Chapter 110: Whitetower Teleportation

Chapter 110: Whitetower Teleportation

This extremely one-sided battle rendered the members of the Lin Clan speechless.

Lin Xingrong’s expression was frozen, and all the disciples of the Lin Clan were filled with fury and resentment. None of them knew how the situation had developed to this point. Only Gu Qingluo beaming with happiness.

Having lost a Moon-Worshipping Toad for nothing, how could their mood get any worse?

Members of the Lin Clan wanted to continue battle, but Gu Qingluo had already spoken out and put an end to it. Her reasoning was very righteous and just.

No matter what, Su Chen was still a guest that had been invited by the Lin Clan. Sparring a bit was more than enough; there was no need for a round-robin battle.

No one had anything to say in response. They all glanced at Lin Xingrong, whose expression sank. He shook his sleeves, then left without saying a word.

He left!

Their clan leader had thrown in the towel, so everyone else could only endure. If the matter of Su Chen coming to be a guest of the Lin Clan and suppressing a large group of Lin Clan disciples was ever brought up in the future, they would not be able to avoid cringing.

The matter was concluded like this. After drinking some tea with Gu Qingluo and resolving most of the hatred in his heart, Su Chen finally tactfully returned to the Su palace.

After leaving the Lin palace, Su Chen first went to the True Jade Pavilion. Tang Zhen had sent people to call him over earlier, but he temporarily had no time to come over because he was busy taking care of the Lin Clan.

After arriving at the True Jade Pavilion, he discovered that unsurprisingly in the past hundred or so days Tang Zhen had already finished interpreting and translating the entire Arcana script.

They included a Soul-Fixation Technique, Origin Energy Bullets, and the technique that Su Chen wanted the most, Shadow Substitution..

However, to Ulrich it was not called Shadow Substitution; rather, it was known as Whitetower Teleportation.

Whitetower was a large Arcana Organization that existed during the time of the Arcana Kingdom. They specifically researched and developed applications of Origin Energy. This organization’s Origin Qi Scholars liked to use the name “Whitetower” as a prefix to the Origin Skills that they had developed. Because of this, there was an entire set of Whitetower Arcana techniques.

Whitetower Teleportation was one of them.

Su Chen had originally thought that this Shadow Substitution-like Origin Skill was an Origin Skill that used illusions to mimic space-type techniques, but he hadn’t expected that the Whitetower Teleportation was actually a space-type Arcana technique.

Space-type Arcana Techniques were the most high-end methods of using Origin Energy. They always occupied a very high status among Origin Skills, and only the most powerful Origin Qi Scholars would have the right to come into contact with them.

However, what people didn’t know was that during the period of the Arcana Kingdom, some members of the Arcana Race had already attempted to lower the loftiness of space-type Origin Skills, allowing Origin Qi Scholars of lower layers to use them as well.

Whitetower Teleportation was created under such conditions.

Because of this, Whitetower Teleportation’s most unique point was that the prerequisites to use it were quite low, and even low-layer Origin Qi Scholars could use them. The amount of Origin Energy that it used was not very high either.

As a cost, it came with an incredibly complex Origin Energy Pattern and one could only jump very short distances at a time.

The jump distance of Whitetower Teleportation was closely related to one’s weight. The lighter one was, the farther one could jump. However, it was impossible to jump further than six or seven meters. This meant that it could only be used on the battlefield, not to escape. In addition, one could not teleport to an obstructed location, and one could not pass through objects.

The Origin Energy Pattern for the Whitetower Teleportation was the most complicated one that Su Chen had seen to date. It was composed of more than a thousand Origin Energy Pattern Fragments. Su Chen didn’t even control a hundred Origin Energy Pattern Fragments right now, which was to say that he could either choose to forcefully cram and learn this Origin Energy Skill, or he could wait until he entered the Hidden Dragon Institute and had learned the process of forming an Origin Energy Pattern mould before attempting to learn it.

Su Chen had learned the Soul Eye, Meg’s Guardian, and Fireball techniques all through brute force memorization, but because of this his foundation was not helped, and learning one did not mean that he could learn another more rapidly. In fact, the Soul Eye pattern was also complex and was also a simplified Origin Skill, but it was an Improved Arcana technique and depended on the combination of an Origin Energy Pattern and Talisman. The Origin Energy Pattern portion was relatively simple. Whitetower Teleportation, however, was purely an ancient Arcana technique, and did not have an Origin Energy Talisman. Thus, it was activated purely via an Origin Energy Pattern, so its complexity was many times that of the Soul Eye.

When faced with such a complex Origin Skill, Su Chen completely gave up on it.

If he were to try and learn it via brute force, even one or two years probably wouldn’t be enough.

The Origin Energy Bullets and Soul-Fixation Technique were not much better. They were all complicated ancient Arcana techniques, and it would be impossible to forcefully learn them before the Hidden Dragon battle.

Su Chen felt stifled. He possessed the Origin Skills, yet he could not learn them. This only increased his yearning for the Hidden Dragon Institute.

Only that kind of top-level institute would grant him a complete understanding of ancient Arcana techniques.


Was that really true?

Su Chen suddenly thought of something. His eyes slightly squinted.


When he returned to the Dustsift Courtyard, the sun had already set.

After washing his face, Su Chen told Mingshu to retreat, then said, “Come out.”

Night Demon’s figure appeared from the darkness.

This woman’s concealment technique was quite impressive. She had never once been discovered by anyone from the Su Clan despite entering and leaving so many times. Su Chen had only ever discovered her hiding in the room because he pretended to be blind, but he had never seen how she got in. One could only say that she was innately suited for doing these kinds of things.

Night Demon said, “Su Chen, what will it take for you to be willing to help us?”

“Hm?” Su Chen pretended to act surprised. “Didn’t I say already? I cannot help you with this matter.”

Night Demon said unhappily, “Enough, Su Chen, if you truly didn’t intend on helping us out, you would not have requested that only you and I can discuss these things. You were prepared for a discussion a long time ago.”

“Oh? You were actually able to discern what someone was thinking based on what they said?” Su Chen wore a surprised expression. In the next instant, his tone changed, “That powerful, you definitely were not the one that thought of this.”

Night Demon acted as if she had been struck by a heavy blow. She remained silent for a long time before saying, “Su Chen, the organization promises you that the riches inside are definitely not lower than a million low-grade Origin Stones. As long as you are willing to help us, this fortune will be yours. If the treasures inside are lacking, the organization is willing to reimburse you.

Su Chen shook his head. “That’s enough, woman. Don’t take me for an idiot.”

He raised three fingers. “Firstly, even if there are so many treasures inside the Spirit Burying Terrace, many of them have likely degraded over thousands of years and are now unusable. Secondly, if we assume that there are Origin Energy Formations that have protected most of the treasures from degradation, and they are worth you using a million Origin Stones to exchange, they are definitely even more valuable than that sum. With these kinds of treasures present, there are definitely also dangers. Lastly, and most importantly, I could trust you before this because if I were to die, your secret would also have been revealed. But now that the opening of the Spirit Burying Terrace is imminent, it is no longer important whether or not your secret is revealed. Think for a moment. If I help you take out the treasures in side, what do you think will be waiting for me? Will I receive a million Origin Stones, or will I be silenced and the matter concluded then and there?”

Night Demon was shocked when she heard this.

What Su Chen had said completely encompassed the few points that the organization had considered.

However, no one had expected that Su Chen’s thought process would be so intricate to the point that he had calculated everything long beforehand.

Night Demon reacted before finally saying, “Then what do you think should be done?”

When Su Chen heard this, he smiled.

“What do you think should be done” was something that only something that a rookie negotiator would say because it implied a transfer of control over the negotiations.

The Immortal Temple could not come up with a good plan, or even if they had one, they were unwilling to propose it.

Just like with the Shadow Mountain Troops, all they had done was continuously increase the magnitude of attraction.

A million Origin Stones? Bullshit.

If a promise wasn’t given in hand, it was all fraud!

Although Su Chen was young, he had seen much humiliation and many scams during his years of blindness.

When he couldn’t see, he had learned to use his brain and scheme.

When faced with Night Demon’s question, Su Chen said, “If we want to cooperate, we first must have a mutual trust. In the past, my cooperation with your organization was one of extortion and out of necessity. But after the Spirit Burying Terrace is opened, my terms of coercion will disappear. If you want to cooperate, then we need a new foundation.”

“Only when this foundation of trust is established can we work together and make our cooperation worthwhile!”

“So, how will you display your good faith?”

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