Chapter 27: Banishment

Chapter 27: Banishment

By the time Su Chen arrived back at West Laina Castle, You Tianyang was already being treated by Old Ye.

Old Ye was the old man who had followed Zhu Xianyao here. Even though he seemed ancient, he was quite agood doctor.

But no matter how good his medical skill was, he couldn’t figure out how to neutralize the Soul Suspension Medicine that Su Chen had given You Tianyang. The Soul Suspension Medicine was one of Su Chen’s personal inventions, and its effect was to preserve the consumer’s lifeforce for a time but with the side effect of forcing them into a comatose state, from which one would need at least three days to recover. It wasn’t a recovery mechanism, however — it was just a way to delay for three days. After three days, what was originally going to happen would still happen, so it didn’t really have much use. Su Chen had synthesized this medicine completely by accident while researching some bloodlines. He had quite a few “failed inventions” like this lying around.

After being ambushed by Wang Zhanyu, Su Chen had kept a few special medicines on him at all times. Indeed, it had come in handy now.

Three days was enough for Su Chen to do a lot of things.

Because everyone was worried about You Tianyang at the moment, Su Chen immediately headed for the dungeons .

Within the dungeons, He Xu was sitting there listlessly. Zhao Jingwen’s men hadn’t spared He Xu from their interrogation. While Su Chen had managed to preserve his life, he wasn’t spared from the physical torment.

When he saw Su Chen, He Xu only blinked once before returning to his dazed state.

Su Chen walked over and said, “It’s me.”

He Xu jumped a bit when he heard this voice, then sat up. “Why did you put on a new face?”

“Don’t bring it up. You Tianyang managed to escape.” Su Chen explained what had happened earlier.

Upon hearing that You Tianyang’s bloodline had awakened, He Xu was also stunned. “What a pain in the ass. His bloodline had actually awakened at this moment?”

“There’s some benefits as well, one of which is that all suspicion on You Tianyang is now gone,” Su Chen replied.

He Xu understood what he was getting at. “You want to try and become You Tianyang again?”

“Becoming You Tianyang has more benefits than being a guard. I can hear a lot more secrets. If we want to obtain Kapius’s secret stores, we cannot get too far from Zhu Xianyao,” Su Chen said with a slight laugh.

“How are you planning on doing that?”

“I need your help......”


Castle Garrison.

In a house near the east side of the city, Shi Mingfeng stared at Qi Shenyuan, his expression grim.

“When You Tianyang awakened his bloodline, where did you go?”

Qi Shenyuan replied, “I went out for a walk.”

“You went out for a walk? It’s because you went out for a walk that You Tianyang was able to escape, and even kill a bunch of our members!” Shi Mingfeng barked.

Qi Shenyuan’s expression sank. “I am not your subordinate. I’m only here to protect Kong Cheng. What happens to your people is none of my concern.”

“Is that so? Then how do you explain the person who tried to assassinate Su Chen? Did you think I wouldn’t recognize him? That was Feng Xihuo! What the hell is Feng Xihuo doing here? And he even tried to assassinate Su Chen.”

“His target was You Tianyang,” Kong Cheng interjected.

“Bull!” Shi Mingfeng cursed. “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Kong Cheng jutted his chin out arrogantly, “Shi Mingfeng, don’t play games with me. Even if Feng Xihuo was trying to assassinate Su Chen, what does that have to do with me? What basis do you have to pin this on me? If you don’t have the evidence to back it up, don’t spout such nonsense!”

Shi Mingfeng was just about to say something when he had a nagging feeling. He said, “You stay here. I’m going out for a bit. When I come back, we’ll resume this conversation.”

Once he finished speaking, he left the room.

As soon as he left, Shi Mingfeng activated his transmission Origin Tool. “What’s going on?”

“I need your help with something......”

A short while later, Shi Mingfeng terminated the connection.

He returned to the room. When he looked at Kong Cheng again, his anger had subsided substantially.

With a slight smile, he said, “Prince Kong is right. I have no reason to pin Feng Xihuo’s actions on you. As for You Tianyang’s escape, it was my people who didn’t keep an eye on them, so it obviously isn’t Old Qi’s fault.”

His tone had changed so suddenly that even Kong Cheng and Qi Shenyuan didn’t know how to react.

Shi Mingfeng continued, “However, Old Qi, just as you said, you came here only to protect Young Kong, and not to help us. As such, there really isn’t much point in you continuing to stay with us.”

Qi Shenyuan squinted his eyes. “What are you trying to say?”

“Not much, just that we have different goals. Since I cannot command your Young Master Kong and you are not under my authority, we should part ways here.”

Kong Cheng slammed the table and stood up. “Shi Mingfeng, what are you trying to say? Are you kicking me out of the operation?”

Shi Mingfeng sighed, “Kong Cheng, you can refuse to admit that you were the one who sent Feng Xihuo, but you and I both know in our hearts what the crux of the matter is. You can refuse to confess, but one thing you must admit is that you were never interested in Kapius’s secret stores, right?”

Kong Cheng stared at Shi Mingfeng with a slight smile. “So what?”

“If you’re willing to cooperate, then you can stay. Otherwise, we will part ways,” Shi Mingfeng said.

He was officially kicking them out now.

“And what if I don’t leave?” Kong Cheng countered.

Shi Mingfeng replied, “Then I’ll kill you.”

Kong Cheng’s expression changed drastically. “You dare!”

“Try me. If you’re willing to die, then I’m willing to send you on your way!” Shi Mingfeng said without any trace of politeness.

The two of them were ready to go at each other.

It was Qi Shenyuan who said, “Forget about it, Young Master Kong. There’s no point in continuing to resist.”

He shook his head at Kong Cheng.

If Shi Mingfeng had said this much, then he could obviously no longer bear with them. If they continued to stay, they would only force Shi Mingfeng to try and kill them. There was no point.

When he heard Qi Shenyuan say this, Kong Cheng resentfully said, “Fine. We’ll go! We’ll see who ends up getting the last laugh.”

Shi Mingfeng said, “If that’s the case, then Young Master Kong, please sign this statement that you are leaving our group.”

Shi Mingfeng pulled out a document as he spoke.

Kong Cheng knew that this was mandatory procedure and could only sign it.

Once the agreement was signed, Shi Mingfeng said with a smile, “Alright, then from now on Young Master Kong is not my responsibility anymore. From today onwards, you can do whatever you want to do. It has nothing to do with us.”

Kong Cheng harrumphed and turned around to leave.

Shi Mingfeng said, “Since I am the one who is forcing us to separate, then I cannot make more trouble for you. You may stay here; we should be the ones leaving.

As he spoke, he walked out of the room.

Upon exiting, Shi Mingfeng walked a bit further, then pulled out his transmission Origin Tool and said, “It’s a success.”

When he received the news, Su Chen smiled slightly.

He walked over to the kitchen. “For tonight’s meal being sent to the dungeon, add a chicken leg. Tell him that his time is up.

“Yes sir!”

That night.

An old man carried a plate of food into the dungeon and placed it in front of He Xu. Consider yourself lucky. You get an extra chicken leg tonight. This time next year will be your day of remembrance. Eat more so that you’ll have strength for the journey.”

He Xu glanced at the chicken leg and couldn’t help but smile.

He diligently devoured the entire chicken leg until not a single scrap of meat was left, then grabbed onto the cell bars and yelled, “I’ll talk...... I’ll talk...... I’ll tell you everything you want to know!”

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