Chapter 67: Surrender

Chapter 67: Surrender

The simultaneous attacks of two Yang Opening Realm experts could not be overlooked, and these two were relatively powerful. If they weren’t being obstructed, they probably could have turned the situation around.

Unfortunately, ifs were only ifs.

The advantage created by two Yang Opening Realm experts didn’t even last for more than three seconds before they incurred a ferocious counterattack.

The first to attack was the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had split the water with his blade strike.

He had just finished swinging his blade when a massive dragon made of water came roaring at him.

This water dragon was extremely large and lifelike. It exuded a powerful aura that was difficult to describe, and even the Yang Opening Realm expert was stunned.

He glanced into the distance. A young man was standing atop the water, gesturing with a single hand. His entire body was already enveloped within a water dragon.

It was Tang Ming.

He was skilled at using water-type attacks, had lived near water all his life, and turning water into dragons was his specialty.

One could say that this place was like his backyard.

The difference between a Demonic Emperor Bloodline and a mixed bloodline was already far greater than the difference in cultivation base tier. Along with the terrain advantage, defeating this Yang Opening Realm pirate was as easy as reaching out and picking something up.

On the other side, a kettle of Firehawks descended from the sky, scattering intense flames across the surface of the water.

Su Chen’s Erupting Firehawks were meant to counter the ferocious punches thrown by the head of the pirates.


With a ferocious howl, a ruthless fist slammed into the kettle of Firehawks, causing a shower of molten flames to fall through the sky like shooting stars. Plumes of steam rose into the air as the flames fell into the bluish-green water.

The head of the pirates continued to punch as if he had gone crazy. Fist after fist flew through the air, the momentum from the punches so concentrated that it seemed as if they had material substance.

When a person reached the Yang Opening Realm, one’s Origin Qi would become even denser. Every punch and move carried vigorous strength. The image of a massive turtle appeared behind the head of the pirates, which extended and shrunk its long neck in tandem with his punches. Every punch was closely followed by a headbutt; with a number of punches in quick succession, the Firehawks began to explode one after another.

The head of the pirates’ Mystic Sea Turtle Bloodline allowed him to constantly shift between offense and defense, and it also improved his maneuverability in the water.

If it weren’t for the fact that Su Chen was basically cheating by creating a hundred and fifty fish-men who were essentially invincible underwater, no one would have been his opponent in the water.

The head of the pirates, who was floating on top of the water, unleashed his firepower to its fullest extent. The ferocious headbutt attacks had an incomparable attack power behind them, making it so that even Su Chen was suppressed.

Despite this, his ability to fight on water was not as good as on land.

It was much more difficult to maneuver on water, and close-quarters combat was rare. Unless he reached the Light Shaking Realm and could phase through objects as if his body had no substance, battling on water relied on the way a person fought just as much as how high the person’s cultivation base was.

Long-range specialists loved water battles. Anyone who had a high long-range output capacity would have the advantage.

In this aspect, contemporary Origin Skills couldn’t compare with Ancient Arcana Techniques.

Even though the head of the pirates had temporarily suppressed Su Chen, he knew how much physical and Origin Energy this style of fighting consumed.

He wouldn’t be able to last for long.

In comparison, even though Su Chen was being suppressed, he was much calmer and completely unruffled. He continued to unleash Erupting Firehawk after Erupting Firehawk. To him, as long as he could delay this person, that was enough. In all the other battles, his men had the advantage.

Tang Ming was still suppressing his opponent, and the one hundred and fifty fish-men were still massacring their opponents.

They continued to dart through the water, leaping out from the water and then falling back in over and over. They attacked their opponents from all directions, forcefully turning the water battle into a battle from all directions.

All of the pirates were terrified at this point. Some people even began to yell, “I surrender! I surrender!”

The pirates had no moral integrity to speak of.

If they couldn’t win, they would surrender. That was totally justified in their eyes.

The fish-men were not bloodthirsty; anyone who surrendered was captured and then tossed into the back of the boat.

Of course, there was a small number whose ferocious temperaments were still present and were only pretending to surrender.

One of the pirates yelled loudly that he was surrendering, but when the fish-man who was chasing after him got close to him, he suddenly became hostile and pulled out a Water-Splitting Blade, stabbing it at the fish-man.


The metallic clang from the resulting collision gave the pirate quite a shock.

He saw a faint golden luster envelop his opponent’s body.

Adamantine Battle Body!

Apart from Fish-Man Transformation, the Razortooth Technique, and the Winding Hands, Su Chen had also taught them the Adamantine Battle Body.

This was not the amateur version of the Adamantine Battle Blade available on the Dreamrealm. Rather, it had been fully supplemented by the Adamantine Medicine.

The Adamantine Battle Body had an extremely high defensive rating, but once a person used it, the person’s body would become heavy, and their speed would drastically go down. However, this weakness was completely nullified underwater. Battling underwater didn’t require a lot of high-speed shifting and dashing. The force of buoyancy decreased a person’s weight, pulling the difference between them closer. When combined with the weakening of a person’s attacks to a certain degree when underwater, it basically gave them have impregnable defenses.

Unless it was someone exceptionally strong like the head of the pirates, even normal Blood Boiling Realm cultivators would have a hard time killing them.

This blade strike wasn’t able to penetrate the opponent; instead, the Water-Splitting Blade broke into two pieces.

The fish-man curled his lips back in a smile. “Damn, if you want to die that badly, then be my guest.”

He opened his mouth wide and bit down on the pirate’s throat......

The battle was completely one-sided at this point.

Finally, the people on the last pirate boat also began to give up.

But even if they wanted to run, they wouldn’t be able to get away.

That was because Iron Cliff had gotten onto their boat.

Ma Xuan, Wu Xiao, and a few others had also gotten on the boat with him.

“If you lower your weapons and immediately surrender, you’ll be able to keep your life. Otherwise, we will kill everyone,” Iron Cliff said menacingly as he waved the Horned Blade around.

All of the pirates glanced at each other. A few of them clearly wanted to surrender.

“We won’t surrender even if you kill us!” a pirate yelled as he charged forward.


Iron Cliff swung the Iron Mountain Shield, smashing the pirate’s head into pieces.

“Is there anyone else?” he said lazily.

The pirates glanced each other, then finally tossed their weapons aside.

On the other side, Tang Ming was still fighting it out with that Yang Opening Realm expert. The swirling dragon had already completely shattered the opponent’s blade momentum. The massive water dragon continued to bear down on the Yang Opening Realm expert, who was already slowly beginning to be unable to hold on.

“If you surrender immediately, you can still live!” Tang Ming said.

The person glanced left and right, then finally sighed, knowing that their momentum was totally gone. He tossed aside the blade and said, “I surrender.”

The water dragon suddenly coiled forward, completely enveloping the person.

From that moment on, his life was now in Tang Ming’s hands.

When the head of the pirates saw this, his heart was filled with shock.

He also recognized that there was nothing that could be done anymore and steeled himself before yelling loudly, “I surrender! I surrender!”

“Oh? You want to surrender too?” Su Chen laughed. “Fine, that saves me some trouble.”

When the head of the pirates heard that, he let out a sigh of relief.

At this point, his Origin Energy and physical energy had both been pushed to their limit. Even if he didn’t surrender, he probably wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

He basically gave up and went down to one knee on the water, appearing as if he had succumbed to Su Chen. In his heart, however, he had secretly decided to unleash a sneak attack as soon as Su Chen got close. This person was obviously the leader; if he was able to capture that person alive, he would be able to make it out alive somehow.

Su Chen slowly walked across the surface of the waves and came near the head of the pirates. He reached out his hand and placed it on the head of the pirates’ head, saying, “What a pity......”

A pity? What was a pity?

The head of the pirates was stunned.

An instant later, a quiet, concentrated burst of energy shot forth from Su Chen’s palm.


The head of the pirates swayed slightly, blood flowing from his ears and nose.

“You...... How did you...... know......” he said with great difficulty before toppling over in the water.

Su Chen slowly retracted his hand. “Do you not even understand this principle? As the leader, everyone else can surrender; only you cannot! If you do not die, how can I take over your subordinates? As for whether you had other intentions or not...... that’s not important at all.”

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