Chapter 88: Breakthrough

Chapter 88: Breakthrough

After obtaining Jiang Xishui, Su Chen once again immersed himself into his research lab.

This time, he went in for thirty days.

During these thirty days, he spent almost all his time researching and basically didn’t eat or drink. He relied totally on the powerful physique of an Origin Qi Scholar and expended countless resources. Thankfully, Clear River City was already a place of production for resources; thankfully, Su Chen had a resource village that belonged to himself; and thankfully, Su Chen had enough money. Otherwise, these thirty days of research would have been enough to bankrupt some smaller clans completely.

“Three drops of Blood Boiling Solvent.”

Within the research lab, Su Chen’s voice was a bit hoarse, but it was still clear and distinct and full of self-confidence.

His hands began to cup together, a red liquid suspended between the palms of his hands. It looked just like a red ball as it rotated stably in the air under the control of Su Chen’s Origin Energy.

Iron Cliff carefully inserted a pipette and dropped three drops of blue liquid into the ball of red liquid.

As the Blood Boiling Solvent was dropped in, the red liquid began to boil and bubble violently just like boiling water.

“Keep it stable!” Su Chen’s voice was tinged with concern. “Add a bit more red saltpeter, but not too much!”

Iron Cliff grabbed a pinch of red saltpeter powder from the nearby table. His lunky, unwieldy hands were surprisingly agile and familiar when performing these motions. Evidently, he had practiced this many times before.

Su Chen constantly issued commands, and Iron Cliff followed his instructions, constantly mixing in all kinds of medicinal ingredients to the ball of liquid. The boiling medicine continued to churn in midair as a formless pair of hands continued to press and shape it, causing its form to constantly twist and turn.

Finally, after a long period of time, this boiling ball of medicinal liquid calmed down.

At this time, it was no longer red but a silvery-white color. Under Su Chen’s Origin Energy control, it floated in midair calmly like a sphere of metal.

“We’ve succeeded.” A trace of worry could be heard in Su Chen’s voice. “Bring the Stainless Glazed Ceramic Cup over here.”

Iron Cliff pulled out a colorless ceramic cup with a gold-and-purple base.

This cup wasn’t just any ordinary cup. It was a utility-type Origin Tool. Even though it was useless in battle, the formations contained inside it could purify anything and make it spotless.

Su Chen had extremely high requirements for the spotlessness of this silver medicinal ball in his hands. For this, Su Chen was forced to use Origin Energy to separate it from contacting anything else outside ever since he had begun to create it. In addition, he had to constantly sense and observe the internal changes taking place, resulting in the unique medicinal concoction process that had just taken place.

When the silver-colored ball of medicine was placed in the Stainless Glazed Ceramic Cup, Su Chen let out a sigh. His entire body seemed to sag.

Refining this medicine was like a big battle for him.

“Success,” he sighed.

“We’ve finally succeeded,” Iron Cliff sight. “This really wasn’t easy.”

He was extremely clear about how much effort Su Chen had spent in the past thirty days to achieve this.

“Yes, it really wasn’t easy. Who knew that I would reach a breakthrough in my research of bloodlines in a manner such as this?” Su Chen replied with a slight smile.

Miracles were always created spontaneously.

Perhaps this was the Heavens rewarding the diligent, or perhaps even the Heavens could no longer stand to watch Su Chen fail again and again in his study of bloodlines year after year and had finally given him an opportunity.

This opportunity was entirely because of a happenstance.

While Su Chen had been researching Jiang Xishui’s bloodline, Iron Cliff had accidentally knocked another vial of medicine over - a vial containing Tang Ming’s Demonic Emperor Bloodline - causing it to mix with a medicine that contained Jiang Xishui’s bloodline.

Both of those medicines should have been totally ruined by this.

Prompted by sudden impulse, he had glanced at it using his microscopic eye out of habit.

This simple glance, however, allowed him to discover a new and strange world.

He discovered that after Tang Ming’s Bloodline Medicine and Jiang Xishui’s Bloodline Medicine combined, they reacted in a unique way.

The two Origin Substances combined and became a new intermediate substance, an all-new substance that contained immense untapped power.

Su Chen was totally shocked and captivated by his discovery. He began to research the combination of these two kinds of bloodlines.

Unexpectedly, he was able to discover a few new paths.

Perhaps because both peoples’ bloodlines were water-type, their combination rate was extremely high. Most importantly, the new substance created by this type of mixing was larger in size, making it easier to observe and manipulate.

Su Chen was very quickly able to control this new substance. In only thirty days, he had developed a new kind of medicine.

Su Chen called it the “Preliminary Primordial Blood Medicine.”

The “Primordial” here wasn’t referring to Origin Beasts[1. The character translated “Primordial” here is the same as the one found in Origin Beasts. I translated it as “Primordial” here because I have an inkling that this may be the source of the title of the novel(!!), but who knows.], but rather the development of a preliminary bloodline that was a pure, unmixed bloodline belonging to humans alone.

One could say that, with this Preliminary Primordial Blood Medicine, Su Chen had made the first giant leap of progress in his research on bloodlines. Luck always appeared when a person wasn’t paying attention; often, it would deal a blow that would knock them silly.

“Drinking this medicine is like using a Blood Spirit Medicine, and it should give you the power of a bloodline. Unlike a bloodline, however, it doesn’t give its user the ability to charge into higher cultivation realms, but it does still have its own advantages. Because it’s not a bloodline, you can still use the Blood Spirit Medicine along with it, or any other medicines like it...... It won’t ever restrict your ascension, but it will give you unlimited potential and powerful strength.”

“This is a grand invention!” Iron Cliff said with excitement.

“We still need to test it.” Su Chen picked up the ceramic cup. “How about it? What to be the first person to try it out?”

Iron Cliff smiled widely, “That would be Iron Cliff’s supreme honor!”

He received the ceramic cup, then poured the silver medicinal ball into his mouth.

The surging medicinal power spread its way through Iron Cliff’s body. Iron Cliff grunted with pain, his expression contorted with pain. Evidently, this medicine not only brought power with it, but also the immense pain that came with reshaping a person’s physical body.

However, the Cliff Race were always tough and resilient. No matter how much it hurt, they could silently endure.

Iron Cliff laid on the ground, not making any big movements. Only his constantly rising and falling chest and the sweat that drenched his forehead showed that he was experiencing physical sufferings.

Su Chen took advantage of the opportunity to inspect his body. He activated his microscopic eye to its maximum extent along with his vision penetration technique, inspecting the changes in Iron Cliff’s body. Every so often, he would jab out with his finger, dispersing the medicinal power and improving the medicine’s efficiency. This would increase the medicinal effect, increasing the pain that Iron Cliff would experience, but neither Su Chen nor Iron Cliff considered this much of a price.

If you wanted to accomplish things that could stand the test of time, you needed to be willing to bravely put it all on the line. What was the point if he couldn’t even stand this little bit of pain?

Finally, after a period of suffering and torment, Iron Cliff’s body began to calm down.

At this point, the medicinal power had saturated his entire body. At a glance, Iron Cliff’s body hadn’t changed much, but upon closer inspection it was obvious that his aura was different.

A boundless vigor was currently lying dormant within Iron Cliff’s body, as if a Prehistoric Beast were concealed within.

At this moment, the beast was still in hibernation. If it was awakened, a frighteningly powerful energy would definitely explode forth.

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