Chapter 140: Pursuit (1)

Chapter 140: Pursuit (1)

After the Mountain-Beheading Blade shattered Shen Yuanhong's Lotus Platform, it continued to descend, undeterred, onto Shen Yuanhong's body and cleave him in two.

The dark flames roared, quickly turning Shen Yuanhong into ashes.

This scene fell right into Wei Pei’s sight. He was shocked and appalled as he watched a Light Shaking Realm cultivator turn into ashes and scatter into the wind.

He knew that Su Chen’s return would make things difficult for Shen Yuanhong, but in his view, Su Chen was only strong enough to give Shen Yuanhong a bit more trouble. It would already be impressive if he could force Shen Yuanhong into a disadvantaged situation.

How could he possibly have expected that Shen Yuanhong wasn’t even able to escape and would fall here?

This change was too sudden. Wei Pei couldn’t wrap his head around it, couldn’t accept it. His heart was badly shocked, and he merely sat there in a daze.

This caused him to miss his last opportunity.

After finishing off Shen Yuanhong, Su Chen turned around and glanced at Wei Pei. He laughed and said, “You came at just the right time.”

Jiang Xishui’s arms shoved forward. The water prison was once again formed.

The Limpid Light-Splitting Blade and Armor-Piercing Mountain-Cleaving Hammer also began to demonstrate their power through precisely aimed attacks. Wei Pei felt his stomach churn and immediately turned around to run.

Afterwards, he understood why Shen Yuanhong hadn’t been able to escape.

A massive column of lightning once again sealed of Wei Pei’s escape route. Not only that, but the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle also shot at Wei Pei with its shocking speed, carrying Su Chen along with it.

Fata Morgana, the water prison, the Air Breaking Formation, and the hail of arrows all slammed towards Wei Pei without hesitation.

Wei Pei was extremely powerful and fast, but when faced with so many powerful attacks, he was stunned, shocked, and frightened.

A Lotus Platform appeared above him as well, revolving with a brilliant light as Wei Pei yelled out loudly, “I surrender, I surrender!”

He was a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, but when he said the word “surrender”, he shouted it without any spirit or prestige.

But as long as he could survive, what did prestige mean to him?

Bloodline Nobility Clans usually viewed their faces as more important than even the heavens, but when faced with death, they could toss aside any prestige.

However, even though he valued his own prestige, Su Chen and the others didn’t care for it.

The Mountain-Beheading Blade impartially descended as Su Chen said coolly, “The best way for you to surrender is to die.”

“NOO!” Wei Pei yelled loudly.

The Lotus Platform appeared and began to revolve, blocking Su Chen’s Mountain-Beheading Blade.

The Mountain-Beheading Blade was enveloped in shadowy flames, with some even dripping off the edge of the blade. The Lotus Platform flickered wildly. Su Chen alone had pushed Wei Pei to this point, let alone Jiang Xishui and the others. In terms of pure combat ability, the Blue-Blooded Divine Wind Ape could not compete with the Steel Tyrannosaurus.

Wei Pei knew that the situation wasn’t good. In this moment of life and death, if he was stopped for even an instant, he would not get another chance.

He yelled loudly. The Blue-Blooded Divine Wind Ape charged forward, immediately leaping over a thousand feet away.

When he had been pursuing Su Chen, the Blue-Blooded Divine Wind Ape only jumped three hundred feet at most every time, so Su Chen had always thought that this was the Divine Wind Rush’s maximum distance. Unexpectedly, however, it was able to suddenly rush a thousand feet.

An instant later, Wei Pei’s figure flashed. He was already a thousand feet away.

Jiang Xishui’s hastily conjured water prison was a bit too slow. Wei Pei continued to move forwards with Divine Wind Rush after Divine Wind Rush, using it three times in a row. Even though using it in such rapid succession over such a long distance caused his Lotus Platform to crack more and more, Wei Pei had at least escaped from the Jade Heart Island’s influence.

This made it so that Jiang Xishui’s water prison couldn’t catch up to him, and thus the alliance, Cloud Leopard, and Iron Cliff were all left behind.

Only Su Chen, who was controlling the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, could catch up. However, he was not going to do something as idiotic as that. He returned to the shuttle and turned around to go pick up Jiang Xishui, Cloud Leopard, and the others.

After bringing them inside the shuttle and returning to the skies, Wei Pei’s figure was as small as a dot on the horizon.

Su Chen controlled the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle in hot pursuit. Jiang Xishui frowned and said, “Without the support of my troops, can the few of us take care of him?”

Su Chen hurriedly boarded everyone onto the shuttle, but he could only fit Jiang Xishui, Cloud Leopard, Iron Cliff, as well as the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who was leading the group of pirates. This person was called Ma Hongfei. Jiang Xishui had subjugated him two years ago, and he had become Jiang Xishui’s personal aide.

Su Chen replied, “He’s been wounded and his Lotus Platform is damaged. There’s nowhere for him to go. You guys rest up here; I’ll use the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle and follow him around for a bit to wear him down a bit.”

“Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle? So this is a shuttle refined from the corpse of a Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle? No wonder it’s so incredible,” Jiang Xishui sighed in praise as he felt the interior of the shuttle.

After fighting for half a day, everyone was already quite tired. Even though they could recover Origin Energy via Origin Stones, the physical energy they expended couldn’t be recovered. They were in need of some rest.

“Guess how much it cost,” Cloud Leopard said.

“Something like this? It probably was at least a hundred million Origin Stones. I say, where did you get so much money?” Jiang Xishui asked in shock. He was someone from a ruling clan, so he could tell the value of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle with a single glance. However, he was still caught off-guard by Su Chen’s style in spending money.

Su Chen “modestly” smiled. “Not that much, maybe around 60 million. This Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle has a few flaws, so it was a bit cheaper. I also bought a few ingredients along with it, so I got it for a bit more than half off.”

“You also bought some ingredients? How much?”

Su Chen tilted his head. “A total of 155 million Origin Stones.”

Jiang Xishui felt his vision go dark. “You’re telling me you spent 160 million Origin Stones all at once in Long Coiling City?”

Su Chen maintained his indifferent attitude. “No, that’s how much I spent in the Flying Moon Workshop. In Long Coiling City? Hm, maybe around 300 million or so.”

Jiang Xishui’s body swayed as he almost fainted. Ma Hongfei, standing beside him, almost became mentally ill.

If it weren’t for the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, the Mountain-Beheading Blade, the Limpid Light-Splitting Blade, the Armor-Piercing Mountain-Cleaving Hammer, and the various glittering treasures and Origin Tools everyone owned, they would have thought that Su Chen was just exaggerating.

Jiang Xishui stared at Su Chen intently. “Tell me, how many Origin Stones did you spend?”

“Leopard, you tell him.” Su Chen focused on driving the shuttle. The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle had already caught up with Wei Pei, but when considering the gap in strength, he didn’t immediately attack. Instead, he aimed the cannon at Wei Pei.

Even though the Sky Lightning Cannon’s hit rate was incredibly low, its unbelievable power forced Wei Pei to be careful, so he would need to divert some energy to dodge from time to time, even changing directions sometimes when he didn’t need to.

However, his speed was much lower than the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. No matter how he tried to evade, he couldn’t completely escape.

As he watched the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s cannon fire again and again, Wei Pei hardened his heart. “Without the help of your comrades, do you really think that you guys are enough to deal with me?”

He turned around, the Blue-Blooded Divine Wind Ape charging forth. The sky was thrown into turmoil, and a large blue hand swung through the air down at the shuttle.

When faced with this situation, Su Chen patted the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. It turned around around on the spot and retreated.

He actually ran!

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