Chapter 109: Guest (3)

Chapter 109: Guest (3)

Su Chen inclined his body.

Gu Qingluo made an introduction for him. “This is the son of Lin Xianjun. In the third generation of the Lin Clan, his strength can be considered quite good......”

She hadn’t finished speaking when Su Chen carelessly picked up a cup and tossed it out. The cup spun around in midair as it flew out, making strange hums.

Lin Shaofeng raised his hand and struck out. However, as the cup spun through the air, his strike actually missed. The cup curved around Lin Shaofeng’s strike, then slammed into his chest with a “Bang!”. He was sent flying with one cup.

Su Chen’s strike had been clean and efficient. Everyone watching was dazed.

Most importantly, everyone was extremely familiar with this technique.

Even Gu Qingluo exclaimed, “Flying Flower Hands?”

Impressively, Su Chen was using the Gu Clan’s Flying Flower Hands, but he had infused it with the unique aspects of the Thunder Blade. Its strength had greatly increased, and one attack was enough to topple Lin Shaofeng, rendering him unable to stand for quite some time.

Su Chen said boastfully with a slight smile, “Lin Yemao and I are good friends.”

Gu Qingluo was speechless, yet she also understood Su Chen’s intentions.

He was using this opportunity to place the accusation of transmitting the Gu Clan’s Absolute Techniques on Lin Yemao’s head.

The Gu Clan’s Absolute Techniques were usually transmitted via bloodline. Thus, even if Su Chen learned them, the Gu Clan would likely not care, and the consequences were unlikely to be severe because he lacked the bloodline.

However, consequences and punishment were one matter; allowing an opponent to learn the techniques was another entirely.

Upon seeing that Su Chen had used the Flying Flower Hands, the entire group was instantly thrown into a frenzy.

Another person said, “Su Chen, I will do battle with you!”

He had already charged over.

Su Chen turned around to greet him. Gu Qingluo continued to speak into his ear. “His name is Lin Yu. He is the son of Lin Fengxiao, and is proficient in the Tiger Subduing Fists and Cold Light Sword.”

Gu Qingluo had just finished her explanation when another “Bang!” once again sounded out.

Su Chen’s palm was already placed on Lin Yu’s chest. A single palm strike sent him flying.

Su Chen had moved using a string of footsteps that made advancing and retreating very easy. Obviously, he was using the Snaking Mist Steps. He easily dodged Lin Yu’s attack and sent him flying with a careless palm strike.

When the members of the Lin Clan saw this, they were all stunned.

Gu Qingluo clapped her hands and laughed, “Good, good, good, good use of the Snaking Mist Steps. Fourth Young Master Su truly is a genius from the heavens. No wonder Lin Yemao was so open to a stranger and passed on the Snaking Mist Steps and Flying Flower Hands to you.”

“Bastard! Those are secret techniques that the Gu Clan does not pass on. How could you be allowed to secretly learn them!” Another Lin Clan disciple charged forwards, slashing out towards Su Chen.

Su Chen retreated, tilting his head and listening intently.

Gu Qingluo said, “He is Lin Shao’an, Lin Shaofeng’s older brother. His strength is somewhat stronger than his younger brother’s.”

At that moment, Lin Shao’an had already rushed to Su Chen’s side.

Su Chen carelessly flipped his hand. A large number of air tentacles reached out and quickly bound Lin Shao’an.

How could Lin Shao’an have seen this kind of technique before? He was extremely shocked, and though he wanted to escape he was unable to.

Su Chen flew forward like the wind, and placed his hand on Lin Shao’an’s chest before pushing, twisting, then tossing him out.

Lin Shao’an once again flew through the air, but this time he was tossed into the large group of Lin Clan disciples behind him.

A group of people went forwards to catch him simultaneously, but with a “Bang!” five or six of them had already been knocked over.

Gu Qingluo’s eyes lit up. She said as she clapped her hands, “Nice technique, you actually used my Gu Clan’s Flying Flower Hands on a person, using him as a secret weapon. Beautifully done!”

She began to praise Su Chen without reservation.

With no effort at all, Su Chen defeated three people in a row. The other members of the Lin Clan did not dare to step forwards.

At that moment, a thought suddenly appeared in Lin Hanyue’s heart. Could it be that Su Chen was bored of suppressing the Su Clan, so he had come to the Lin Clan to start a new stage of battle and crush everyone else again?

Of course, he could only consider that matter in his heart. He did not dare to vocalize it.

Finally, someone couldn’t endure it anymore and yelled, “Second Miss Gu, Su Chen used the Gu Clan’s Flying Flower Hands and Snaking Mist Steps. We are also fighting on your behalf, protesting this injustice, but why are you speaking for him?”

Gu Qingluo rolled her eyes. “The Gu Clan’s three Absolute Techniques are secret skills in terms of the bloodline, not the techniques themselves. Otherwise, we would not have transmitted them to the Lin Clan. In addition, it was a member of the Lin Clan that transmitted this technique to an outside; thus, the Lin Clan should be the ones held responsible. I do not care about the grudges between you and Su Chen. However, I truly do need an explanation from you all.”

Great, if you hadn’t said anything we’d be fine. Now that you spoke, Gu Qingluo is looking for an explanation from us.

The disciples of the Lin Clan gazed at each other, unsure of what to say.

It was still Su Chen who laughed, “Whether you guys like it or not, I have already learned two of the Gu Clan’s Three Absolute Techniques. If anyone is not convinced, you can come make trouble for me. I’ll accept and deal with it.”

Everyone was filled with resentment when they heard this.

By putting it this way, it was basically the same as saying that Gu Qingluo would only make trouble for the Lin Clan and not Su Chen.

If they wanted to deal with Su Chen, they would have to do it personally.

However, Su Chen’s strength was extremely powerful. He was an Origin Qi Scholar, and anyone who wasn’t didn’t need to do battle with him. The only ones who had reached a relatively close level under the age of sixteen were Lin Shuyue and Lin Jingxuan.

Bai Li had not come, so only Lin Shuyue and Lin Jingxuan were here.

Everyone gazed at the two of them.

Gu Qingluo laughed,” Brother Jingxuan, why don’t you fight with Prince Su? If you can win, I can drop the matter of the Lin Clan secretly transmitting the Gu Clan’s Absolute Techniques. However, if you lose......”

She thought for a moment, then said, “I want your Lin Clan’s Moon-Worshipping Toad.”

Lin Jingxuan’s expression was ugly.

Su Chen indifferently said, “If Brother Lin isn’t confident, we can make a bet for ten moves. If I cannot defeat Brother Lin in ten moves, it counts as my loss.”


Defeat Lin Jingxuan in ten moves?

Do you think that he is the same as the pieces of trash from before?

Everyone became enraged when they heard this.

Even so, Lin Jingxuan continued to shake his head. He said, “It’s not that I don’t dare to, but that I really do not have the authority to make this decision on my own.”

At this time, a voice sounded out, “Fight him.”

Everyone turned around to look at the voice. They saw a middle-aged man dressed in an azure robe standing in the distance.

“Uncle[1. In Chinese, titles are separated according to whether they refer to your father’s or mother’s side of the family. In this case, the people are either crying out “伯父”, which is a father’s elder brother, or “姑父”, which is the husband of one of the father’s sisters. Both are usually called uncle, as is 叔叔 (father’s younger brother). Confusing, I know. I’ll try to make notes of any of these instances where necessary.]!” the group of people began to cry out.

The person who had arrived was precisely the one currently in charge of the Lin Clan, Lin Xingrong.

Gazing at Su Chen, Lin Xingrong said, “I want to know how a blind person can speak with such arrogance and act so unrestrainedly. My Lin Clan can afford to lose a mere Moon-Worshipping Toad.”

“Yes!” Upon receiving Lin Xingrong’s order, Lin Jingxuan’s confidence surged. A killing intent flashed across the eyes that he used to gaze at Su Chen.

Defeating me in ten moves? Do you think that I’m like that idiot Lin Yemao?

I’ll give you something to look at, you egotistical bastard.

Lin Jingxuan thought in his heart. He had already activated the Snaking Mist Steps. His feet were like the wind, swaying like mist. It was not particularly flashy, but he did not make many mistakes. Evidently, his way of doing battle was stable and sure, and Lin Xingrong silently nodded his head in praise.

Without a bloodline, Lin Jingxuan was weaker than Lin Yemao in terms of explosiveness, but because of his stability and caution while doing battle, he did not easily make any mistakes.

As long as he didn’t make any mistakes, it was virtually impossible for Su Chen to defeat him in any short period of time.

Su Chen was tilting his head, pretending to listen closely. Upon hearing the wind blow, he laughed, “Then, let’s begin.”

As he spoke, his right hand morphed into a blade, stabbing towards Lin Jingxuan. It let out loud, thundering echoes.

Lin Jingxuan had seen this move before. He was prepared in his head, and he made a move to block it. At the same time, his feet swayed, preventing Su Chen from using force to meet force. He was abusing Su Chen’s “blindness”.

Even so, at the same time that he blocked the attack, Su Chen sent a sentence into Lin Jingxuan’s ear. “Lin Yemao has already returned. Are you not worried or afraid at all?”


Lin Jingxuan’s heart was stunned. His composure and response was instantly affected.

Su Chen’s hand blade chopped onto Lin Jingxuan’s wrist, pressing both his arms backwards and slamming into his chest.

Su Chen showed no mercy. He continued to press his advantage, stringing words together that pierced Lin Jingxuan’s heart like needles. “Did you really think that you could conceal from me the fact that you incited Lin Yemao to come kill me so that you could reap the benefits?”

“I do not know what you are saying,” Lin Jingxuan replied. The booms of thunder covered up the words that he had said, but Su Chen heard them very clearly. Or rather, he knew what Lin Jingxuan was saying even without hearing it.

The Thunder Blade continued to strike out. As he stabbed out eighteen times in a row, he said, “You can deny it in front of me, but is there any point? How did you explain to Lin Yuanqiao and Lin Xingrong why Lin Yemao came to kill me? You said it was his own decision, right? At that time, you must have believed him to be dead, and you could place all the responsibility on his shoulders. But you didn’t expect that he hadn’t died...... That is also to say that as soon as he wakes up, all of your lies will be exposed.

Lin Jingxuan’s heart violently trembled upon hearing that. His movements slowed down a bit, and Su Chen had already drawn near to Lin Jingxuan’s body. An extremely vicious knee strike had landed on Lin Jingxuan’s midsection, causing him to vomit blood in pain as he went flying.

“Don’t let him get near you!” all of the disciples of the Lin Clan began to yell.

But at this moment, Lin Jingxuan’s heart was a mess. He had no way of defending against Su Chen’s ferocious attacks.


Su Chen’s Thunder Blade once again stabbed towards Lin Jingxuan’s shoulder. He grabbed him and then fiercely rushed out, entering the forest. They slammed into an unknown number of trees on the way there, then left a deep imprint on the forest ground.

As he slammed Lin Jingxuan, Su Chen said, “I gave Lin Yemao some Seven-Day Stupor. He will wake in four days. Once he awakens, you know exactly what will happen. If you don’t want to die, save yourself.”

“You want me to kill Lin Yemao?” Lin Jingxuan finally understood Su Chen’s intentions. “And then you can use the opportunity to extort me?”

Su Chen darkly laughed, “Wasn’t this your original train of thought anyways?”

He sent out another attack, slamming into Lin Jingxuan’s abdomen once again. The explosive force caused Lin Jingxuan’s entire body to rattle.

Lin Jingxuan was still holding out. “Don’t even think about it!”

Su Chen let out a laugh. “You will agree eventually. Whenever you’ve thought through it, come see me. Without my help, you cannot kill him. Remember, you only have four days.”

Another fist slammed onto Lin Jingxuan’s face.

He said, “As for now, whether or not you want to, you will lose.”

He grabbed Lin Jingxuan’s neck and pressed him harshly onto the ground.

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