Chapter 52: Despicable

Chapter 52: Despicable


Su Chen’s words rendered Chalei completely speechless.

His greatest secret had been exposed by but a few words from Su Chen. Chalei felt a helplessness that stemmed from all of his secrets being seen through overtake him.

As the inferno raged, he gazed at Su Chen, his eyes filled with fear.

Su Chen coldly glanced at him and said, “You have nothing you can exchange with me, so you’d best remember that everyone in this forest owes me a life.”

As he spoke, he turned around and said to Iron Cliff, “Go, while those two Vicious Beasts are still alive.”

“Understood!” Iron Cliff grinned, popping open the trunk he was carrying.

In a brief moment, he had donned the Melted Golden Armor.

He picked up the Bucktooth Blade, then let out a tiger-like growl and leapt forward.

“This guy?” A young Origin Qi Scholar watched as a person wearing a set of heavy armor rushed in his direction. He disdainfully gestured casually, and a streak of palm wind rushed out from his hand.

The palm wind was sharp like a blade, and it slammed into the Melted Golden Armor, generating a shower of sparks.

“It’s an Origin Tool?” The young Origin Qi Scholar’s expression immediately shifted.

At this moment, Iron Cliff had already charged over.

The Origin Qi Scholar finally realized that something wasn’t right and clearly began to take things more seriously. A massive cyan scimitar took form in his hands, which he then stabbed forward.

A massive crescent of energy appeared and shot across the ground.

Iron Cliff charged right at this crescent. Just as he was about to slam into it, a massive shield appeared in his left hand, blocking the crescent of energy. A moment later, his massive figure leapt into the air, then descended towards his opponent.

The young Origin Qi Scholar’s face contorted into a fierce expression. “Looking to die!”

In a brief moment, he struck out with 18 palm strikes.

Iron Cliff continued his charge. The palm strikes landed on his Melted Golden Armor but only caused a resounding “clang”; they had no way of stopping him even for a brief moment.

The Origin Qi Scholar’s expression finally changed. He saw that Iron Cliff had already charged his way next to him and yelled, a protective barrier appearing around him.

This mistake cost him his life.

Iron Cliff had closed in on his target. A fist slammed into his target’s face.

As this punch, which also carried the weight of the massive golden armor behind it, shattered the Origin Qi Scholar’s head like an egg, a red-and-white mix splattered everywhere.

Claiming a life with a single fist!

Iron Cliff didn’t stop and continued to charge at his next target.

The death of an Origin Qi Scholar finally caught everyone’s attention.

Three people simultaneously turned to look at Iron Cliff and attacked together.

With frost everywhere, the Origin Energy interweaved and intertwined, and lightning and thunder boomed through the air.

Iron Cliff growled and charged right through the three Blood Boiling Realm cultivators’ attacks. As soon as he got near the first target, the Bucktooth Blade swung through the air, cutting open that person’s throat. Next, he slammed his body right into the second target; his massive physique and strength made it so that this blow was more than sufficient to shatter the person’s skeleton. Finally, he unleashed another punch, and the Armor-Piercing Awl landed on the third target’s body. Even though the target avoided the brunt of the blow, his arm had been completely ruined.

With just this single attack, two Blood Boiling Realm cultivators had died, and one had been injured. Everyone watching was stunned.

“Careful! There’s a Yang Opening Realm expert here!” someone yelled loudly.

Iron Cliff’s vicious style of battle had elevated his opponents’ estimate of his strength. Because he was wearing a suit of armor and his face was hidden, they had no way of determining his cultivation base. As such, they just said that he was in the Yang Opening Realm.

In terms of pure power and defensive capabilities, it wasn’t wrong to say that.

Next, the Origin Qi Scholars yelled as six of them surged forth to surround him. One of them was a Yang Opening Realm cultivator.

When the six of them advanced simultaneously, Iron Cliff immediately felt an immense pressure upon him, and even his breathing became labored. It was as if he was experiencing Shi Kaihuang’s Sumeru Void.

This was the result of layering the Origin Energy of these six people, demonstrating that they were using some kind of combined technique. As a result, the increase in strength would be multiplicative the more people that they had.

Even a genuine Yang Opening Realm cultivator would have trouble resisting this pressure, let alone a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator like Iron Cliff.

“So he’s not in the Yang Opening Realm; he’s just a somewhat stronger Blood Boiling Realm cultivator.” The leading Yang Opening Realm cultivator was already picking up on the clues. He said viciously, “Count yourself unlucky. Since you dared involve yourself in the Clear River City Bloodline Nobility Clan Alliance’s battle and even killed some of our men, you can only die!”

The pressure from the air only continued to increase as if a formless mountain was pressing down on top of Iron Cliff.

Iron Cliff stared intently at the Origin Qi Scholar who had spoken, his eyes seemingly about to jump out of their sockets. However, the power of his movements grew stronger and stronger.

“Just because you have more people? That’s not enough!” Iron Cliff howled as waves of stormy rage began to pulsate from his brawny, powerful body, filling up every corner and crevice in the Melted Golden Armor. The overflowing of this violent energy could be felt even through the thick armor plating.


With a heavy, forceful growl, streaks of Qi began to swirl out from the cracks in the armor, surging like smoke and spreading in all directions.

As this wave of energy began to surge, the pressure applied by the six Origin Qi Scholars began to dissipate.

“How is this possible?” the Yang Opening Realm cultivator said, his eyes round with shock.

He was a whole tier higher than his opponent and was being backed up by five other Origin Qi Scholars. Despite this, however, he was still unable to suppress this mysterious armored individual. What exactly was the background of his opponent?


Amidst a barbaric howl, seven people flew into the air simultaneously.

The clash between the energy of Iron Cliff and the six Origin Qi Scholars finally reached a point where they exploded.

Iron Cliff broke through the six-man team, and he himself was sent flying by the ensuing waves of energy. He tilted his head back and spit out a large mouthful of fresh blood.

The six Origin Qi Scholars also flew backward at the same time. Even though they hadn’t sustained any wounds, the energy in their bodies had been shaken to its limit.

However, they would only need a brief moment to catch their breath.

But at that moment, Su Chen made a move.

Six massive Erupting Firehawks flew towards the six Origin Qi Scholars, attacking savagely. The Light-Shaking Realm expert, in particular, was attacked by Su Chen’s Ultra Erupting Firehawk.

Six fiery explosions appeared in the sky, along with piercing cries of pain and anguish.

Next, a swift streak of light shot past the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s head.


After a bloody flash, a head flew through the air.

A Yang Opening Realm cultivator had died, just like that.

“No!” Shi Zhongwei yelled angrily.

If a few Blood Boiling Realm Origin Qi Scholars died, that would be acceptable. However, Yang Opening Realm cultivators were extremely important to the Bloodline Nobility Clan alliance. Every death would cause their hearts to pang with pain.

To ensure that everything would go off without a hitch while dealing with the “West River Rebellion”, the Bloodline Nobility Clan Alliance had sent a total of four Yang Opening Realm cultivators, but they had never expected to lose one here.

With the death of this Yang Opening Realm cultivator, even if Shi Zhongwei were to quell the West River Rebellion, he wouldn’t receive much in the way of rewards when he returned to Clear River City.

When he thought of this, the anger in Shi Zhongwei’s heart only burned hotter.

Su Chen, naturally, was the one who had mounted the surprise attack. At this moment, he was wearing a white robe, and his face was covered in a demonic mask. It was exactly the same one that he had used in the Scarlet Mountain Range, and he had brought it out now nearly ten years later.

“Despicable! Shameless!” Shi Zhongwei cursed bitterly as he stared at Su Chen.

“How ironic. When I hear you slaughterers talking this way, I actually feel quite honored,” Su Chen said as he smiled. Unfortunately, his smile was covered by a mask, and no one could see it.

“But since you think I’m shameless, then I’ll just have to be a bit more shameless...... You still haven’t made a move yet?” Su Chen suddenly barked.

“What?” Shi Zhongwei was stunned. A sudden sense of imminent danger surged in his heart.

He quickly retreated, but it was too late.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Five consecutive fists seemed to appear out of the void, aiming for his head, chest, midsection, back, and his nether regions.

Five Shadow Servants attacked simultaneously!

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