Chapter 112: Good Faith (2)

Chapter 112: Good Faith (2)

The hand that was holding the tea was frozen in midair, completely unmoving.

Finally, Su Chen suddenly laughed.

He brought the cup of tea to his mouth and gulped it down. Su Chen raised his head to look at Sang Zhen.

“I was wondering how it was possible for me to keep such a large organization in the dark for so long.”

As he spoke, his eyes flicked from Sang Zhen to Night Demon, then Qingbai, Copper Deer, and everyone else nearby.

In that instant, his eyes were bright and full of spirit and vitality.

Night Demon could no longer endure it. She began to yell, “You...... you...... you aren’t blind?”

She truly did not know that Su Chen was not blind.

Qingbai and the others wore expressions of laughter. Evidently, they had known this a long time ago.

“When did you recover?”

“When did you find out?”

In the next instant, Sang Zhen and Su Chen simultaneously spoke.

The two of them gazed at each other before laughing.

Su Chen said, “My eyes recovered on the day that I killed Lin Xie.”

“They actually recovered that early?” Old Sang was shocked.

However, this also explained why he had been able to kill Lin Xie.

“Then what about you? I am not too surprised that you know that I was Demon Face, but how did you know that Li’s death had something to do with me?” Su Chen asked.

With Iron Cliff and Lin Shu present, Su Chen was not surprised that the knew that he was Demon Face. Upon knowing that he was Demon Face, they would also naturally realize that his eyesight had returned. However, they actually also knew about Li; this was quite rare.

Sang Zhen replied, “You did very well in destroying the corpse and any traces left behind. However, next time remember that you need to be more thorough in destroying things. The broken pieces of Origin Tools, the indications of battle, and the collapsed secret room were more than enough to indicate that someone had returned to that place, and that there were secrets there that they didn’t want others to discover. If you search carefully, there will always be some clues.”

“But there were only a few clues, right? That doesn’t mean that I was the one who did it.”

“When you greeted everyone here, you didn’t seem to ask about Li’s fate, did you?” Sang Zhen countered.

“Uh......” Su Chen was speechless.

He had not expected to give himself away from this aspect.

This Sang Zhen truly was not a simple character.

Su Chen scratched the back of his head and said, “I hope that you do not take exception over this.”

Copper Deer laughed, “That bastard Li wanted to swallow up all the benefits for himself, so he deserved his death. However, Prince Su, since the treasure store of the Shadow Mountain Troops is not limited to what we found, shouldn’t you also fulfill your end of the agreement?”

Su Chen didn’t even blink as he said, “Sorry, in terms of nature that is already a completely different transaction. Killing a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator is very taxing.”

“......” Everyone was rendered speechless by his words.

You clearly killed one of our men, yet now you act as if you are in the right.

However, Copper Deer was just mentioning it. Right now, the primary focus was the Spirit Burying Terrace, and only Su Chen knew how large the treasure storage of the Shadow Mountain Troops was. Even if they forced him to pay up, he could just say that there was only thirty thousand or so, and there was nothing that they could do.

There was no point trying to regain what they had already lost. It was more practical to consider how to use the situation to obtain more benefits during the current operation.

Sang Zhen already spoke. “The treasure store of the Shadow Mountain Troops can belong to you, but the Spirit Burying Terrace......”

“Let’s first be clear about what exactly is inside. I still hold to my previous statement. If you don’t bring it up now, it’s mine. Of course, you can also disagree, and you can also continue to lie to me, but remember that I am still the person entering the Spirit Burying Terrace, and the person bringing the items out is also me! Since you know that I am not blind, you should also know that you can’t pull any wool over my eyes. There is no need to continue playing cheap tricks.”

Su Chen interrupted him as he stared at him.

It felt good not having to pretend to be blind.

Having realized that it was no longer possible to continue trying to fool him, Sang Zhen finally gave in.

He sighed, “It’s a Corpse Spirit Flower.”

“What did you say?” Su Chen jumped to his feet.


Corpse Spirit Flowers grew under extremely dark conditions. It collected all the filthy Qi in the heavens and the earth and was extremely poisonous. The conditions for its growth were extremely harsh; they would only grow in extremely filthy, poisonous locations.

This was a textbook example of things turning into their opposites if pushed too far in one direction. This plant, which could only grow in the filthiest of conditions, had many exotic features. It had many different uses and was rare and valuable.

Upon mentioning that there was a Corpse Spirit Flower in the Spirit Burying Terrace, Su Chen instantly understood the reason for the Spirit Burying Terrace’s existence.

Most likely, the Spirit Burying Terrace existed to foster the growth of Corpse Spirit Flowers in the first place.

Corpse Spirit Flowers could only grow in filthy, evil locations, but it was very hard to find these kinds of places in the human world, unless one went to the savage territories controlled by the beast race regime.

Since there was no such filthy, evil locations to be found, then might as well create one.

This was just like Ulrich, who could not find a high-ranking bloodline and thus decided to create his own. Their thought processes were similar.

But the difference was that the latter had failed, while the former had succeeded.

Back then, the chaos and massacres that occurred in the Illustrious Divine Dynasty were intended to create this extremely evil place. The construction of the Spirit Burying Terrace was just a continuation of this goal. In that dark place, where corpses and spirits were put to rest, a huge plot with selfish interests was being carried out secretly.

As for the Sark’s Energy Nuclei and the Void Essence Crystals, they were all there to support the execution of this plan. There were four Origin Demon Puppets using the Sark’s Energy Nuclei to protect the area. The Void Essence Crystals were used to create a vacant space, allowing the Corpse Spirit Flower to grow safely.

However, the plan had never been completely successful.

The Arcana Organization that had put this plan into motion was struck by a destructive attack not long afterwards. Most of their members were killed, and only a small number were able to escape.

Thus, the secret of the Spirit Burying Terrace had been kept until now.

Until this very day.

“So that’s why.” Su Chen let out a long sigh. “Then...... what do you plan on using it for once you retrieve the Corpse Spirit Flower?”

“Naturally, we will use it to refine medicine?” Sang Zhen replied quizzically.

“What kind of medicine is the important question,” Su Chen said. “We all know that the Corpse Spirit Flower can be used for a wide range of applications. It can be used to develop medicines that can cure the sick, and it can also be used to make vicious, fatal poisons. As for as I know, there is a kind of plague medicine that is created using the Corpse Spirit Flower. Merely a vial of that medicine is more than enough to wipe out most of the Three-Mountain Region, right?”

Sang Zhen understood what Su Chen meant. “Are you worried that we will use it to make a poisonous medicine to harm others?”

Su Chen replied, “I have my principles when doing things. There are a few bottom lines that I do not wish to touch.”

“You don’t have to worry about this. We won’t do something like that. In fact, according to the organization’s plans, our goal is to use it to concoct a Spirit-Sobering Medicine,” Old Sang replied.

The Spirit-Sobering Medicine was a medicine that could develop the strength of one’s soul. It was quite a high-end medicine, and the Corpse Spirit Flower was a main ingredient in refining this kind of medicine.

However, Su Chen did not believe them because of this.

He shook his head and said, “I don’t dare to believe these kinds of empty promises.”

Aaron was enraged. “Brat, what are you trying to say?”

Su Chen stared Aaron in the face fearlessly. “What I’m saying is that I know what kind of organization the Immortal Temple is!”

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