Chapter 91: Slaughtering the Tiger (2)

Chapter 91: Slaughtering the Tiger (2)

As the boss of the Evil Tiger Gang, Jin Zhongyi wasn’t as impulsive as the image of his gang might suggest.

He was very clear that the world was very big and experts were everywhere. He himself was a Yang Opening Realm expert, yet there were a bunch of people in Clear River City alone that could wipe him out.

As such, Jin Zhongyi could always stretch or pull back. He was savage, but also had the capacity to make decisions.

Because of this, Jin Zhongyi was never above talking things out.

Unexpectedly, his opponent wasn’t willing to listen to reason and attacked immediately, both shocking and infuriating Jin Zhongyi. Dammit, who exactly was the criminal? How come this brawny guy is even more unreasonable than we are?

Even as he was infuriated, however, he prepared himself for battle.

A black tiger afterimage appeared behind him - the Black Flame Tiger.

Unlike other gang leaders, who had mixed bloodlines, Jin Zhongyi’s bloodline was pure. He was one of the members of the Black Flame Tiger Clan. He had raped and murdered his older brother’s wife before leaving his clan, forcing him to flee and come to Clear River City to setup the Evil Tiger Gang. Even until now, he was still wanted for his crimes by his clan.

His Black Flame Tiger Bloodline was unadulterated, and he himself was quite strong. However, because of his inherent narrow-mindedness, distrust, and greediness, as well as his lack of strong subordinates, the Evil Tiger Gang had never grown that strong. However, in terms of personal strength, he was quite a bit stronger than the Li Yue of the Long Clear Gang.

“Black Flaming Heavenly Fist!” Jin Zhongyi howled with anger. Black flames shot forth, leaving behind ashes in their wake.

Iron Cliff cracked a smile. “Doesn’t seem that bad.”

When faced with these blustering flames, Iron Cliff calmly raised his hand.

Up until now, he had been relying on his powerful physical body to fight, like a pure martial artist.

This time, however, something was different.

As Iron Cliff raised his hand, the illusory image behind him grew larger and larger and his aura grew stronger and stronger. Blood-colored smoke and fog began to pour out from within his body.

This blood-colored fog seeped out from the cracks in Iron Cliff’s skin, making it look as if Iron Cliff’s entire body were lit on fire. After seeping out, they concentrated in Iron Cliff’s hand, turning into a massive scarlet maw.

“This is?” Jin Zhongyi was stunned.

The massive mouth made out of the bloody fog opened wide. Jin Zhongyi’s black flames had just arrived; that massive mouth swallowed Jin Zhongyi’s black flames in a single gulp, not even leaving behind any sparks for Jin Zhongyi. Then, the blood-colored fog roiled for a moment, after which it became clear that the black flames had been completely put out.

“How is this possible?” Jin Zhongyi yelled.

That scarlet maw actually belched after swallowing the black flames, then slowly dissipated back into red fog that circled around Iron Cliff’s right arm and assuming physical substance. It looked incredibly thick and dense.

“If you’ve finished, it’s my turn now,” Iron Cliff laughed. He raised his right arm in the air and punched out.

The red fog gathered around his right hand shot out in the form of a python, hissing as it advanced.

Jin Zhongyi felt a chill down his spine as he retreated at full speed and yelled, “Attack! You idiots, what are you standing there watching for? Attack together and finish him off!”

“Hiss!” The python descended from the skies as the red fog that made up its body suddenly rearranged into the shape of countless red arrows that shot forwards.

If Jiang Xishui was present, he would definitely be able to tell that this was the transformation capabilities of his Luo You - Divine Water Spirit.

Luo You was a water-type beast and could control water to make it assume any form. The Divine Water Spirit was the nucleus of these transformations. As such, Jiang Xishui only needed a single Divine Water Spirit to use countless water-type Origin Skills.

But there was no water present here; Iron Cliff had used the bloody fog as arrows instead.

The medicine he had ingested was made from a combination of the bloodlines of Luo You and the Sea-Imprisoned Magic Cloud Beast. The Sea-Imprisoned Magic Cloud Beast was also a water-type beast, but it was even more skilled at controlling fog, using these finer particles to obtain victory.

Iron Cliff wasn’t good at fighting on water, and there was no water nearby. However, his blood Qi was very abundant, so Su Chen had told him to turn his blood into fog, then use the Divine Water Spirit’s way of fighting to combine the unique attributes of those two bloodlines. This created the extremely powerful Origin Skill known as “Blood Fiend Constellation”.

The red fog arrows made from Iron Cliff’s own blood essence and Origin Energy were much more powerful than arrows formed by any regular water-type Origin Skill.

The arrows whooshed forward, impaling a number of the Evil Tiger Gang’s Origin Qi Scholars.

Even though they had prepared defensive countermeasures in advance, the blood-colored arrows let out sizzling sounds upon impacting the barriers as they began to degrade the barriers.

Those barriers decayed under the hail of arrows at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye.

Iron Cliff simultaneously howled, clawing out with a single hand. Bloody fog emanated from his body again and began to congeal, turning into a massive fist that soared through the air.

Even though it looked like it was just a common long-distance Origin Skill, it carried the same force as an all-out punch from Iron Cliff because it was made of his blood essence. It slammed into Jin Zhongyi, whose body flashed with light as the barrier he had erected was completely demolished.

“Flowing Golden Bell!” Jin Zhongyi loudly.

As implied by the name, the image of a massive golden bell surrounded his body, forcefully blocking the blow.

“Not bad!” Iron Cliff laughed as he retracted his arm.

The blood-colored fog reformed around Iron Cliff again, turning into countless fists that soared forwards again.

“I want to see just how many fists you’re able to defend against!” Iron Cliff yelled. The fists began to rain down on Jin Zhongyi.

Jin Zhongyi was badly startled.

If a single fist was already that powerful, how was he going to handle so many simultaneously?

He no longer hesitated and attempted to flee, but Iron Cliff harrumphed, “You’d better stay behind.”

A streak of red fog turned into a piece of rope that snaked its way around Jin Zhongyi’s leg and jerked backwards, sending him flying in Iron Cliff’s direction.

The powerful fists made of bloody fog slammed into him, causing him to howl with pain.

Even though the Flowing Golden Clock was a high-tier defensive Origin Skill, it had no way of enduring Iron Cliff’s frightening offensive power.

Finally, it shattered with a bang.

Just as the Flowing Golden Bell was penetrated, energy suddenly exploded from Jin Zhongyi’s body. The roar of a tiger could be heard as black flames surged forward again. “Die! Tiger’s Roar Fists!”

A heavy fist struck out!

The red fog adapted, turning into a massive barrier that shielded Iron Cliff.

This was the first time that Iron Cliff had used a defensive-type skill.

The Yang Opening Realm was still the Yang Opening Realm. With his weaker cultivation base, how could Iron Cliff hope to kill him that easily?

Jin Zhongyi howled madly, “Don’t be afraid of him! Even though he’s powerful, the price he pays is that he consumes his own body’s blood essence! There’s no way he’ll be able to last for long!”

He really was a seasoned veteran. Even though Iron Cliff’s initial assault had left him reeling, he was still able to quickly determine the crux of the issue.

Yes, even though Iron Cliff’s Blood Fiend Constellation was powerful, he was still expending blood Qi. Every attack was weakening himself. When he had expended his blood Qi to the point that he could no longer defeat his opponents, the one who would be defeated would be Iron Cliff.

Jin Zhongyi was confident that he could hold onto until then.

How much blood Qi could a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator have?

The number of people in Clear River City at the Blood Boiling Realm that could defeat a Yang Opening Realm expert were few in number.

And his opponent wasn’t any of these people!

In addition, he himself did not have a mixed bloodline. A Blood Boiling Realm cultivator defeating a pure-blooded Yang Opening Realm was unheard of in Clear River City!

Furthermore, he also had underlings helping him!

As such, Jin Zhongyi firmly believed that with so many reasons on his side, he would ultimately emerge victorious.

At this moment, he activated his strength to its maximum extent, the black flames burning ever more intensely. Ignoring his consumption rate, he also bolstered his Flowing Golden Bell. His underlings followed his example and also began to attack with all their might.

Boom, boom, boom!

The furious assault and the ensuing explosions lit up the night sky of Clear River City.

Of course, the people from the Origin Bureau had already received orders and wouldn’t come over to interfere.

The battle had reached its climax at this moment. Even Iron Cliff was forced to use the red fog multiple times in a row to protect himself.

Even so, following that indiscriminate bombing, the Flowing Golden Bell began to lose power. He discovered that Iron Cliff was still standing there, full of vitality. Red fog continued to seep out from his body constantly and without end.

He coldly stared at his opponents. The fists made of the bloody fog reappeared, attacking with great force and wiping out the Origin Qi Scholars with Jin Zhongyi. Only Jin Zhongyi himself remained, barely holding on for dear life.

“How could this be? Are you not expending your own blood essence? I experienced it for myself - this fog is made from blood essence, so why is this? Why have you expended so much blood essence yet you still can fight?” Jin Zhongyi was about to go crazy.


The Flowing Golden Bell was once again shattered.

Iron Cliff raised his hand. The bloody fog turned into a massive hand that wrapped around Jin Zhongyi’s throat. “You didn’t experience wrongly. The Blood Fiend Constellation does expend blood Qi, but I’m afraid I have an Origin Skill that burns off fat to recover my physical condition.”

“Burn off fat to recover your physical condition?” Jin Zhongyi was stunned.

Su Chen hadn’t just taught Devouring the Heavens to Wang Doushan. Iron Cliff had also cultivated it.

Unlike Wang Doushan, however, who accumulated fat at a furious rate, Iron Cliff’s food intake was limited. Iron Cliff considered himself as a bodyguard for his master and firmly believed that even though putting on weight would give him an extremely powerful vitality, he would lose his quick movement and his ability to effectively protect his master. If he wanted to be a good shield for his master, he couldn’t allow himself to get too slow.

As such, Iron Cliff had begun to control his food intake.

This did not mean that he had no way of recovering, however; it was just that his body’s fat composition was relatively smaller, so he wouldn’t be able to recover as much.

But for today’s battle, his existing fat stores were already enough.

“Have...... have mercy,” Jin Zhongyi spoke with difficulty.

“My apologies. My master hopes to take care of the criminal situation in Clear River City a little as well.”

He tightened his grip. Jin Zhongyi’s neck had been crushed by him.

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