Chapter 10: End of Year Competition (1)

Chapter 10: End of Year Competition (1)

“What did you say?”

Inside the Dustsift Courtyard, underneath a tree.

Su Chen was sitting on a stone chair, drinking tea. Jianxin was reporting to him from the side.

He had a teacup in hand but Su Chen’s hands were paralyzed with shock.

Jianxin helplessly said, “The Master said that he wishes for the Young Master to not deceive everyone again with such a clumsy lie. The matter of the end of year evaluation has already been decided. Not to mention that Young Master’s sight is currently not good. Even if your sight has truly recovered, it is impossible for the Young Master to change the rules again. If Young Master is not certain, then simply avoid participating in this year’s evaluation, so you can avoid everyone.”

Su Chen stared blankly and tightened his grasp on the cup, “So Father believed I was lying again?”

“After all, Young Master had done this before. With the end of year evaluation approaching, the Young Master suddenly recovered again. It is no surprise that many people don’t believe you.” Jianxin faintly replied. Despite not being able to see, Su Chen could clearly hear from his tone that Jianxin did not believe him as well.

Perhaps everyone believed that he still hadn’t given up and that he still hadn’t thought of another method. Thus, he could only take out the same lie and present it.

Su Chen looked at Jianxin who stood in front of him.

Previously, his world was completely dark.

But now with the support of a bit of light, he was able to “see” a hazy, indistinct silhouette standing in front of him.

Although he still couldn’t see, it wasn’t the absolutely darkness that he was used to. What was most important was that he now had a chance of recovery.

It was quite funny. When he said this, nobody had believed him.

Fine, fine.

Since nobody believed him, then he would wait.

‘I will mention this again when I have truly recovered’, Su Chen thought.

Then in the following days, Su Chen continued his daily cultivation.

He practiced the eight methods of Body Forging, the Flaming Tiger Fist, and the Snaking Mist Steps.

Su Chen wanted to sink into that sensation once more. He suspected that it had some relation to his recovery and that bitter experience.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he strived, he wasn’t able to see that evasive and awesome bright-flamed dragon.

However, in the following days, his eyesight truly started to recover.

Despite his degree of recovery being very small, Su Chen could still feel it.

With each passing day, his eyesight became a bit better than before.

At first, he could only perceive light. Soon after that, Su Chen could already see the rough image of a body. Although they were vague black shadows, Su Chen’s world was no longer an empty void. He felt like his future was filled with light.

However, before that light came, Su Chen had to bear the darkness that came before the dawn.

The date of the end of year competition grew closer and closer.


At the end of every year, every clan would be bustling with excitement.

For every year that passed, a new year would arrive. People celebrated another year of life, bidding the past farewell and celebrating the new coming year. The younger generations were even more excited and prepared to display their abilities at the end of year competitions. The end of year competition didn’t only exist in the Su Clan but was a tradition that pervaded an overwhelming majority of illustrious clans.

“A bit taller, a bit taller!”

In the Su Clan’s main courtyard, Su Keji pointed at the stage that was being built at the last minute and loudly yelled. He felt as if sweet and fragrant honey was being poured on his heart.

After waiting for two years, the moment had finally arrived. Su Keji felt his body become lighter than air. His steps were particularly relaxed, and he felt like he was floating as he walked.

“It is merely a single chance opportunity. What is the point for such fanfare?” He heard a disdainful snort from behind him.

Su Keji turned his head and saw Su Feihu standing behind him with a face of unconcealed disgust.

Su Keji chuckled, “Third Elder’s words are mistaken. This is the end of year competition. Only the most excellent child of the third generation will stand on this tall stage. In the end, whoever remains standing will naturally require a higher stage. Not only do we want the Su Clan to see the most outstanding child, we want the entire Northface city to see who is the most outstanding child of our Su Clan.

Su Feihu indifferently replied, “There are some people that won’t be able to show anything, no matter how tall they stand.”

“You!” Su Keji face turned angry. But he managed to control himself, snorting and turning his head away to ignore him.

Tomorrow would be the official start of the Su Clan’s end of year evaluation.

As always, the first evaluation would be cultivation.

In the Su Clan’s main courtyard stood a Blank Star Origin Stone. In order to activate it, all someone needed to do was push against it with all the force they could muster. The stone would then give a readout of how much Origin Energy was within that person’s body, which would give them one’s cultivation level. Although someone at Body Tempering Stage wasn’t able to use Origin Energy in a fight, this did not mean that they didn’t have any Origin Energy in their body.

Every child of the clan learned the Basic Absorption technique when they started cultivation. They were able to absorb Origin Energy and use it to change the inner qualities of their body. Thus, they would obtain great strength and would be able to start mental cultivation methods.

The human race’s very first comprehension regarding origin energy was with this method. Later, they would gradually exhibit Qi guidance and absorb Origin Energy, establishing a Dan Ocean and the series of levels for Origin Qi Scholars.

“Su Xing!”


Soon after that shout, a Su Clan Child first walked to the side of the Star Origin Stone. He pressed his palm against it and white specks of light appeared on the stone, gradually growing clearer.

The color represented the purity of origin power contained in one’s body. The quantity represented the grade of its depth.

The color of white was the lowest, representing the Body Forging Stage.

“White star sixty three. Body Forging Sixth Layer.” The judge said.

The the youngster named Su Xing slightly smiled and walked back.

“Su Yue, white star fifty six, Body Tempering Fifth Layer.”

“Su Ling’er, white star sixty one, Body Tempering Sixth Layer.”

Following the judge’s voice, each Su Clan child walked forward one after another and then returned. At the same time, inevitable knots of discussion had begun.

That young girl called Su Ling’er who walked up left the stage accompanied by a warm surge of applause. Although she was merely of the Body Tempering Sixth Layer, It was still considered very good for a child of the third generation.

“Su Qian, white star seventy one, Body Tempering Seventh Layer.”

The scene bustled with liveliness. Su Qian stood on the stage and proudly accepted all of the applause.

To be able to reach Body Tempering Seventh Layer at this age, one couldn’t help but be proud of oneself.

After his gaze swept past everyone like a sovereign, Su Qian’s gaze finally settled on Su Chen. He wore a disdainful smile on his face and stepped down from the stage.

“Su Chen.”

As if it were arranged to be so, Su Chen was picked after Su Qian.

Su Chen slowly walked forward to the stage and arrived in front of the Star Origin Stone and placed his hand on it.

The specks of white stars illuminated everyone’s eyes.

The judge counted for a moment before saying, “White star eighty three, Body Tempering Eighth Layer.”

He didn’t anticipate any applause.

Everyone just stood there, silently looking at Su Chen.

Gazes of sympathy and pity, disdain and mockery, the crowd’s reaction was mixed as they stared at Su Chen. All of them had the same silent message: “What use is there for your diligent effort?” “Is there any meaning to this?” “Do you believe you will be able to grab first again?” “You are only standing in other people’s way!”

First place would inevitably be obtained by Su Qian. Then let us see if Su Chen will be able to acquire an undesirable second place, third place or even...?

He didn’t only block the path for a single person. Instead, he blocked the path forward for all of them.

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