Chapter 16: New Experiments

Chapter 16: New Experiments

In the front courtyard of the Su Residence.

A large group of people wearing guardsmen uniforms stood in neat rows, drilling under Iron Cliff’s direction. These were the bandits that Su Chen had captured previously.





Everyone moved in unison following Iron Cliff’s forceful yells.

If those who were familiar with how they were in the past saw this scene, they would be so shocked that their jaws would probably hit the ground.

A group of undisciplined, unorganized bandits had been trained into a neat, orderly group in a very short period of time. One had to admit that this was nothing short of a miracle.

Even so, Iron Cliff wasn’t satisfied at all. He would yell in between his orders, “More force! Your punches need to be more forceful! Have you not eaten? Don’t think that it’s enough just to go through the motions. If any of you wants to play dumb, then you’d better be prepared to be sent off to be the Young Master’s research subjects!”

Upon hearing this, all of the bandits moved with renewed vigor. Even the most exhausted ones seemed to be filled with energy again, uplifting the energy of the training grounds immediately.

Yes, not becoming the Young Master’s research subjects was all the motivation they needed.

Su Chen had no interest in trying to change their way of thinking, and there was no need to do that with these bandits. The pressure of fear was the simplest and most effective way to deal with them.

These bandits needed to be afraid of Su Chen for them to listen to him!

He wanted their fear to become an ingrained habit!

He wanted them to tremble with fear even just by thinking about him!

Luckily, Su Chen did indeed have this right.

He didn’t even need to do anything differently. The tragic howls coming out from his room at night and the corpses of the failed experiments were more than enough to deal with any issues that might arise.

Previously, the bandits had also considered rebelling.

However, they very quickly realized that there was no point in rebelling.

Su Chen was merciless towards the bandits - the only reason he had chosen them was because they were all sentenced to death anyways.

Those who had tried to be stubborn immediately became Su Chen’s research subjects, while the obedient ones could be trained.

After a few such incidents, most of the bandits had become obedient.

Now, if Iron Cliff told them to go east, none of them would dare go west.

In fact, if they were set free from their restrictions and allowed to escape, most of them probably still wouldn’t dare.

Under Su Chen’s frightening pressure, most of them had completely given up on fighting back.

But that wasn’t a huge loss. They had only lost such courage against Su Chen, but against others, they were just as savage as before if not more so.

In the middle of this training session, a figure holding two people in his hands descended from the sky. It was Su Chen.

Upon seeing Su Chen arrive, all of the bandits immediately knelt down in fear, plastering their faces to the ground. Their only fear was that Su Chen would point at one of them and say, “This one, come with me.”

Iron Cliff saw that something was up. He came over and said, “They made a move?”

“Mhm. Liu Wuya sold me out to the Lian and Long Clans. They ambushed me on the street. Look, haven’t I captured Long Shaoyou and Lian Jiao?”

“I’ll order for the front door to be shut and the Origin Formations to be activated.” Iron Cliff turned around to make preparations.

Before leaving the Hidden Dragon Institute, Su Chen had asked Jiang Hanfeng and the others to help him create a set of Origin Formation Disks. They were to be used on this palace for this very moment.

“There’s no need. Those types of Origin Formations will only be effective against small groups, not large armies. If our opponents want to use force, they won’t be that effective. Just let everyone keep doing what they’ve been doing. With Long Shaoyou and Lian Jiao in my hands, those two clans shouldn’t be too brazen.”

“Yes!” Iron Cliff respectfully replied.

Su Chen picked up Long Shaoyou and Lian Jiao, returning to his study.

“Master!” Iron Cliff yelled.

“What is it?”

Iron Cliff glanced at those two captives and asked, “You..... how are you planning on dealing with them?”

“Them?” Su Chen understood what Iron Cliff was getting at and laughed, “How else would I deal with them? Same as before - ask them some questions, then do some experiments. That’s all.”

More experiments!?

These were the two shields ensuring that the Su Palace wouldn’t be overrun by those two Bloodline Nobility Clans!

Su Chen understood Iron Cliff’s thoughts.

He said, “Don’t worry. The experiments won’t kill them.”

As he spoke, he returned to the backyard.

The bandits watched as Su Chen left, their bodies trembling in fear.

Those two people were the heirs of two great Bloodline Nobility Clans, but in Su Chen’s eyes, they were nothing more than research subjects.

He really was a research demon!

Iron Cliff gazed coldly at the bandits gathered in front of him. When a simple and good-natured Cliff Race individual gazed coldly at people, however, the effect was somewhat mitigated.

“Everyone heard what Master said. This is the fate of all of Master’s enemies. If you don’t listen carefully to my orders, you will be treated as such!”

“Yes!” All of the bandits replied loudly, “We pledge our loyalty to Master!”

They spoke with a unison and energy that they had lacked previously.


When she awoke from her stupor, Lian Jiao discovered to her horror that she was lying on an icy stone bed in a dark, shady room. Her limbs had been locked in place by metal restraints on the bed, and she had no way of moving.

Su Chen was standing right next to her. A crystal lamp on the ceiling cast light into the room, but Su Chen was standing in the shadows, giving him an eerie, malicious glow and putting an enormous amount of pressure on Lian Jiao.

“What are you trying to do!?” Lian Jiao yelled in fear, thrashing violently against the restraints.

It looked like a wicked villain who had captured a helpless maiden and was about to violate her no matter how you looked at it.

Fortunately for her, Su Chen didn’t make any advances.

He said calmly, “I want the Lian Clan’s technique to turn a person into a living slave.”

“That’s my Lian Clan’s Bloodline Origin Skill. You dare to covet it? Are you not afraid that my Lian Clan will tear you apart?”

After her initial fear had subsided, Lian Jiao very quickly regained her self-control and began to curse loudly.

She was betting that Su Chen wouldn’t dare to take things too far with her.

But there was no point in making this bet.

That was because Su Chen very quickly let her know exactly how far he was willing to go.

He pulled out a metal block.

He said, “Don’t worry. I’m just doing a little experiment. This is a little something I found in the Li Clan’s well. The whole ‘demons sending babies’ matter might have been due to the substances coming out of this metal block, but I need to do another experiment to confirm it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any female subordinates...... Hm, even if I did, I might not be willing to risk it. But now that you’ve come along, I’m going to borrow your body for a second.”

As he spoke, he unsealed the metal block. Black dots began to emanate out from it.

The consciousness tendrils began to guide them one by one into Lian Jiao’s body.

Even though Lian Jiao couldn’t see what was happening, she could tell from Su Chen’s “heated” gaze that something was happening.

“NO!” She yelled furiously as she twisted violently, but she had no way of preventing the black dots from entering her body.

Su Chen watched as those dots of light entered Lian Jiao’s body and then very quickly began to gather at a certain location in her body.

He couldn’t see exactly what was happening, but he could see the faint glow through her body and determined from how it was changing that something unique was happening in her body.

This was completely different from what had happened in the bandit’s body earlier.

“So it really is only effective on females,” Su Chen muttered.

He only needed to wait two more months to see whether these dots of light were responsible for the strange occurrences that had befallen the Li Clan.

Two months!

That was somewhat of a long time.

Su Chen thought with some consternation.

If there was some method to speed up childbirth, that would be great.

Wait a minute.

Wasn’t Patelocke an expert at transforming lifeforms?

He might have a way to speed up the process.

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