Chapter 6: Sleeping Together

Chapter 6: Sleeping Together

Su Chen casually waved his sleeves and the puddle on the ground disappeared. He then smiled slightly before saying to Night Demon, “Alright, if there’s nothing else then you can go to sleep.”

“Oh.” Night Demon lay obediently on the bed.

Su Chen continued with his experiments.

But as Night Demon lay down on the bed, she didn’t close her eyes. Instead, she watched Su Chen busy himself.

“Su Chen.”

“What is it?” Su Chen carefully pricked his hand, drawing out a drop of blood that he then placed onto a nearby experimental paper before mixing it with other liquids.

“If I sleep on your bed, where will you sleep?”

“I’m researching He Xu’s bloodline and won’t be sleeping tonight,” Su Chen replied without looking up.

“Oh,” Night Demon responded with some disappointment.

After a while, Night Demon suddenly said again, “Su Chen.”


“If you don’t sleep, won’t you be tired tomorrow?”

“We’re both cultivators. What’s a night without sleep?” Su Chen’s experimental paper suddenly burst into a cloud of smoke. Su Chen glanced at it more closely, then frowned and said, “I made a mistake...... Don’t talk to me. I need to focus on my experiments.”

“Oh.” Night Demon felt a bit wronged.

She thought for a moment, then suddenly again said, “Su Chen.”

“If there’s anything you want to say, can you say it all at once? My goodness,” Su Chen said helplessly.

“It’s nothing, really. I just can’t fall asleep. Can you keep me company for a bit?”

“......I can’t, I’m busy,” Su Chen refused, completely uninterested.

Night Demon opened her eyes and glared at him harshly.

She said with a pouting expression, “Fail...... Fail...... Fail...... Poof!


White smoke drifted up from the piece of experimental paper again.

Su Chen’s expression sank. Night Demon said with an innocent expression, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Su Chen ignored her and continued his experiments.

Night Demon continued to stare at Su Chen, along with constant curses for him to fail.

Unfortunately, Su Chen wasn’t affected this time and successfully completed the experiment.

He happily stared at the vial of medicinal liquid before saying, “Okay, my dear Night Demon, can you stop bothering me now? I really need to do some important experiments. My luck is pretty good today, and everything up til now has been quite successful. Perhaps I’ll be able to finish this experiment very soon.”

“Can you not do it tomorrow?”

“We’ll be in a hurry tomorrow, and my luck from today might not transfer over to tomorrow. I need to strike while the iron is hot.” Su Chen proceeded to the next step.

Night Demon continued to pout and threw a tantrum.

At this point, she had no intentions of going to sleep. When she saw that there was no point in cursing Su Chen to fail, her eyes darted back and forth sneakily before she suddenly lifted her arms and took off the robes that Su Chen had given her, revealing her slender, jade-like arms.

Su Chen’s hand trembled, almost causing the medicine to be ruined.

Night Demon continued; an instant later, she pulled down her chest garment a bit, revealing the upper half of her smooth cleavage.

Su Chen lost control.


The medicine was destroyed again.

“......” Su Chen turned around. “What exactly are you trying to accomplish?”

“I’m taking my clothes off before I go to bed,” Night Demon said, her expression one of righteous anger. “Got a problem with that?”

Su Chen glanced at her chest, which was slightly pushed out, and swallowed hard. “Can you be a bit more considerate of the people around you?”

“You only have eyes for your experiments anyways,” Night Demon replied. She suddenly smiled and said, “Right weren’t you focused on your experiments? How could you have seen me take my clothes off? Oh, I know, you actually don’t want to do experiments at all. You’re trying to sneak a peek at me!”

Su Chen rolled his eyes unhappily. “Alright, I’m really afraid of you now. If you want to take it off, then take it off. If you have the ability, take it all off. Anyways, when I’m focused on my experiments I won’t have time to look at you.”

As he spoke, he turned back to his experiments.

Night Demon stared at Su Chen angrily.

After a long time, she suddenly jumped into the air.

Su Chen already had a bit of experience. Every time he reached the next step of the experiment, he would glance at Night Demon to prevent her from trying anything funny. When he saw her stand up, he instinctively backed up a step. “What are you doing?”

His expression made it seem like he was about to be assaulted.

Night Demon beamed with laughter. “What are you so worried about? I just want to see how you’re carrying out your experiments. I won’t speak, I’ll just stand to the side and watch. Is that not allowed either?”

“If you don’t have the appropriate foundation, you won’t be able to understand.”

“Just let me take a look!” Night Demon tried to twist her way around him.

“...... You’re not allowed to touch anything or speak.” Su Chen could only agree.

Night Demon walked over to watch him work.

She stood extremely close, and the clothing she wore was quite revealing. A light fragrance wafted into Su Chen’s nose, causing his state of mind to fluctuate wildly.

Su Chen forcefully calmed his mental state down and retreated a few steps. Night Demon followed closely.

One retreated while the other advanced until Su Chen had been backed into the corner.

Su Chen was helpless again. “Why are you getting so close to me?”

Night Demon replied with conviction, “I want to take a look. If I don’t get close, how can I see?”

“What are you going to see anyways?” Su Chen said helplessly.

“How come you can see it but I can’t?” Night Demon hugged her chest. Her relatively flat chest protruded at this moment as she squeezed it.

Su Chen helplessly pointed at her. “I’ll say it one more time. Don’t get too close, don’t talk, and don’t disturb me!”

Night Demon nodded repeatedly.

Su Chen continued his experiments.

Night Demon didn’t do anything else to disturb him. She just stood there silently watching.

However, Su Chen felt his state of mind constantly fluctuating and would turn around from time to time. With his attention so divided, it wasn’t surprising that he failed a number of times in a row.

Night Demon giggled softly and made faces at him, as if to imply that this time it wasn’t her fault.

Su Chen sighed. He could only continue his experiments.

He was quite resolute, though, and continued his experiments with gritted teeth.

A moment later, however, he felt something brush across his back.

He turned around and found that it was a couple strands of Night Demon’s hair that had drifted past the back of his neck, giving him quite the strange sensation.

Su Chen pulled aside the strand of hair, but an instant later the strange sensation reemerged.

Su Chen turned around quickly and found that Night Demon was blowing air at him, trying to blow her hair onto his body.

When she saw Su Chen turn around, Night Demon hurriedly closed her mouth.

However, she knew that she had been seen by Su Chen and muttered, “You only said that I couldn’t get near and couldn’t talk. You didn’t say that I couldn’t blow air.”

Su Chen was rendered completely speechless.

Night Demon squirmed under his gaze as she continued to mutter, “It’s your fault for not keeping me company. I’m going to make trouble for you, make trouble for you......”

She didn’t speak loudly, but Su Chen could still hear her very clearly.

Su Chen rolled his eyes. “Fine! I give up. I’ll stop doing experiments, okay?”

He put the vial of medicine down on the table and went to sleep on the bed.

When Night Demon saw this, she grew agitated. “Hey, that’s my bed.”

“It’s my bed. If you won’t let me do my thing, then I can only go to sleep and rest.”

“Then what do I do?”

“How should I know?” Su Chen turned around with his head facing inwards, making some space for Night Demon. “If you don’t think it’s too tight of a fit, then you can squeeze here with me.”

“This…” Night Demon discovered that her mischievous prank had suddenly backfired on her.

“What? You’re not brave enough to get on?” Su Chen said.

“Who’s not brave enough?” Night Demon grew a bit angry and did actually get on the bed.

Once she was on the bed, she began to feel apprehension in her heart and said, “Um...... you won’t do anything to me, right?”

Su Chen asked lazily, “Are you hoping that I’ll do something to you? Or hoping that I won’t do anything to you?”

“I...... Of course I’m hoping you don’t do anything to me. We’re brothers,” Night Demon said in a low voice, but her heartbeat began to speed up.

Am I hoping that he’ll do something?

Or am I hoping that he won’t do anything?

The more she thought, the more confused she felt. And like that, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

After she fell asleep, Su Chen, who looked like he was already asleep, slowly opened his eyes.

He turned around to glance at the sleeping Night Demon. When he saw her long eyelashes, he couldn’t repress the urge in his heart and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then turned around to go back to sleep.

However, no matter how much he tossed and turned, he couldn’t fall asleep.

One thing was for certain: he was not getting a good night’s sleep tonight.

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