Chapter 101: Not Unworthy of This Life

Chapter 101: Not Unworthy of This Life

Lin Yemao lay completely naked on a long stone slab. His hands and feet were tied using beast muscles that had been soaked in medicine.

He gazed at Su Chen with a face full of fear. Different words like “rabbits[1. Slang for a gay person]”, “husband”, and “ass in danger [2. My personal favorite]” all flashed through his mind.

However, he was evidently thinking too much.

Su Chen was not at all interested in his butt.

On the other side, a workbench had already been set up.

That was Ulrich’s workbench. Su Chen had moved it here after taking it away with him. Its surface was covered in vials and pots that Ulrich had used before.

At this moment, Su Chen was busy using the workbench.

He was testing out one of Ulrich’s recipes for making a kind of medicine.

Su Chen slowly poured a blue medicinal fluid from a beaker into a vial that he had prepared. Instantly, a fog began to rise, and the blue medicinal fluid became green and began to bubble just like a boiling poisonous liquid.

“Who knew that Blue Concealed Grass and Three Flower Extract actually react in such a way. How interesting,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

As he spoke to himself, he brought the liquid in his hand over to Lin Yemao, then forcefully opened his mouth.

‘He wants to poison me to death!’ Lin Yemao thought, panicked.

Unfortunately, it was useless to resist no matter how hard he tried. The liquid entered Lin Yemao’s body, and he instantly felt his insides heat up, as if there was something that had started to burn inside of him.

“NO!” he yelled loudly.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a poison,” Su Chen said. “It’s just a kind of bloodline activation medicine.

Bloodline activation medicine?

What did that mean? Lin Yemao didn’t understand.

“It’s a type of failed bloodline activation medicine,” Su Chen said. “The person who invented it had a unique train of thought. He reckoned that the many common beast races are the descendants of ancient, powerful Origin Beasts. However, because of environmental changes, the beast races became weaker and weaker. Nonetheless, he believed that , deep down their bloodlines still possessed a great power. Thus, he hoped that he could develop a medicine that could catalyze this power......”

“What use would that have?” Lin Yemao asked with surprise. The heat in his body continued, but Lin Yemao was no longer as scared.

Su Chen replied, “Simple. That way, he could obtain a powerful bloodline...... The person who invented this medicine’s strength was actually quite weak. He was roughly as powerful as you or I.”

Passing down bloodlines was actually a very contradictory matter.

On the one hand, bloodlines could only be obtained once, so naturally the more powerful one’s bloodline was, the better. On the other hand, however, the more powerful one’s bloodline was, the harder it was to obtain. Many people simply had no way of obtaining such powerful bloodline’s in their entire lifetimes by their own efforts.

Under these circumstances, in order to obtain exceptional bloodline medicines, people thought of all kinds of ideas.

To most people, accumulating riches to buy bloodline medicines from those more capable was the best decision. For instance, Lin Yemao had relied on his clan to obtain an exceptional bloodline, which was quite a reasonable decision.

However, some people did not abstain from the more daring kinds of practices.

Ulrich was one such person.

As a member of the Arcana Race, he was not allowed to see the light of day ever since he was born, else he would’ve been hunted. He had no way of buying a bloodline, so he could only depend on his own ability to obtain it.

Ulrich did not want any low-tier bloodlines.

Because he was unwilling to remain ordinary, he wanted to discover a path that belonged to him, one that was unique to the Arcana Race.

His thoughts were along the line of ‘Since I don’t have the strength to catch powerful Demonic Beasts and extract their bloodline, then I will activate the powerful ancestral bloodlines of weaker Vicious Beasts and use that for myself.’

Under these kinds of circumstances, he developed this kind of ancestral medicine.

“Unfortunately, he still failed in the end,” Su Chen sighed. “Although his thought process was very good, his plan was too ambitious, and he alone had no way of making that a reality.”

When Lin Yemao heard that, his heart jumped. “You’re telling me that this medicine is......”

“This is a failed ancestral medicine,” Su Chen replied. “It has no way of awakening a bloodline that is asleep. All that it can do is cause one’s bloodline power to boil and expand..”

“No!” Lin Yemao yelled with fear.

In the Qi Drawing Realm, one’s manifestation of a bloodline power was limited. If one’s bloodline boiled too much, neither the bloodline nor the physical body would be able to withstand it and would result in severe side effects. People afflicted with serious cases could even die.

“Don’t worry, it won’t kill you. I just want to see how the Soaring Serpent Bloodline moves through your body.” Su Chen clearly stated his goal.

His goal really was to observe and study the Soaring Serpent Bloodline.

From his first interaction with Gu Qingluo to his accidental step in midair, Su Chen felt a hope that he could not suppress. Could mankind possibly perform the upper tiers of a bloodline Origin Skill without the support of a bloodline?

He did not know, but this crazy idea had been planted, rooted, and budded in his heart.

Currently, Su Chen did not know how great an impact that this idea would have on him. All that he thought about was how to uncover the secrets of the Soaring Serpent bloodline and improve his own Snaking Mist Steps.

Lin Yemao’s bloodline began to boil at this moment. The scenes that he had seen on Gu Qingluo began to appear on Lin Yemao’s body as well.

However, this time, Su Chen saw it even more clearly, more specifically, and in more detail.

Because his bloodline was erupting, the sealed Origin Energy in Lin Yemao’s body also began to break through.

However, Su Chen had anticipated this, and he had even specifically lowered the amount of Qi Obstructing Powder that he had used.

The power of Origin Energy began to appear on Lin Yemao’s body, but it was so small that it was extremely pitiful.

Su Chen said, “Do as I do. Start revolving your Origin Energy. Assume the Sun Bridge stance, then pass through the lower open road......”

Lin Yemao was shocked. Su Chen actually wanted him to activate the Snaking Mist Steps when his bloodline was boiling.



“Wrong answer!” The voice said in a familiar, frightening tone after a fist slammed into him again.

Lin Yemao writhed in pain. The fear that he had been controlling once again spread all over his body.

He lowered his head.

He followed Su Chen’s instructions and began to exercise the Snaking Mist Step’s heart incantation while his bloodline was still stimulated.

Su Chen’s vision was like a torch, penetrating Lin Yemao’s skin and clearly seeing the Origin Energy flow in his body. He could see that under the influence of the bloodline power, the Origin Energy appeared to be in a completely different state. It was thicker, it had a stronger aura, and it was also more powerful.

The Soaring Serpent Bloodline could upgrade one’s Origin Energy, greatly increasing its quality. At the same time, it would allow for new methods and paths of flow!

This was the first answer that Su Chen received.

How did it affect flow? How was it done? What differences were there between the new and old paths of flow?

Su Chen discovered that the more that he observed, the more that hesitations arose in his heart.

One question lead to the next. As his questions were answered, there were a multitude that arose to take their place.

Su Chen did not know when he would come to an answer, and whether or not that answer would be useful to him.

Perhaps this was just a bottomless pit. Otherwise, why had no one successfully resolved this problem in over tens of thousands of years?

Why would he alone be able to solve a problem that others hadn’t been able to solve for tens of thousands of years?

But at the same time, did that mean that he couldn’t do it simply because others before him couldn’t?

If that was the case, would humankind ever advance? And where would those newer, more practical cultivation methods have come from?

Su Chen began to argue with himself.

In just a short amount of time, Su Chen had reached a state of inner calm.

Since he had already made his decision, there was no point hesitating when following through with it.

He had not given up when his eyes had gone blind simply because of a single sentence from an old beggar.

That trace of hope was enough for him to strive for it.

That step that he had taken in midair was similarly a trace of hope.

This hope was not great, but it was like a dot of light in the darkness, drawing him and giving him faith.

He had faith that as long as he continued his studies, even if at the moment it appeared to be fruitless, there would always be a possibility of success.

Even if he didn’t succeed......

It would not be unworthy of this life!

Su Chen thought with conviction.

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