Chapter 113: Good Faith (3)

Chapter 113: Good Faith (3)

The Immortal Temple was not just any ordinary underground organization.

They had their own faith and their own political ambitions that they pursued.

Usually, if an underground organization possessed these two things, there was another term to describe them that was more accurate - a terrorist organization!

The Immortal Temple was one such organization.

If someone else had said that making the plague medicine had no benefit to themselves and they would rather make the Spirit-Sobering Medicine, Su Chen might have believed them.

However, these words came from the Immortal Temple, and they were not very convincing.

Thus, no matter how angry Aaron got, Su Chen refused to back down.

Sang Zhen immediately attempted to compromise. “Prince Su, you are misunderstanding us. The current Immortal Temple is no longer the Immortal Temple of the past. After tens of thousands of years of change, everyone is no longer interested in pursuing the hazy dream of the Arcana race any longer. Of course, you can refuse to believe us, but take a look - is there anyone in front of you right now that is a member of the Arcana Race?”

These words had struck the heart of the matter.

The people standing in front of him were all purely humans. Not a single Arcana Race individual was there.

The shaping of history and the organization’s expansion had caused the terrorist organization to slowly change their way of thinking and their nature.

As humans, it would be a joke if they wanted to fight for the Arcana Race’s dream of restoring their kingdom.

Right now, they really were most likely striving for resources and a better quality of life.

Despite this, Su Chen continued to shake his head. “Perhaps you are correct. But can you guarantee that every person in the Immortal Temple has this kind of thought?”

“This......” Sang Zhen really wanted to say yes, but he could not look Su Chen in the eye and speak such nonsense even though Su Chen could do it.

Yes, there would always be people who were unwilling to give up on their dream of the past.

And many of these people likely occupied high positions in the organization.

“Thus, if I give the Corpse Spirit Flower to you, something big will definitely happen,” Su Chen said. “I have a few ideas that might be able to resolve this issue and can also resolve the matter of building up mutual trust.”

“What ideas?” Sang Zhen asked.

Su Chen replied, “Once I find the Corpse Spirit Flower, leave it with me. If you need Spirit-Sobering Medicine, I can make it for you. This way, I don’t have to worry about a dangerous item falling into your hands, and at the same time if I control the Corpse Spirit Flower I don’t have to worry about you silencing me. Thus, we will have established a new trust...... in any case, it is much more reliable than using a secret as the foundation of our trust, right?”

“You?” Aaron laughed loudly. “Even someone like you wants to refine a Spirit-Sobering Medicine? That is a high-end medicine, can you do it?”

“If if I can’t, I can learn how to.”

“It will take too long.”

“I will do my best to study. I trust it won’t take too long.”

When Sang Zhen heard this plan, he shook his head and sighed, “Prince Su, you are looking down on alchemy too much. Regardless of whether it’s a plague medicine or the Spirit-Sobering Medicine, it is not something that can be controlled in a short period of time. If you don’t believe me...... Hey, come with me, I’ll take you to see something and then you’ll understand.”

As he spoke, Sang Zhen took Su Chen with him to another room.

Inside the room, an old man was busy mixing a medicine together. Both the old man’s workbench and the tools on his workbench were all much more advanced than what Ulrich had.

However, the most outstanding point was still the old man’s skill in refining medicine.

His hands were so nimble that it seemed like each of his fingers had its own mind, dancing in the air and creating quite the gorgeous symphony of movement. As his fingers danced, portions of medicinal powder, liquid, and pellets were tossed in, dissolved, heated, and chemically reacted. Finally, they would constantly interact and produce something else......

But even so, the end result was still unpredictable.


After a muffled explosion, the medicine in the old man’s hand blew apart.

“Dammit! I failed again! I actually failed again!” The old man yelled in anger.

He turned around to look at Su Chen and Sang Zhen. “It’s all your fault! Your entrance caused my to lose concentration. I’ve told you before not to disturb me while I’m working.”

Sang Zhen first said to Su Chen, “This is Master Feng, the individual that we invited specifically for the matter of the Spirit Burying Terrace. Master Feng’s value is very high and doesn’t usually move. If it weren’t for the fact that he heard about the Corpse Spirit Flower, he would not have accepted our invitation.”

He then turned around and said to the old man, “Apologies, Master Feng, I have a question that I wanted to ask you.”

“If you have to fart, do it quickly!”

Sang Zhen pointed to Su Chen and said, “This young man to my side wants to learn how to refine medicine. I would like you to help him realize how long it would take for a young man like him to reach a point where he can concoct the Spirit-Sobering Medicine if he has no prior experience?”

“A point where he can concoct the Spirit-Sobering Medicine? That depends on how deep his understanding of refining medicine is. As for how long......” Master Feng glanced at Su Chen before saying, “That depends on his own innate talent and effort. Geniuses will only need two or three years to do it, while idiots might not be able to do it for their entire lives. As for this young man, I think he looks more like an idiot who only knows how to talk big.”

Master Feng’s expression was filled with scorn.

Su Chen walked over. He picked up a pouch of medicinal powder and dumped it into a vial.

Master Feng yelled in anger, “Don’t touch my stuff!”

Su Chen ignored him. He only said, “There’s one thing that I must correct Sang Zhen about, which is that I am not starting from zero experience. I have some experience related to refining medicine.”

As he spoke, he began to blend the powder in the beaker, then began to add things one after the other.

Although he could not reach the level of Master Feng yet in terms of putting medicine together, his movements were very stable and he didn’t make any mistakes.

An instant later, a vial of common, light injury medicine was placed in front of Master Feng.

“This is the level of control that I obtained in a hundred fifty days or so. What do you think?”

Master Feng stroked his chin. “You have some talent. If you practice for four hours every day, you can probably reach a point of refining the Spirit-Sobering Medicine in about seven or eight years.”

“I can practice for six hours every day, and just then I did not display my full strength.”

“Then, three to five years.” Master Feng impatiently said, “I say, why are you asking me all of these things?”

Sang Zhen replied, “This young man wants to reach a point in alchemy one day where he can refine the Spirit-Sobering Medicine and then personally refine it using the Corpse Spirit Flower.”

“What? How can that be allowed!” Master Feng yelled with rage. “There won’t be just a single Corpse Spirit Flower, and refining a Spirit-Sobering Medicine only requires one. There are also many other high-end medicines that require the Corpse Spirit Flower!”

“That includes poisons, right? I don’t want it to be used to harm others,” Su Chen said as he gazed at Master Feng’s workbench.

There were many things that he had never seen before.

The heart of a Vicious Beast soaked in medicine was still beating.

An herb planted inside of a flower pot had actually grown to look like the countenance of a woman.

A strange, patterned Vicious Beast tooth had been sharpened to the point that it was as sharp as a blade.

Everything here gave Su Chen a sense of novelty.

Master Feng was still yelling crazily, “Naive! What do you know? Weapons don’t harm people. What harms people is the person wielding the weapon. We are only making weapons, so why do we need to worry about how others use them? Isn’t it enough if you don’t die? Young man, you cannot save this world. Forget about those impractical dreams of yours and pursue the ultimate secrets of this world; that’s the only thing worth doing! The Corpse Spirit Flower is a rare ingredient, and it shouldn’t only be limited to one kind of application. There are even more high-end medicines that require it!”

“Having heard what you said, I must insist even more strongly on keeping the Corpse Spirit Flower to myself. In addition, it can only be used to refine Spirit-Sobering Medicine,” Su Chen replied as he picked up the beast tooth, taking a closer look at it. The razor-sharp edge of the tooth left a thin trail of blood as it brushed past Su Chen’s palm.

“Bastard!” Master Feng had been completely enraged. “If that’s the case, what point is there in me staying here? I didn’t come here just for a few vials of Spirit-Sobering Medicine!”

“You said one thing that is correct,” Su Chen suddenly said.

“What?” Master Feng didn’t understand.

“There is no point in you staying here any longer.”

Su Chen flipped his hand, and the beast tooth shot into Master Feng’s throat.

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