Chapter 14: True Spirit Technique

Chapter 14: True Spirit Technique

Patelocke thought for a moment, then asked, “What kind of consciousness strengthening technique do you want to learn? I need to remind you that there are many directions you can develop in, but once you choose, you won’t be able to change. For instance, some consciousness techniques will make you more suited for consciousness attacks; others are better for soul-splitting, which allows you to divide your soul into multiple parts, with each one able to maintain a unique personality; still others are best for combining consciousness energy and Origin Energy to create powerful Arcana Techniques and even magic incantations; some can communicate with the fantastical beings in this world, gaining immense power from it, while others can even connect the heavens and the earth to see into the future, almost like a prophecy......”

“You can do all of these?” Su Chen asked.

“Of course I can’t,” Patelocke laughed. “I’m not a battle-oriented Arcana Master but a researcher. I only know one type of consciousness-strengthening technique called True Spirit Technique. It gives me the ability to analyze and calculate at a high level and helps me preserve my clarity of mind even in the middle of a complex experiment. That way, I won’t lose my sense of direction.”

Su Chen’s eyes lit up. “That’s exactly what I need.”

Patelocke laughed. “I knew that was the case. After all, we’re very similar people. Nothing is more interesting to us than uncovering nature’s secrets. When we can control the laws of nature, we control everything! Since you want it, young man, I’ll teach it to you!”

As he spoke, he pointed his finger at Su Chen. Su Chen lowered the barrier to his soul, allowing a flood of memories to enter.

His eyes constantly darted around behind his tightly shut eyelids.

After a long time, he opened his eyes. “So that’s True Spirit Technique? I understand it now. It truly is an exceptional consciousness technique.”

“It’s every talented Arcana Master’s favorite consciousness technique,” Patelocke emphasized.

In the following days, Su Chen remained at the Su Palace. If he wasn’t performing experiments, he was cultivating.

Today, Su Chen was cultivating in his cultivation room.

On the surface, it didn’t seem like he was doing anything other than sitting quietly and meditating.

But if you focused your vision or used some kind of Origin Skill that could elevate your eyesight, you would see thin strands coming off of Su Chen’s body, dancing in the air like thousands of tentacles.

These thin strands formed a unique barrier around Su Chen, blocking even specks of dust and preventing them from getting close.

Su Chen’s body had become a place where not even dust could get to.

Perhaps because he felt like this training wasn’t enough, Su Chen suddenly reached out and grabbed a handful of flour from a nearby pouch and tossed it into the air.

The flour floated down, landing on the consciousness tendrils. Eventually, most of the flour had been kept out by the barrier.

However, a small amount of the flour made it through the net, landing on Su Chen’s shoulders and his body.

White patches from the flour appeared all over Su Chen’s body.

When all of the flour had landed, the consciousness tendrils disappeared. Su Chen let out a long sigh, picking up a Spirit Sobering Medicine and downing it in a gulp. The consciousness energy he had expended was immediately recovered.

Even though the practice session had been short, Su Chen had expended quite a bit of consciousness energy.

However, the cultivation technique that Patelocke had passed onto him was quite something. With only a few days’ effort, Su Chen’s control over his consciousness energy had markedly increased.

Of course, this was because Su Chen also had the support of Spirit Sobering Medicines.

These Spirit Sobering Medicines, along with the True Spirit Technique that Patelocke had passed onto him, caused Su Chen’s control over his consciousness power to greatly increase.

Patelocke had also given him a way to estimate his consciousness power. When he used it on himself at this moment, he had taken his original fifty units of power all the way to a hundred.

“Finally, I’ve reached a hundred units,” Su Chen sighed.

This was quite the improvement.

Of these, thirty units came from the permanent increase in consciousness power bestowed by the Spirit Sobering Medicines, while the other twenty were a mix of using the medicine to recover and cultivating the True Spirit Technique.

However, this rapid increase in consciousness power came at the cost of a large quantity of money.

Apart from the four medicines that Su Chen drank on the first day, Su Chen drank an additional eleven vials of Spirit Sobering Medicine. In other words, he had expended over five hundred thousand Origin Stones in just a number of days.

“Even though this method is quite effective, it’s not sustainable and can’t be used often,” Su Chen sighed with some regret.

Fortunately, his goal was merely to raise his own consciousness power to a hundred units. That way, he could begin to contact the microscopic world.

As for the next steps, he could only progress slowly but surely.

Even Su Chen couldn’t afford to burn money like this.

At that moment, Li Shu’s voice reached him from outside the room. “Young Master.”

“What is it?”

“The Origin Bureau sent word that City Head Liu has returned and invited you to go over and visit.”

“Got it. Let me get ready and then I will head over.”


Half an hour later, Su Chen arrived at the Origin Bureau.

A long-whiskered man was standing before him - Liu Wuya, head of the Origin Bureau.

City Head Liu hadn’t called Su Chen here immediately after returning for no reason.

After they introduced themselves, Liu Wuya said, “Right, Knowledge Executor Su. You were the one who brought in Sun Mao and Yu Chengshui a few days ago, right?”


Su Chen had guessed that it was more than likely related to this. He replied, “Yes. They fought in public and harmed many of the innocent bystanders. An old woman was even killed. I’m the Origin Bureau’s Knowledge Executor, so naturally, I couldn’t just stand by and watch.”

Liu Wuya laughed bitterly and shook his head. “Youths truly are hot-blooded. You just got to the Origin Bureau yet you’ve already found a problem that’s not big or small for me.”

Even though he said it was a problem, his expression said that it didn’t seem to bother him.

Su Chen understood his meaning. “The Lian and Long Clan’s came looking for you, sir?”

“Yes, they wanted me to determine a release date.” Liu Wuya took a sip of his tea calmly. “Tell me, isn’t this a problem?”

Su Chen laughed, “When did Bloodline Nobility Clans suddenly gain the ability to place boundaries on the government?”

“They have a lot of influence,” Liu Wuya said indifferently.

“No matter how big their influence is, do they dare attack a government-run organization?

“They might not dare to attack a government-run organization, but it’s hard to say with people. If you offend someone you shouldn’t have offended, you’ll need to be careful when you walk on the streets, especially at night.”

“It’s dark at night, so it’s hard to say who is going to be the one who runs into a wall.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Wuya chuckled. “Youths truly are daring and energetic! Graduates of the Hidden Dragon Institute really aren’t common!”

“As long as City Head doesn’t blame me for my impetuousness, I, Su Chen, feel very lucky.”

“Of course I wouldn’t blame you. Just like you said, the Origin Bureau is indeed responsible for handling disputes amongst Origin Qi Scholars. However, you also know the situation here; we only have a few strong individuals. We’re more than enough to deal with some weaklings, but if we run into strong opposition, there’s nothing we can do. The ten great Nobility Clans have a lot of experts, and they’re not people that my small, humble Origin Bureau can contend against. Therefore, I can understand why you did what you did, but I hope you can understand why I did what I did.”

“Understand what City Head did?” Su Chen asked.

Liu Wuya sighed and put down the cup of tea. “Since we’ve met already, Knowledge Executor Su, you may leave. Take care of yourself...... on your way back.”

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