Chapter 65: Water Battle (2)

Chapter 65: Water Battle (2)

Standing at the front of the boat, the head of the pirates carefully inspected his surroundings.

The surface of the water was totally calm, as if nothing had happened.

Hundreds of people had jumped into the water, but there was no commotion.

The quiet atmosphere was strange, sending a chill up the head of the pirates’ spine.

“Something’s not right!” he muttered to himself.

“He Laochou, Duan Xiao’er, go down in the water and take a look.”

Two figures dove into the water, creating a beautiful arc in the air before they disappeared without even causing a splash.

They were the best swimmers amongst all the pirates. Their strength was actually multiplied while in the water, and leaping a tier to kill their opponents wasn’t a problem for them.

However, after those two entered the water, no further commotion was seen.

The head of the pirates grew more and more anxious the longer he waited. He said, “Something’s wrong! There’s something wrong below the surface of the water!”

Even an idiot would realize that there was something wrong below the surface of the water.

All of the pirates looked over the edges of the boats and stared into the water, but they couldn’t see anyone.

At that moment, the water below suddenly began to roil. Two corpses floated to the surface of the water. It was precisely the two people who had jumped into the water earlier.

Everyone was astonished. The head of the pirates knew that the situation wasn’t good, but before he could do anything, a massive explosion suddenly could be heard somewhere on the boat.

“Not good, they’re trying to blow up the boats!” the head of the pirates yelled. “Raise the barriers!”

But it was already far too late.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

After four massive explosions, the first boat was completely shattered before it even had a chance to set up the barriers.

The pirates on the boat were tossed into the water, and they wailed all the way down. They had just fallen in when a large group of people began to swim to the surface, their gazes locked onto these targets.

It was almost like they were apparitions within the water.

The most frightening thing was that where each person’s legs should have been were actually long, fish-like tails.

This wasn’t possible!

The head of the pirates was badly startled.

An instant later, everyone was quickly swimming in his direction.

They shot through the water, swinging their tails as if they were real fish. The blades and spears in their hands were like the sharp teeth of a shark as they slashed viciously at the bandits.

One of the bandits had yet to even respond before ten people swam right past him as if they were horse-mounted warriors, leaving behind ten deep wounds on his body.

Fresh blood flowed out from the wounds, dyeing the water surrounding the pirate a scarlet red color.

Another pirate was subjected to the same fate immediately afterward.

The pirates were quite good swimmers, but that was in comparison to humans, not fish.

At this moment, they were facing a school of vicious, merciless fish-men. No, more precisely, they were a bunch of martial artists who had used Su Chen’s Hemolytic Totem.

Even though Su Chen’s second iteration of the Hemolytic Totem hadn’t been completed, he had made a decent amount of progress.

The current Hemolytic Totem could confer up to five Origin Skills while the surface area required for the totem only continued to decrease.

In the past half a month, Su Chen had carved the Hemolytic Totem version 1.2 on all one hundred and fifty of his underlings and imbued them with a particular type of Medium Substance.

“Medium Substance” was the term Su Chen had coined when referring to the unique combination of different Origin Substances, including the mysterious substances in the metal block and within the Long Clan’s Young Master’s body. They weren’t Origin Substances, but they were composed of Origin Substances and had their own unique properties and abilities.

Medium Substances, Origin Substances, and Particles were the three distinct classification levels Su Chen could identify in the microscopic world at this moment.

Over half a year of research had given Su Chen a certain understanding of Medium Substances. He could already create a few unique Medium Substances of his own with just a few combination techniques.

“Dragonfish” was one of them.

Its primary foundation was the Gu Clan’s Soaring Serpent Bloodline, along with a few other combinations of Origin Substances.

This type of Medium Substance didn’t confer a concealment ability like the Shadow Origin Substance, and there was no room for him to further improve it. At the very least, however, it gave its user the ability to breathe underwater and transform partially.

Those long fish tails were the best evidence of this.

With a powerful swing of their tails, a hundred and fifty martial artists shot through the water like sharp arrows, beginning to harvest the lives of their opponents as they pleased by means of the spears and blades in their hands.

“Run.......” the head of the pirates yelled, but the water drowned out the words that he wanted to say, shoving his words right back down his throat.

He used his actions as a demonstration as he turned around and began to frantically swim back.

He finally realized why the opponents had burned the boat.

They had chosen to fight an underwater battle.

Leave this place quickly!

This was the only thought running through the head of the pirate’s head. Luckily, he had more than one boat.

However, before he could swim to the second boat, he heard another loud rumbling. The second boat was also engulfed in flames. Splintered fragments of wood flew everywhere, and they were still on fire as they landed in the water and on the heads of the bandits. Pained cries sounded out. The situation was truly desperate.


How had they done this?

The head of the pirates didn’t understand how his opponents had blown up his boat, and he had no time to consider it any further.

The group of fish-men surged forward, raising the shiny blades in their hands.

“Dammit, we can’t hold back against them!” The head of the pirates, who was busy treading water, knew that they had reached a dead end. His courage and bravery exploded at that moment.

“We’re going all out!” all of the pirates yelled simultaneously.

No matter what, they still had the advantage in terms of both numbers and cultivation bases.

“Let’s do this!” a pirate yelled as he rose out of the water and gestured with his hands. A massive screen of water appeared and began to surge forward.

However, when the fish-men ahead saw this, they simultaneously tilted their heads back and hissed. Then, with a powerful stroke of their tails, they leapt into the air like they were flying fish, jumping right over the wall of water. While the fish-men were in midair, before they had even landed back in the water, they pulled out spears and threw them forward.


Amidst the rain of spears, the ten pirates who were at the very front were immediately poked full of holes.

The fish-men slipped back into the water, then disappeared into the depths with a quick swing of their tails. They circled menacingly around the pirates from below and launched attacks upward.

“AHH!” one of the pirates suddenly yelled.

A martial artist had appeared behind the pirate with a speed that was simply inconceivable, grabbed him, then bit him by the throat.

The most frightening part of this was that the opponent’s teeth had been constantly growing longer at the same time that the bite had landed, quickly skewering him by the throat. With a jerking motion, half of the pirate’s throat had been ripped out.

The Razortooth Technique was probably the least practical Origin Skill to use in combat. After all, humans were not beasts. No one would use one’s teeth to fight.

However, under such circumstances, where water was greatly restricting freedom of movement and the fighting was being carried out in extremely close quarters, the Razortooth Technique became a somewhat practical skill to use underwater.

By relying on their ability to breathe underwater and the agility their tails gave them, they could quickly close in on a target, use a restrictive technique to bind up their opponents, then bite down. Even if the target wasn’t killed by the bite, they could continue to keep their targets busy and make sure that the fight continued in the water. Eventually, their opponents would run out of strength and die.

This was the proper way to carry out an underwater battle, but not everyone had the ability to do so. It required the appropriate specialized Origin Skills.

And at this moment, all of Su Chen’s one hundred and fifty underlings had them.

Yes, they were Su Chen’s true trump card!

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