Chapter 108: Guest (2)

Chapter 108: Guest (2)

A clear breeze blew gently across the small building near the lake. Outside, jade-green waves lapped up against its walls.

Su Chen sat in a pavilion near the lake. Gu Qingluo’s dainty hands held a jade teapot as she poured out tea, which gave the scene a certain taste.

Before, when he and Gu Qingluo met, it would always be furtively, in the forest behind the mountain. They would either spar or take baths, or they would secretly discuss matters related to the Spirit Burying Terrace. It wasn’t until today that he finally had an opportunity to observe Gu Qingluo from a different perspective.

In the end, she was still an important young miss from a large clan. Every move she made exuded a certain kind of nobility.

As he watched her current appearance, then thought about Gu Qingluo’s free, unfettered, and adorable behavior around himself, Su Chen felt that truly, every beautiful woman from the heavens had a side that others did not know about.

He was lucky. Because he was blind, Gu Qingluo did not have any defenses around him, and had revealed herself completely to him. Because of this, he had also become her good friend.

For anyone else, becoming Gu Qingluo’s close companion would not be easy.

“Right, you still haven’t told me; how did you catch Lin Yemao?” Gu Qingluo asked as she poured out more tea. “Lin Yemao used the Gu Clan’s bloodline medicine, and his strength should have increased greatly. Capturing him couldn’t have been easy, right?”

“I am not clear about his true strength, but I didn’t use too much energy to capture him.” Su Chen described the process of his battle with Lin Yemao to Gu Qingluo.

Upon hearing Su Chen had only used a metal-eating bug and Iron Cliff to successfully launch a sneak-attack on Lin Yemao, Gu Qingluo couldn’t help but laugh.

Miss Gu’s laugh was warm, sweet, and beautiful. She never revealed her teeth when smiling, and she was usually pure and quiet. She had quite a name for herself in the Lin Clan. Common people didn’t even dare think of getting a pleasant expression from her. Even the Heaven’s Chosens of the Lin Clan all spoke very carefully in front of her.

This was her first time laughing in this kind of way.

Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye, who were stuck watching from afar, both felt dumbfounded.

Su Chen didn’t know how precious this laughter was. He continued to converse with Gu Qingluo.

Gu Qingluo said, “So you just kept him locked up for that many days? And you didn’t find it boring?”

Su Chen replied, “Why would it be boring? I captured him because he had some use to me.”

“What use?”

“Analyzing the Soaring Serpent Bloodline.”

“Analyzing the Soaring Serpent Bloodline?” Gu Qingluo’s eyes opened wide out of shock.

“Yes!” Su Chen nodded his head with surety.

He had not intended on hiding this matter from Gu Qingluo, and there was no need to.

Humans had never stopped analyzing bloodlines. This world was not for the complacent. Rather, people were always searching for ways to advance. However, the study of science was mostly for one’s own use, to allow one to become stronger.

Right after the Arcana Kingdom fell into ruin, mankind had taken up the mantle of analyzing bloodlines.

Humanity had grand dreams- they wanted to accomplish all that the Arcana race had and more. Yet in the end they were unable to even recreate what the Arcana Race had achieved- they did not obtain any more powerful Origin Energy, and they were not even able to reconstruct the Bloodline Extraction Instrument.

Even so, the human race continued to strive. They had never given up on their pursuit of bloodlines and Origin Energy power.

Thus, Su Chen had no need to deny it.

“What do you want to do?” Gu Qingluo asked.

“I just wanted to see whether or not I could find a substitute that would allow me to do what you can do, even without the Soaring Serpent Bloodline.

“So did you suceed?” Gu Qingluo asked with a smile.

Su Chen shook his head.

While he didn’t need to hide his motives, he absolutely needed to conceal the results.

If the Gu Clan were to discover that Su Chen had really invented an Origin Substance Medicine that could raise the effectiveness of using the Snaking Mist Steps without a bloodline, there would definitely be turmoil.

Even if it was just a small increase.

Gu Qingluo covered her mouth and laughed. “Now you know how wild your imagination is, right? Bloodline powers is the best method for circulating Origin Energy that my clan’s founder left behind. How could you surpass it so easily?”

Once again, Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye were dazed when they saw this from afar.

In such a short period of time, she had laughed twice.

Did Su Chen have some kind of secret technique that could charm Second Miss to this point?

Su Chen replied, “I was just tentatively testing it regardless of whether it succeeded or not. In any case, I obtained many insights, experience, and growth.”

“In a few more days, the Hidden Dragon battle will begin, yet you still say that you gained much experience and growth? I’m only afraid that others will not continue to give you such an opportunity,” Gu Qingluo scooted closer to Su Chen and said in a low voice, “The Lin Clan’s Li Qingyun has already returned. He is quite the tough nut to crack.”

“Lin Yemao is no longer a threat,” Su Chen said slowly.

“They are still four powerful opponents, and you need to divert some of your attention to the Spirit Burying Terrace. This is slightly inattentive......” Gu Qingluo worried for him.

Su Chen replied, “Then I’ll just cripple another.”


Su Chen leaned in towards Gu Qingluo and said a name near her ear.

This movement was quite vague, yet Gu Qingluo did not attempt to evade. This made Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye completely speechless.

After Su Chen said that name, Gu Qingluo’s eyes widened, and she covered her rosy lips. “It’s him?”

“Do you want to see how I’ll cripple him?”

“I want to, I want to!” Gu Qingluo nodded her head repeatedly, her pure appearance disappearing completely.

She was not worried about the commotion or damage becoming too great. Gu Qingluo did not treat the members of the Lin Clan like her own. After all, here presence here was just a business transaction. She was not the slightest bit worried about which one of them was crippled.

“Then call him over for me, I’ll cripple him for you!”

Gu Qingluo agreed right away. She pointed to Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye and said, “Hey, you two, go grab Bai Li, Lin Shuyue, and Lin Jingxuan together to drink tea. I want to see whether disciples from the Su Clan or the Lin Clan are more outstanding.”

When Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye heard this, they looked at each other, but they did not dare to disobey Gu Qingluo’s words. They could only agree to her commands and fetch the others.

Not long after, a group of young people began to draw near.

However, the numbers were not just limited to three. There was a large group of people approaching the pavillion; at a glance, there seemed to be twenty or thirty of them. They were all young members of the Lin Clan.

Of the male and female leading the pack, the male was Lin Jingxuan. The woman’s appearance was quite good, but her expression was extremely arrogant-- this should be Lin Shuyue. She carried a cat in her bosom and coddled it like a child. the cat in her bosom was not a normal cat; rather, it was a strange kind of demonic cat. Right now, it was still in its infancy, but once it began growing, it would become incredibly strong.

After this group of people arrived, one of them clasped their hands and said to Gu Qingluo, “I heard that the Su Clan’s Fourth Young Master is a guest of Second Miss and that you have been enjoying each others’ company. I and the others have come specifically to greet you. Please, Second Miss, do not take offense.”

As he spoke, he gazed at Su Chen. His eyes were filled with a thick provocative intent.

When Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye had gone to call for Lin Jingxuan and the others, they hadn’t expected that Lin Jingxuan was currently with the other disciples of the Lin Clan. Upon hearing that Su Chen was receiving hospitality from Gu Qingluo, they were all agitated.

Gu Qingluo was essentially a goddess to members of the Lin Clan.

Not only was her appearance beautiful, but she came from a large clan.

From a great noble clan!

If any one of them were to wed Gu Qingluo, they would have instantly stepped into the heavens.

Unfortunately, in the past two years, she had not been particularly good to anyone despite their best efforts and tactics.

If no one had any chance, then whatever; at least they could comfort each other about it.

They hadn’t expected that Fourth Young Master Su Chen would suddenly appear and actually get along quite well with Gu Qingluo. They really could not endure this.

The third-generation of the Lin Clan had already begun to view Gu Qingluo as a cabbage that grew from their own clan’s ground.

Even if a cabbage from their own clan were to be given to a pig, it definitely could not be taken by someone from another clan.

Thus, although Gu Qingluo had only called for three people, a large group of people suddenly came. However, the main target of the invitation, Bai Li, had replied that he had no interest and didn’t actually come.

In the entire Lin Clan, he was also probably the only person who would be able to ignore her.

Gu Qingluo did not take exception. She only muttered, “The people that were supposed to come didn’t, but a lot of people who weren’t supposed to come did.”

The little girl didn’t know to speak. As soon as she opened her mouth, she offended everyone there.

However, goddesses had a unique authority. The Lin Clan disciples that had been insulted did not dare to hate Gu Qingluo, so they could only stare at Su Chen with hatred instead.

A Lin Clan disciple walked out from the group of people. “I have heard many people say that the Su Clan’s Fourth Young Master is like a dragon or phoenix among men. Although he is blind, his heart is clear, and no one can surpass him in the Su Clan’s third generation. I, Lin Shaofeng, have specifically come for myself to experience Fourth Young Master Su Chen’s strength for myself.”

Youths were bloodthirsty; they battled as soon as they opened their mouths!

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