everything went back to normal.


After conversing with Sang Zhen for quite some time and planning out appropriately their approach, Su Chen returned.

He also returned with an Origin Energy Pattern Fragment instruction module, as well as Master Feng’s workstation, the scientific instruments on it and his experimental recordings.

The Origin Energy Pattern Fragment instruction module was given to him as a gift, and Master Feng’s workbench and experimental recordings were all part of the agreement - Su Chen’s training as an alchemist, or more accurately his repayment, began from here.

Apart from this, he had made a small extra request - dealing with the Lin Clan.

However, Su Chen had only asked the Immortal Temple to make some noise and attract the attention of the Lin Clan’s experts. The actual assassination plan would be carried out by someone else. As for who that was, the Immortal Temple didn’t need to know about it.

When Sang Zhen heard this request, he was stunned for a moment.

Before, the Immortal Temple had chosen to try and rope in the Lin Clan in order to ensure the success of their plans in Northface City.

He never expected that the situation would be reversed so quickly. In the blink of an eye, the Immortal Temple was about to go deal with the Lin Clan.

Thankfully, the Lin Clan was only a commodity that was being used, and its value was not even equal to that of Master Feng. Giving up on it wasn’t too big of a loss.

He even wanted to help out for free, but Su Chen still paid a fee as per convention.

However, since it was just making some noise, he didn’t need to pay very much money. Although Sang Zhen very much wanted to help Su Chen take care of Lin Yemao at the same time, Su Chen refused.

He believed that it would still be best for the killer to be Lin Jingxuan.

Indeed, Lin Jingxuan did not disappoint him.

On the second evening, Lin Jingxuan came with unease and fear, as well as humility and a deferential attitude.

After thinking about it for an entire day, Lin Jingxuan finally made his decision.

Although he knew that doing so would allow Su Chen to extort him in the future, Lin Jingxuan had no other choice. He was not Lin Yemao and did not have a father who could uphold the heavens for him. He was just a collateral relative of the Lin Clan. Everything that he had obtained up to this point was due to his own effort and striving. If he didn’t want to lose everything he had obtained, he could only bow his head to Su Chen.

Lin Jingxuan’s surrender caused the final piece of Su Chen’s plan to fall into place.

The third night that Lin Yemao returned to the Lin Clan.

On that night, the wind was blowing and the sky was dark. It was the perfect night for killing and arson.

Su Chen stood on top of a small mountain to the south of Northface City. He surveyed the situation from above, gazing at the Lin Clan’s brightly lit main courtyard.

In the darkness, where he could not see, a group of black-clothed people were silently advancing, and a disciple of the clan stood guard with duplicitous intent.

“Did you know? Just then, I suddenly thought of something,” Su Chen suddenly said as he gazed downwards, the mountain wind blowing.

Iron Cliff did not respond.

He knew that Su Chen would continue on his own.

Indeed, Su Chen said, “I still made the members of the Immortal Temple make a move. Why didn’t I just make things more straightforward and also tell them to take care of Lin Shuyue and Bai Li as well? I could have even extended this to Lin Qingyun; wouldn’t this be simpler and conserve energy?”

This question was somewhat complicated to answer.

Iron Cliff thought for a moment before replying, “I do not know, but I feel that killing people is quite senseless. If possible, it is always better to do less killing.”

Su Chen couldn’t help but laugh.

“Then what if someone wants to kill you?” Su Chen asked.

Iron Cliff scratched his head. He thought for a moment before replying, “Master taught me the Flowing Wind Body Technique and the Iron Mountain Shield. I also have the Melted Golden Armor; I won’t die that easily.

Indeed, it was a very typical “Iron Cliff” response. Su Chen once again couldn’t help but laugh.

Below them, the Lin Clan courtyard had already begun to catch fire, and people were running and yelling. The assassination plot took advantage of this opportunity to be carried out.

Su Chen watched the chaotic scenes below. He did not blink, and his eyes shone like the stars in the night.

He said, “One thing you said is absolutely correct. Killing people really is quite senseless.”

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