Chapter 142: Counterattack (1)

Chapter 142: Counterattack (1)

As they watched the streak of light disappear into the distance, Su Chen, Jiang Xishui, and the rest all had dumbfounded expressions.

“Did...... did he get just away?” Ma Hongfei asked hesitatingly.

“Oh...... he should have gotten away, right?” Jiang Xishui wasn’t too certain and glanced at Su Chen.

“It seems like he’s gotten away,” Cloud Leopard added.

Only Iron Cliff was incredibly confident. “He got away.”

After staying with Su Chen for so long, they had become used to winning time after time. None of them ever expected that their opponent would successfully escape, and they almost instinctively believed that Su Chen would still have some kind of tactic to turn around this loss.

Su Chen sighed and said, “This old man has been around for a long time. How could he not have some kind of ace up his sleeve? It’s not that strange for him to have gotten away.”

In reality, both Wei Pei and Shen Yuanhong hadn’t taken their opponents seriously, so neither of them had made adequate preparations. Otherwise, with their many years of experience, how could they have so few trump cards?

Jiang Xishui’s expression was extremely regretful. “One of the Light Shaking Realm cultivators escaped. That’s going to be a bit troublesome.”

Cloud Leopard said, “Don’t worry. If he waited this long to drink that medicine, it must be an incredibly powerful medicine. He most likely had to pay an incredible price to get away.”

Su Chen nodded. “I noticed some clues from off in the distance. If my guess is right, he used the Flower Birth Powder.”

The Flower Birth Powder was a rare spirit medicine that could stimulate a person’s Lotus Platform and transform it into Origin Energy. It was not some incredibly powerful medicine, but rather a medicine used for breaking through the smaller cultivation base tiers.

Wei Pei had had a single Lotus Platform for a long time and could form a second one whenever he wanted. He had originally wanted to wait longer to further solidify his foundation, and this Flower Birth Powder had been prepared for that a long time ago. He never expected that he would use it not to increase his cultivation base but instead to run away.

Even though it wasn’t an incredibly powerful medicine, the drawbacks were similar to one. The Flower Birth Powder’s medicinal power was very forceful. Stimulating one’s Lotus Platform and opening the second level could cause damage, though it could be healed over time if one successfully broke into the next cultivation realm.

Using it to escape had still stimulated his Lotus Platform, but he hadn’t reached a higher cultivation base. When factoring in the damage that he had previously sustained, his condition even if he successfully escaped could be imagined.

A light injury to a person’s Lotus Platform might take a few tens of years to recover. A medium injury would cause a person’s Lotus Platform to shatter and fall into the Yang Opening Realm. A heavy injury would damage a person’s Origin Energy source or even kill them.

In any case, despite the fact that Wei Pei had managed to escape, he wouldn’t be much of a threat anyways.

After Su Chen said that, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

“Then what should we do next?” Cloud Leopard asked.

“Naturally, we’ll be planning out our next steps on how to slaughter our way into their dens!” Su Chen replied.

When they heard this, everyone was stunned.

Slaughter their way into the Bloodline Nobility Clans’ dens? Did Su Chen want to completely uproot the Bloodline Nobility Clans? The problem was that these Bloodline Nobility Clans had vast reserves of strength. Even if they lost two of their Light Shaking Realm cultivators, they wouldn’t be able to deal with them so simply.

Su Chen could already tell what everyone was thinking and laughed. “Don’t worry, I have my own plans. There’s no need to be in such a hurry. We’ll play around with them for a bit.”


Within the City Lord’s palace.

An Siyuan sat in his rocking chair, his expression heavy. “Have we still not heard back from him yet?”

Lu Yiyang, who was by his side, bowed and replied, “Not yet. For now we haven’t heard anything. It seems like either he isn’t in Clear River, or......

“Or what? Tell me.”

“Or he just doesn’t want to show himself.”

“You mean Su Chen hasn’t reappeared because he’s waiting for us to make some kind of move?”

Lu Yiyang said, “Everyone already knows about Wang Zhanyu’s attack, and City Head even personally went to look for Wang Zhanyu after returning. You even fought with him over it. What kind of move is he waiting for? Unless......”

Lu Yiyang trailed off again.

An Siyuan let out a long sigh. “Qingguang’s actions were truly excessive this time. It’s not surprising that he would be very disappointed.”

Upon hearing Lu Qingguang’s name, Lu Yiyang lowered his head wordlessly.

An Siyuan muttered to himself, “But Qingguang has been with me for a long time. Even though he’s obviously made a mistake, he isn’t our enemy. I have already reprimanded him, even though he might not be too happy about it.”

Lu Yiyang meticulously replied, “Some things need to be discussed slowly.”

“The prerequisite is that he gives me an opportunity to talk things out with him,” An Siyuan said as he shook his bald head.

At that moment, a person reported from outside, “The Origin Bureau’s Bureau Head Su requests an audience with you!”

“What?” An Siyuan immediately sat up.

Two minutes later.

Within the main hall of the City Lord’s residence.

“Hahahaha, I knew that you wouldn’t die so easily,” An Siyuan embraced Su Chen as he yelled loudly. His arms pressed so forcefully against Su Chen that Su Chen felt like the air was being squeezed out of his lungs.

He said weakly, “City Lord, if you don’t ease up, I may not have been killed by Wang Zhanyu but I will die to your hugs.”

An Siyuan reluctantly released him, rubbing that bald head of his. “Where have you been these past few days? How come you didn’t return until now?”

Su Chen didn’t hide the truth. “I went to Long Coiling City.”

Long Coiling City?

An Siyuan balked. Wang Zhanyu tried to kill you once, but why did you run all the way there? Were you planning on reporting this matter to the imperial family? But when he thought about it, was something as small as this really reportable?

Thankfully, Su Chen didn’t keep him in suspense and directly continued, saying, “I went to go buy Origin Tools.”

“Hm?” An Siyuan squinted his eyes. Even though he looked crude because of his bald head, his thought process was incredibly meticulous. He knew that Su Chen couldn’t possibly go all the way to Long Coiling City to buy Origin Tools for no reason.

But if Su Chen said that he could deal with a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with just a few Origin Tools, he wouldn’t believe it either, so he didn’t understand what Su Chen was trying to get at.

Su Chen thought for a moment and didn’t see any need to keep An Siyuan in the dark, so he just straightforwardly said, “Shen Yuanhong is dead.”


Even a person of An Siyuan’s status spat out the tea he was sipping upon hearing Su Chen utter this simple sentence.

He stared at Su Chen. “What did you say?”

“I killed him,” Su Chen said directly, and then added on after a moment of contemplation, “Well, me and a few friends.”

“Are you telling the truth?” An Siyuan’s voice became stern.

Anything that involved a Light Shaking Realm cultivator wasn’t a small matter.

“Wei Pei was also seriously injured and might fall out of the Light Shaking Realm,” Su Chen continued firing off the big guns, and An Siyuan felt like he was about to faint.

Was this a joke? There was more than one person?

Wei Pei might have fallen out of the Light Shaking Realm?

Are my ears working correctly?

“The ‘friends’ you talked about...... it isn’t Shi Kaihuang, is it?” An Siyuan thought for a moment before asking.

Under these kinds of circumstances, this was the only possible explanation that he could imagine.

Su Chen had been chased away by Wang Zhanyu and had to run to Long Coiling City to ask for help. Shi Kaihuang then personally made a move to take revenge for his disciple. With his strength, and Su Chen’s help, that really might have been possible.

For him, that was the only reasonable explanation.

However, Su Chen shook his head, rejecting that line of reasoning. “I don’t need that old man to show himself for this kind of thing. I’m here to see you because I think it’s about time for us to make a move.”

“Make a move? What kind of move?”

“Of course it’s to finish off those Bloodline Nobility Clans,” Su Chen replied sinisterly.

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