Chapter 51: Flying Snake (1)

Chapter 51: Flying Snake (1)

Early in the morning, Su Chen walked out of his room and found Night Demon sitting not too far away, her hands cupped around her chin.

Su Chen walked over to her and smiled. “What? Are you still unhappy with me?”

Night Demon rolled her eyes at him and turned around, ignoring him.

“Alright, alright, it’s because I had to do something important. Also, you’re a girl; doesn’t it give off a bad image if you constantly stay at my place?”

Night Demon continued to look the other way and ignore him.

Su Chen pulled out a pouch of jerky. “Here, for you.”

Night Demon glared at him. “What? You want to bribe me with just a single pouch of jerky?”

Su Chen slowly pulled out another pouch.

Night Demon stared at the pouch of jerky, then at Su Chen, and then held out three fingers. “At least three.”

Su Chen didn’t hesitate to add on another one. Night Demon immediately grabbed them from him. “I’ll forgive you for today.”

“It seems like three pouches of jerky is only enough to buy off a day of your anger.”

“Fine, then two days.”

“Alright, alright, you win. Happy?” Su Chen said helplessly.

The two of them looked at each other, then burst out in laughter.

She began to chow down on the jerky.

As she ate, Night Demon asked with her mouth full, “Hey, what were you researching yesterday?”

“Why do you want to know?”

Night Demon rolled her eyes. “You were very eager to answer when Zhu Xianyao asked.”

“Alright then. Yesterday I was mostly researching high-level application and conversion of soul-type Origin Substances, as well as the effects of bringing it to a higher energy level. I was also inspired by Kapius and examined its interactions with a metal surface......”

Night Demon raised her hands in mock surrender. “On second thought, that’s good enough.”

Su Chen shrugged.

Night Demon said dispiritedly as she placed her head in her hands, “Say, don’t you think that I’m completely useless?”

“Not at all,” Su Chen laughed along. “You’re pretty good.”

“Don’t patronize me,” Night Demon said slowly. “Actually, I know that I’m pretty useless. My strength is average and I don’t think before I speak. I get tricked by people all the time and I am very dumb. I’m not even a good assassin. I’ve even changed profession and become just a messenger. The only reason you chose me this whole time as your messenger is probably because you also know that I’m useless.”

Huh, it seemed that even the silliest person would have moments of insight.

Su Chen cleared his throat. “Don’t say that. You’re kind and cute. You’re a very good girl. I like you a lot.”

“But they say that only a woman who isn’t smart, pretty, or warm and has no other points worth praising gets called cute.”

Su Chen grew angry. “Which idiot said that?”

Then, he said, “Don’t listen to the others. You’re really very good.”

“Tell me the truth!” Night Demon said harshly.

“Well...... Okay, fine. You are a bit silly sometimes, but it’s very endearing. Do you know what kind of person is the strongest in this whole universe?”

“What kind?”

“Of course it’s the kind of person that someone likes,” Su Chen replied straightforwardly. “So what if you’re silly sometimes and you aren’t that gentle? It’s fine as long as someone is willing to make sacrifices for you.”

Night Demon’s eyes light up. “So is there someone that likes me and needs me?”

“Of course. I do! I need you! I believe that there are a lot of people who need you,” Su Chen replied diligently.

Night Demon blinked. It seemed like Su Chen was being very serious, and her previously melancholy attitude had lifted by quite a bit. She tilted her head back and began to laugh. “I get it now. You’re right, if there are people who like me, then I am invincible. Who cares what those guys do?”

When he saw her “arrogant” attitude, Su Chen felt a shiver run down his spine. He felt like he had somehow pushed her out of the frying pan and into the fire.

He didn’t say those words at this moment though.

Just as they were laughing and talking with one another, they suddenly saw a dark cloud appear off in the distance.

The dark cloud closed in on them very quickly. Upon closer inspection, they discovered that it was actually a large crowned flying snake. On the flying snake’s head was perched a strange crown that looked like a large royal water lily upon which someone would sit.

The large crowned flying snake was the only tameable flying beast that existed on the Lonely Swan Ramparts. Even though its carrying limit was low, it was extremely fast.

A Sand Race individual sat on each head of the large-crowned flying snakes in the swarm.

“Those are our Sand Race pursuers,” Su Chen said as he immediately realized the situation they were in.

Since Pall had gotten away, there was no way he was going to let them go so easily. Everyone was already prepared for this.

The current group closing in on them was probably just the advance squad.

At this moment, when the group on the large-crowned flying snakes saw them, they began to whistle loudly. At the same time, they gestured with their hands raised towards the sky, creating a massive sandstorm that surged forward.

This sandstorm was not meant to be used offensively. Instead, it was like a flare to let the troops behind them know that their targets were here. At the same time, it also served as a hindrance to slow down their escape.

When they saw this, steely glints flashed across Zhu Baiyu’s and Shi Mingfeng’s eyes.

“Courting death!” the two of them howled and flew into the air simultaneously.

Two Light Shaking Realm cultivators emerged from the mass of flying snakes to meet Shi Mingfeng and Zhu Baiyu, stopping them in place.

Because they were lying in ambush, Pall hadn’t brought too many people with him this time. There were only two Light Shaking Realm cultivators amongst the scouts and another two amongst the reinforcements. Including him, there were five in total. During the battle in West Laina Castle, Sark died in battle, and Pall and Duluth had both been injured and were still recovering. Pall also knew that wanting to fight the humans at peak strength would be impossible. He could only send his two Light Shaking Realm cultivators to protect the scouting force and delay Su Chen’s party for a bit. Once the main force arrived, they could rely on the strength of the Sand Race’s army to overwhelm even the Light Shaking Realm cultivators.

As the two Light Shaking Realm cultivators faced off against Shi Mingfeng and Zhu Baiyu, the other large-crowned flying snakes began to draw near, slowly approaching as the sandstorm grew stronger. The Camel Wolves howled as they curled up against the sand onslaught. It seemed like there was no point in trying to run away.

“Jingwen, find a few archers and shoot them down,” Zhu Xianyao yelled as she charged over.

“It won’t do any good. We don’t have any good archers on our side, and the sand is so intense that we can barely keep our eyes open!” Zhao Jingwen replied loudly.

Zhu Xianyao was angry but helpless.

Her cultivation base hadn’t yet reached the Light Shaking Realm and she had no way of flying on her own. There was nothing she could do against airborne opponents.

At that moment, they suddenly heard a metallic ring as a blade flew into the air. It flashed with a dazzling light before shooting off at a large-crowned flying snake.

It was Su Chen’s blade.

Quite a few people recognized it.

“That won’t have any effect,” Zhu Xianyao sighed.

Even if Su Chen’s physical strength was shockingly powerful, what use was there in throwing the blade through the air? Couldn’t the opponent easily dodge?

Indeed, the large-crowned flying snake casually moved to the side.

A shocking scene, however, rapidly ensued. The blade that had flown into the air didn’t immediately come back to the ground. Instead, it suddenly changed directions and flew back towards the large-crowned flying snake.


The snake was cleaved into two. The Sand Race individual riding it immediately fell to the ground and was smashed into a meat paste.

“How did that happen?”

Everyone was totally stunned. They watched as the Mountain-Beheading Blade suddenly sprouted a pair of transparent wings in midair, then turned around again and charged at the group of Sand Race scouts.

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