Chapter 137: The Chase

Chapter 137: The Chase

Wei Pei was extremely fast, but the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was even faster.

The core concept of a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle has always been a speed so fast it could easily outcompete a powerful expert. As for its defensive and offensive capabilities, those were just additions to this foundation. The Sky Lightning Cannon’s true purpose and intended function was to attract the enemy’s attention.

As long as Su Chen wanted to, he could have easily left Wei Pei in the dust.

However, Su Chen didn’t want to.

He carefully controlled the speed of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, maintaining his distance from Wei Pei and stringing him along as if he were using a dangling carrot to lead a donkey. The donkey constantly chased after it, but regardless of its efforts it was unable to reach the carrot.

At the beginning, Wei Pei didn’t realize this because there were both fast and slow Cloud-Piercing Shuttles.

The particularly slow Cloud-Piercing Shuttles, like the Golden Cliff Shuttle, could be caught by basically any Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

Additionally, the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle had just demonstrated powerful offensive and defensive capabilities. If it wasn’t a top-quality item, then a corresponding sacrifice in speed was all too normal.

As such, Wei Pei chased after him diligently. He felt that he could catch up.

He constantly activated his Divine Wind Rush, blinking forward again and again in an attempt to try and close the distance between them.

But this damned Cloud-Piercing Shuttle also seemed to have some kind of rushing technique. It would surge forward with a sudden burst of speed every time he closed the distance a bit.

Cloud-Piercing Shuttles were Origin Tools, so it was quite common for them to have corresponding Origin Skills as well. As such, Wei Pei didn’t suspect anything at first.

However, he soon began to feel that something wasn’t right.

Even though he had been constantly chasing after the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle for awhile now, the distance between them had barely changed the whole time. Having chased after Su Chen for some time, at this point Wei Pei had expended a lot of Origin Energy. To conserve energy, he decreased the number of times he was using Divine Wind Rush to charge forwards. Logically, the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle should have been able to use that opportunity to shake him off.

This was how Wei Pei quickly realized that something wasn’t right. “You want me to waste most of my Origin Energy and then fight me?”

When he realized this, Wei Pei slowed down again. Indeed, the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle in front of him slowed down as well.

When he saw this, how could Wei Pei still want to continue chasing after Su Chen?

He knew already that his speed couldn’t match his opponent, so he gave up and turned around to fly back.

Unexpectedly, a ball of lightning once again appeared near the aft of the shuttle.

“Not good!” Wei Pei realized what was about to happen, and he suddenly changed directions with a Divine Wind Rush.


A massive column of lightning shot forward and exploded below him.

That bastard!

Wei Pei was so angry that he was about to grind his teeth to pieces.

If he didn’t chase after his opponent, then his opponent would turn around and attack him instead.

However, the Sky Lightning Cannon’s ability to attract attention was very potent. If Wei Pei didn’t want to get spanked, he could only continue to chase.

He helplessly turned back around in pursuit, and the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle continued to fly away.

The two of them continued to fly through the air in a halting manner. Soon, they had flown a large distance away from where they had started.

The further Wei Pei chased after Su Chen, the more shocked he felt. Where had that brat gotten so many Origin Stones from that he was willing to spend them in this fashion? And the performance of that Cloud-Piercing Shuttle was a bit too good, wasn’t it?

Wei Pei also had a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle, but because it didn’t have a spatial Origin Formation, he had no way of taking it with him. As such, it was always left within the clan. Even so, within the clan it was viewed as quite a treasure.

But his Cloud-Piercing Shuttle seemed far inferior compared to the one in front of his eyes.

He was a clan elder and a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, but the treasures he had were inferior to a junior’s. The more he thought about it, the angrier he felt.

Once this thought took root in his mind, he pulled out an item from his body. It was a handful of sand.

He looked at it reluctantly, then steeled himself and threw the handful of sand into the air. The sand gathered into the massive body of a demon. It let out an ear-splitting shriek in the direction of the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. The whole sky began to dim, and sand began to whirl everywhere. A terrifying sandstorm had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

“Hahahaha, now you will know the power of the Demon Sandstorm Domain! Start swirling and bring that little boat to me!” Wei Pei yelled loudly.

The Demon Sandstorm Domain was something he had obtained after an incredibly dangerous encounter. It was extremely powerful and extraordinarily effective, but it was unfortunately a consumable item. Every time he used it, the amount of sand would decrease. At this point, he only had enough remaining to use one last time, so Wei Pei was extremely hesitant to use it.

It wasn’t until he was clear that this Cloud-Piercing Shuttle was uncommon that Pei Wei tossed it out.

The Demon Sandstorm Domain truly had an extraordinary effect. The heavy grains of sand swirled through the air, completely covering up the sun. Even the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle had a hard time enduring the raging sandstorm; the wind violently rocked it, and the grains of sand were like tens of thousands of arrows slamming into the hull of the shuttle. Sparks flew off of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s hull, creating a brilliant display of lights.

“Damn. Every Light Shaking cultivator indeed has his own trump cards.” Su Chen couldn’t help but shake his head in admiration.

Wei Pei only had a single Lotus Platform, but he was already incredibly hard to deal with. How powerful would the even stronger ones be?

Swirling sand seemed to be everywhere, and the dense sand made it seemingly impossible to advance. Wei Pei was extremely delighted. He believed that Su Chen had no way of escaping now.

Su Chen, however, smiled slightly.

He said, “Idiot!”

Then, he steered the shuttle around and charged back in Wei Pei’s direction.

He had turned back around!

Even though Wei Pei’s Demon Sandstorm Domain covered a large area, there was still a central core, and most of its power was at the very front. After all, Su Chen was in front of Wei Pei.

Su Chen turning around would allow him to fly to an area where the sandstorm was weaker.

However, the weaker area of the sandstorm was where Wei Pei was.

As he watched the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle fly in his direction, a savage smile appeared on Wei Pei’s face. “Brat, I’m going to......”

He had yet to finish speaking when he saw another ball of lightning beginning to build on the hull of the boat.

“Dammit!” Wei Pei cursed as he hurriedly jumped aside.

At the same time as when the massive column of light shot past him, Wei Pei watched in shock as the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle’s speed suddenly began to rapidly increase.

This acceleration was different from before. It almost seemed like the shuttle was chasing after that column of lightning.

This shocked Wei Pei so badly that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Even though he already knew that the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle’s actual top speed was much faster than anything he had seen so far, Wei Pei was still stunned when he saw just how fast it could fly.


This absolutely was a top-quality Cloud-Piercing Shuttle.

A Cloud-Piercing Shuttle of that quality would cost more than 100 million Origin Stones. Even a Clan Elder like himself couldn’t possibly afford one.

How had Su Chen gotten his hands on a shuttle like that?

Before he was able to reach a logical conclusion, however, this Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Shuttle shot through the restriction and continued to fly off into the distance, not slowing down in the slightest. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

What was going on?

Wasn’t Su Chen trying to lead him on a chase?

How come he had suddenly turned tail and run?

A thought suddenly surfaced in his brain. Wei Pei yelled out loudly, “Not good! Old Shen!”

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