Chapter 106: New Difficulties

Chapter 106: New Difficulties

There was a stone room next to the Dustsift Courtyard. Su Chen had once used it to practice his absorption technique alone, and it later became a place to punish his servants.

This room was also where Lin Yemao was currently being held.

Upon entering the room, Su Chen saw Lin Yemao lying on the bed, letting out bitter cries.

Black fur had grown on his entire body, and his eyes had bulged out like a fish. His arms and legs were contorted in weird directions, as if something was pulling on them.

“What’s going on?” Su Chen was speechless.

Iron Cliff shook his head. “I’m not too sure either. This happened shortly after I brought him back.”

“Did you encounter anyone else during this process?”

“No, I placed him inside a sack and just carried him back. I didn’t stop at all on the way back.”

“ me......chitter” Lin Yemao did his best to speak, but it was not very clear. Even so, Su Chen could still make out two words: “save me”.

Lin Yemao gazed at Su Chen with great fear in his eyes.

“What is going on here?” Iron Cliff began to panic a little upon seeing Lin Yemao’s appearance.

“I need to take a look at him before I know. Iron Cliff, watch the door. Don’t let anyone inside.” As Su Chen spoke, he had already pulled out his workbench, beaker, and other experimental items from his ring.

He pulled out a syringe and drew some blood directly from Lin Yemao’s body.

Upon sending Origin Energy to his eyes, Su Chen saw that Lin Yemao’s blood had actually changed in a way that it had never before.

A new Origin Substance was being produced in Lin Yemao’s blood.

Su Chen could swear that he had never seen this kind of Origin Substance in Lin Yemao’s body before.

Then where did it come from?

Su Chen didn’t understand.

He continued to observe, and discovered that this Origin Substance was actually automatically produced in Lin Yemao’s blood.

It was as if something was hidden in the depths of Lin Yemao’s blood, so deep that Su Chen’s eyes couldn’t see......

It was like a ghost emerging from the deep sea. It invaded and changed Lin Yemao’s bloodline. As it changed him, it also brought him huge pain.

Why was it like this?

Su Chen was stunned.

What exactly was this ghostly Origin Substance? And why would it appear now?

What had catalyzed all of this?

Su Chen didn’t know, but he knew that this definitely wasn’t poison.

During his experimentation period in the Scarlet Mountain Range, Su Chen had observed thirty or so poisons and how they caused harm to the human body.

One could say that if the bloodstream was divided into layers, poison would lie in the outermost layer. It was the thing that could be observed the most easily by his eyes.

Since the ghostly Origin Substance was definitely not a poison, then what was it?

Su Chen furiously scanned through his memories.

In the past period of time, Lin Yemao definitely had not encountered anyone else.

So any changes must have originated from something that Su Chen had done to him.

But in the past a hundred days, he had done too many things to Lin Yemao, which one was it?

It might not even be because of one thing.

It had only appeared today, after Lin Yemao had been experimented on for such a long period of time. Then, this means that it might not be an instantaneous matter, but rather from long ago that was recently catalyzed.


Su Chen received a sudden shock.

He thought of something, then hurriedly concocted an Ancestral Medicine.

Upon pouring it carefully into the vial of blood, he sent Origin Energy into his eyes again and began to observe.

Su Chen observed that the rate of appearance of the ghostly Origin Substance had increased.

“It’s the Ancestral Medicine!” Su Chen was completely stunned.

“What?” Iron Cliff didn’t understand.

Su Chen stared at Lin Yemao, dazed. “His bloodline is reverting to its ancestral state.”


“Master means that the Ancestral medicine successfully made his bloodline revert to its ancestral state? It isn’t actually a failed recipe?” Iron Cliff asked Su Chen inside of the stone room.

“Yes. His bloodline appears to have reverted to its ancestral state, but that doesn’t mean that the medicine was successful,” Su Chen replied as he monitored Lin Yemao’s condition. “Ulrich’s expectation for his bloodline reversion was to pursue the pinnacle of his bloodline power. However, the current reversion is also a kind of mental and physical change. This is a failed reversion. Of course, no matter what, it truly did result in a bloodline reversion, which is the preliminary state of success. If we were to continue experimentation along these lines, perhaps we really could discover the kind of medicine that he had wanted.”

Ulrich had probably never anticipated that his medicine was not a complete failure, and that it actually possessed the ability to revert bloodlines to their most primal forms. The caveat is that it required ingestion of around three hundred vials, however, before it would go into effect.

If it weren’t for the fact that Su Chen had used this medicine to help him analyze Lin Yemao’s bloodline, he probably wouldn’t have discovered this effect either.

Many great discoveries and inventions were often stumbled upon by accident.

Either it was obtained purely via a miracle, or it was a byproduct of a certain experiment......

Su Chen was just lucky.

He had miraculously obtained the Soaring Serpent Bloodline Origin Substance, and because of his experiments he had validated the efficacy of the Ancestral Medicine.

However, this kind of luck would require a long time to demonstrate any significant value it had.

As for right now, this “luck” was actually a big burden.

“Then what do we do with this guy?” Iron Cliff asked.

Upon seeing Lin Yemao lying there whimpering, Su Chen thought for a moment and said, “Let’s let out some of the blood. At the same time, pull out all of the medicinal herbs and vials that I have so that I can see which one can counter this ancestral Origin Substance.”

Su Chen began to hurriedly perform experiment after experiment, constantly testing to see whether these medicines could effectively counter the ancestral Origin Substance.

Lin Yemao was still whimpering in pain on the bed. Letting out some of his blood reduced the changes to his body, but his bloodline still was unchangeably reverting to an ancient bloodline. Based on this pace, he would die after not too long.

“He almost can’t take it,” Iron Cliff said, holding a giant basin full of fresh blood. “He’s beginning to vomit blood...... Should I let out more of his blood?”

“Hold on, just hold on!” Su Chen was still rapidly testing all kinds of medicine while observing the bloodline.

Thankfully, he had brought enough medicinal herbs this time. He had used many of them previously in his experiments, so now he had enough materials to perform test after test.

The constant, maximum usage of his eyesight made them extremely sore, yet Su Chen was unable to stop.

He could not allow Lin Yemao to die. At the very least, he could not let him die here.

Su Chen furiously experimented.

Finally, after an unknown number of experiments, Su Chen finally saw the ghostly Origin Substance begin to rapidly decrease and disappear, as if it had met its mortal enemy.

“Found it!” Su Chen yelled in delight, “It’s Bluestone Grass! Feed him Bluestone Grass!”

Iron Cliff could no longer worry about whether this medicinal herb would result in any adverse side effects. He grabbed a handful and stuffed it into Lin Yemao’s mouth. “Eat it. If you don’t want to die, eat it.”

Lin Yemao continued to let out chitters, but he still swallowed it.

“That won’t work!” Su Chen rushed over, grabbed the Bluestone Grass and forcefully crushed it. “You have to crush it and feed him the liquid extract.”

Droplets of blue liquid landed inside Lin Yemao’s mouth. Lin Yemao finally began to calm down.

As the Blueheart Grass began to take effect in his body, he began to stop trembling, and his breathing also became noticeably less shallow.

The black fur retreated, his eyes went back into their sockets, and even his contorted limbs were restored to normal.

“Did we succeed?” Iron Cliff asked excitedly.

“Mhm.” Su Chen replied coldly, however, no joyful expression on his face.

Iron Cliff saw that Su Chen’s mood was not great. He thought for a moment and asked, “This medicine...... Are there any side effects?”

Iron Cliff had followed Su Chen for a long time, so he also understood the term “side effects”.

Su Chen replied, “Bluestone Grass is used to make Blood-Freezing Powder.”

“What is Blood-Freezing Powder?” Iron Cliff didn’t understand.

“It’s a kind of bloodline poison. People who ingest that kind of medicine will have their bloodlines atrophy. Mixed bloodlines will disappear, while inherited bloodlines will return to hibernation.”

“No wonder it was so effective...... Wait, master, you can’t mean...... His Soaring Serpent bloodline......” Iron Cliff opened his eyes wide.

“It’s gone,” Su Chen replied. “We fed him too much Blueheart Grass. Now, not only has his Soaring Serpent Bloodline disappeared, from today onwards he can no longer obtain any bloodlines at all.”

Even someone as straightforward and honest as Iron Cliff understood the meaning behind this.

His expression greatly changed. “Now we’re in for it.”

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