Chapter 107: Guest (1)

Chapter 107: Guest (1)

Inside the stone room, Su Chen and Iron Cliff watched Lin Yemao who was passed out on the bed, their hands on their chin.

The development of the situation Su Chen was undoubtedly an extremely burdensome matter for Su Chen.

The Lin Clan would definitely not accept this matter. What they wanted wasn’t just a Lin Yemao, but a Lin Yemao who had a Soaring Serpent Bloodline and could thus help the Lin Clan remain competitive in the future.

Without the Soaring Serpent Bloodline, Lin Yemao’s value had greatly decreased.

From a certain angle, it was just like a certain part of him had died.

Lin Yemao would be reduced to the same position that Su Chen had in Su Cheng’an’s eyes.

If possible, Su Cheng’an definitely would not have shown mercy to the old beggar who had blinded Su Chen.

Most likely, Lin Xingrong would be the same.

Su Chen felt his head hurt.

He quietly sat on the ground, watching Lin Yemao without moving.

Upon looking at his frozen expression, Iron Cliff did not dare to say anything.

The atmosphere became heavy because of this.

After an unknown period of time, Su Chen finally stood up.

He walked over and felt Lin Yemao’s pulse. After confirming that he wasn’t too injured, he said, “Iron Cliff, tell Mingshu to head to the Upwind Pavilion and buy some Seven-Day Stupor.”

“That can save him?” Iron Cliff was confused.

“It can’t, but it can let him take a good nap and wake up seven days later. As long as he doesn’t awaken, the Lin Clan will temporarily be unaware that his bloodline has disappeared.”

“But they will still discover it seven days later.”

“So we need to take care of the problem before then.”

“How do we take care of it?”

Su Chen didn’t reply. Instead, his eyes began to light up.


Three days later.

When Lin Yuanqiao saw the snoring Lin Yemao, he was slightly dazed.

He raised his head to look at Su Chen. “You said that he came to your Su palace to be a guest. Is this what you meant?”

“Brother Lin and I were familiar at first sight. After returning, we drank a lot. Unfortunately, Brother Lin succumbed to the alcohol and is still drunk. I was not good enough as a host, so please forgive me.”

Su Chen spoke a bunch of crap very straightforwardly. Even Lin Yuanqiao felt intoxicated when he heard this.

Of course he would not be fooled by Su Chen. He had brought along an Origin Qi Scholar skilled in traditional Chinese medicine.

Lin Yuanqiao waved his hand. The Origin Qi Scholar went to inspect Lin Yemao. He then returned and reported, “He is under the effects of Seven-Day Stupor. He will wake up in seven days. He has not been poisoned; most likely, it was just because they didn’t want him to know about the Su Clan’s secrets, so they purposefully did it.”

Upon confirming that nothing was wrong with Lin Yemao, Lin Yuanqiao said, “It seems like I need to also throw a feast for Young Brother Su, one where you cannot leave unless you get drunk.”

Su Chen replied with a smile, “I am deeply sorry for getting Brother Lin drunk. Thus, I have already decided that we will not drink any wine in the future. I trust that the people of the Lin Clan will be generous and not bother me too much...... Sir Lin, you can’t possibly be dead set on getting me drunk to get rid of the hatred in your heart, right?”

“If I really do get you drunk, will there be a rumor in the future that members of my Lin Clan have a narrow tolerance, even seeking retaliation for such a small matter?”

Su Chen smiled and did not reply. However, from his appearance, it seemed that this would be the case.

Lin Yuanqiao harrumped, “Forget about it. If the Lin Clan promises you something, we won’t back down. Since you want to go to the Beast Garden, what you can obtain depends on your fortune. However, I should mention that the Lin Clan has only invited you. Apart from you, no one else is welcome.”

Although they were unwilling, the Lin Clan had agreed in the end.

The Lin Clan had accepted Su Chen’s offer for a few reasons. One, their clan’s inherited treasures had all been used on Blue Night, so the value of the Beast Garden had shrunk; they were not worried that Su Chen would try to steal anything. Second, they still believed that Su Chen was still blind. Even if there was something of value, he might not be able to tell.

Thus, apart from Su Chen, they would not allow anyone else to enter.

Of course, they would not have expected that Su Chen’s attention was never on the garden in the first place.

Su Chen smiled as he gazed at Lin Yuanqiao and said, “Of course.”


On that day, Su Chen finally entered the Lin Clan’s Beast Garden.

He was no longer sneaking around like last time. Rather, he entered justly and openly.

As if he were strolling around in his own backyard, Su Chen walked leisurely along, using his hands to feel out his surroundings.

He heard the howls and roars of Vicious Beasts in his ears and smelled the unique wild scent of Vicious Beasts.

Two people were standing behind him. They were both third-generation disciples of the Lin Clan. One was called Lin Yuehan, the other was called Lin Shouye.

To the two third-generation disciples, accompanying a blind person to wander around the Beast Garden was evidently something very boring. However, these were the orders of the clan, and they had to do it.

The entire way, they did not see Su Chen do anything in particular. After circling around the Beast Garden once, he actually began to slowly walk out.

Lin Shouye said, “That place is not the Beast Garden anymore.”

“Is it a restricted area?” Su Chen countered.

Lin Shouye scratched his head. “Well, no.”

“Then it’s fine,” Su Chen laughed as he continued forwards.

The direction they were headed in was near the small lake, where Gu Qingluo lived.

At this moment, Gu Qingluo was sitting in the small pavilion near the lake. Upon seeing Su Chen’s figure, her eyes began to light up.

This guy, he actually was really able to do it.

Yes, Su Chen’s true goal for entering the Beast Garden was precisely to see Gu Qingluo.

The entire time, Su Chen and Gu Qingluo were only secretly good friends - no one knew about it.

But just like any pair of lovers, Su Chen and Gu Qingluo were not satisfied with the limited number of encounters that they had.

They hoped for an opportunity where the two of them could openly “meet each other” instead of acting like distant relatives, who had to pretend not to know each other despite seeing each other.

Under these kinds of circumstances, Su Chen was always searching for an opportunity.

Lin Yemao was the evidently the cause that allowed him to meet Gu Qingluo.

When Gu Qingluo saw Su Chen, her slender eyes glowed with excitement.

She walked out of the small pavilion and headed forwards.

Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye stepped forwards, paying their respects to Gu Qingluo side by side.

Lin Yuehan said, “We’ve disturbed Second Miss.”

“This person is......” Gu Qingluo asked politely despite already knowing the answer.

Lin Yuehan introduced Su Chen first, then explained the general situation to her, saying, “Head Elder and Second Elder agreed that Fourth Young Master Su can move around as he pleases in the Lin palace. We never expected that he actually didn’t spend much time in the Beast Garden, and instead ran over here and interrupted Second Miss.”

“So that’s how it is.” Gu Qingluo pretended to be surprised. “It’s okay, I have long heard of the name of the Su Clan’s Fourth Young Master. I never expected that we would have the fate to meet today. Since we met today, why not come inside and sit? Xiangyu, prepare tea!”

Lin Yuehan and Lin Shouye were simultaneously stunned.

Gu Qingluo had stayed at the Lin Clan for close to two years now, but they had never heard of anyone who was able to garner even a slightly positive response from her.

They never expected that she would give Su Chen so much face.

What the hell, the Lin Clan has so many good males, yet not a single one can compare to Su Chen?

The two of them were quite indignant in their hearts.

However, despite their indignance, it was rare to be able to share a drink with Gu Qingluo. Many people desired such a situation yet were unable to achieve it, so the two of them stepped forwards.

Gu Qingluo turned around and gazed at them. “I don’t remember inviting the two of you.”

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