Chapter 148: Counterattack (7)

Chapter 148: Counterattack (7)

The He Clan.

The He Clan was one of the weaker clans amongst the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans. They had no Light Shaking Realm cultivators, but one of their elders was at the peak of the Yang Opening Realm, only a step away from reaching the Light Shaking Realm. However, the Light Shaking Realm was on a completely level compared to the previous three realms and was harder to break into. Even the Bloodline Nobility Clan members might not necessarily be able to break through, so the elder was biding his time and waiting for a better opportunity.

The He Clan’s Patriarch was incredibly shrewd and astute, and was one of the few clear-headed individuals amongst the Bloodline Nobility Clans. The three plots for dealing with Su Chen had originally been suggested by him. Even though two of them had been unsuccessful, the plan to sever relations between Su Chen and Lu Qingguang had succeeded, making things quite troublesome for Su Chen.

Amidst the chaotic situation amongst the Bloodline Nobility Clans, many of them were still all for attacking the Shen and Wei Clans. The He Clan was one of the few staunch opponents.

Unfortunately, their opposition only gave the other Bloodline Nobility Clans more opportunities to be greedy. Afterwards, the He Clan’s junior generation hadn’t been able to sit still and had also participated in the divvying up of the Wei and Shen Clans. Even though He Wuqian was enraged and had tried to stop it, he couldn’t prevent people from acting under their own authority and keeping it hidden from him.

This was the helplessness of a large clan. There were always one or two sober-minded individuals, but if everyone was acting muddleheaded, then being clear-minded would only result in that person being attacked from all sides.

He Wuqian’s prohibition was totally ineffective, and it actually caused the lower rungs of the clan to murmur with unhappiness. Eventually, He Wuqian was forced to back down.

In the end, the Wei and Shen Clans were mostly divided up. The He Clan had moved late, so they hadn’t gotten much out of it, and the rest of the clan was complaining quite a bit.

However, they would soon stop complaining.


Rain poured down from the sky.

The torrential downpour made it seem as if Heaven’s river was flooding, enveloping all of Clear River City in a raging storm.

No one was willing to go outside on a stormy day like this, not even the Origin Qi Scholars.

Spinning Top Alley.

A group of people wearing black robes and red turbans while wielding iron blades stood in the downpour. The rain beat down on them, soaking them completely, but they remained completely motionless as they coldly stared at the massive front door at the end of the alleyway.

The He Residence!

Jiang Xishui stood at the very front of the group. The rain landed on his body but didn’t leave behind any traces of wetness.

Jiang Xishui looked up at the sky, a satisfied expression appearing on his face. “It is raining quite heavily. It seems that even the Heavens are trying to destroy them.

Wang Wenxin laughed from behind him, “Prince Jiang’s words are very accurate. The Heavens are exterminating the He Clan. We...... are only carrying out Heaven’s will, after all.”

Beside him stood another bearded man. He was called Guo Long, and was the current leader of the Evil Tiger Gang.

“Heaven’s will......” Jiang Xishui mused over those words before laughing, “Yes, that’s right. The will of the emperor is the will of the Heavens. If that is the case, then you may go and carry out that will.”

“Yes!” everyone called out together. Under Wang Wenxin’s command, the group rushed into the He Residence.

Because of the heavy rain, the He Residence’s front gate wasn’t being guarded by anyone. The Long Clear Gang and the Evil Tiger Gang slipped into the palace without any trouble.

Upon them entering the residence, someone finally detected the commotion.

A person within the palace cried out, “Who is it?”

The only reply he got was a violent wave of Origin Energy that swallowed him up completely.

The group slipped right past him, only leaving behind a corpse lying in a puddle of blood.

However, his cry had alerted the others.

“Ambush! An enemy is ambushing us!” a piercing cry called out.

The pouring rain made it impossible for the cry to travel far. Even so, many of the clan’s guards woke up, charging out of their rooms only to be met by a storm of blades and sword light.


Shadows flickered along the walls of the courtyard, leaping from roof to roof. Every time someone charged out of their room, one of the gang members would intercept them, either capturing them or killing them.

“Don’t kill the women, children, or elderly.” Wang Wenxin suddenly reached out and stopped one of the Evil Tiger Gang members who was overtaken with bloodlust and was about to chop off a woman’s head.

That gang member unwillingly grunted submissively, flipped the blade around in his hand, and knocked the woman unconscious.

At this moment, another group felt their way along another courtyard.

Wang Wenxin suddenly had a bad feeling, as if a grave threat was headed their way. He turned around and yelled, “Be careful!”

With a massive boom, the wall of the courtyard exploded, sending ten or so gang members flying.

A person stepped forward amidst the wind and rain. “Who dares offend my He Clan?”

This person was called He Wujiu. He was He Wuqian’s elder and the He Clan’s most powerful peak Yang Opening Realm cultivator.

When Wang Wenxin saw this, his eyes glittered as he leapt forward, the blade in his hand unleashing a sweeping arc that sharply sliced through the rain.

He Wujiu waved his sleeve. An azure claw as bright as lightning appeared in midair, raking through the blade arc and continuing to swipe at Wang Wenxin. Wang Wenxin poured his energy into the blade’s edge but couldn’t withstand the azure light and was sent flying. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew through the air.

In this brief confrontation, Wang Wenxin hadn’t been He Wujiu’s opponent in the slightest.

He Wujiu harrumphed, “A mere mixed-blood dares contend against a clan with a pure bloodline like mine? Courting death.”

As he spoke, his arm flickered out like a snake flicking its tongue out, reaching for Wang Wenxin’s throat. The seven or eight gang members around him tried to come to his aid, but none of them could stop it. Right as Wang Wenxin’s throat was about to be crushed, the rain suddenly froze in place.

It was as if time had suddenly stopped. The rain droplets then began to gather together to form a massive wall of water. He Wujiu’s claw strike slammed into the wall of water, but it felt like it was as light as a feather and had no impact. His attack had been stopped in his tracks.

He Wujiu’s heart trembled slightly. He knew the situation wasn’t good; being quite a decisive person, he immediately withdrew his claw and retreated. The rain in the air suddenly shot in He Wujiu’s direction, as if arrows made of water were raining down from the sky on him.

“HA!” He Wujiu yelled loudly as energy began to undulate from his body. A number of azure claws appeared in the air, blocking these streaks of rain. However, the rain continued to fall, charging at He Wujiu wave after wave. He Wujiu felt like he was standing right below a massive waterfall pounding on his back.

No, this rain was even more frightening than a waterfall.

He could stand underneath a waterfall for three days and three nights without even frowning, but when faced with these drops of rain, he felt like he was unable to bear the weight.

The massive force was about to send him to his knees, but he knew that as soon as he gave in he would die.

“Who is it?” he howled. “Come out and show yourself!”

Jiang Xishui calmly revealed himself.

Behind him, an illusory image of Luo You floated in the air, covering the sky and the earth and making it seem as if the rain was falling because of it. In reality, when the Luo You Bloodline Ability was activated to its greatest extent, it could create a storm, but Jiang Xishui would at the very least need to be in the Yang Opening Realm or have awakened his bloodline to the third level in order to do this.

Even so, this massive creature demonstrated its frightening control over the sky. The Luo You’s appearance caused the rain to begin to gather and form a massive dragon made of water that howled and charged forward.

When he saw this scene, He Wujiu was completely stunned. “Luo You...... the Jiang Clan!?”

Jiang Xishui looked up slightly. “I am Jiang Xishui. I have never fought an expert at the peak of the Yang Opening Realm before. I can’t beat a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, but I still hope to give it a shot.”

As he spoke, he said to Wang Wenxin, “You guys go and deal with the others. Leave this man to me.”

Wang Wenxin turned around and left.

As he watched the people charge in amidst the cover of the rain, understanding dawned in He Wujiu’s heart.

The He Clan was done for.

But before that, he hoped to win back a bit of honor for the He Clan.

He stared at Jiang Xishui, then let out a howl. His entire body shone with an unprecedentedly brilliant light.

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