Chapter 136: Another Attack

Chapter 136: Another Attack

“That’s how it is. I used up all the energy I had to drive off Shen Yuanhong’s attacks, but we sustained quite a few losses as well.”

Jiang Xishui sighed within the central hall, “Light Shaking is Light Shaking. The gap is truly too great. Even though I have a Primordial Beast Bloodline, I can’t withstand them easily.”

“Aren’t you still able to withstand them even now?” Cloud Leopard laughed.

“But that’s by combining everyone’s strength,” Jiang Xishui replied straightforwardly. “The first time, Shen Yuanhong gave me an opportunity to think things over when he saw that I have a Primordial Beast Bloodline, but the second time my identity wasn’t enough to stop him. He said that he wanted to wipe out the Third River Army like the Black River Army, only leaving me alive. It was only by our furious counterattack that we were able to beat him back. Having failed twice, he will absolutely come again, and things won’t be that simple next time. I think that when he comes again, he will bring another Light Shaking Realm cultivator with him to attack.”

“Two Light Shaking Realm cultivators attacking simultaneously? What a commotion,” Cloud Lopeard laughed.

Su Chen didn’t feel that it was strange. “The Clear River City Bloodline Nobility Clans won’t sit and watch as we cut off their lifelines. Even someone from the Water Sheen Kingdom’s ruling clan isn’t able to get away with it.”

Cloud Leopard laughed sarcastically, “That’s because this place is part of Long Sang Country. If the Lin Clan’s Young Prince were to come here and try it, those Bloodline Nobility Clans wouldn’t even dare fart in his presence.”

That was the truth. Even though Jiang Xishui was a prince, he wasn’t Long Sang Country’s prince, so his deterrent force was too weak. Shen Yuanhong didn’t dare kill him, but he felt no pressure against clipping his wings. However, Jiang Xishui was quite powerful, and the strength that he was able to draw out from his troops had greatly exceeded Shen Yuanhong’s expectations, which was why he had been forced back twice.

Jiang Xishui didn’t know whether or not there would be a third occurrence, so he had requested repeatedly for Su Chen to return.

However, he hadn’t expected Su Chen to return so quickly. He said, “Right, how did you guys get back so fast? Weren’t you still in Long Coiling City just yesterday?”

Su Chen and Cloud Leopard glanced at each other and smiled.

They were just about to reply when a voice boomed loud and clear from outside: “Jiang Xishui, have you thought things through? As long as you are willing to give up the waterways, you can remain the ruler of this place, but if you continue to persist stubbornly in your wrong ways, I am not going to show any mercy today!”

When they heard this voice, everyone felt their hearts jolt. Alarms began to blare on the island, and the pirates began to move swiftly. They were already preparing for battle.

Upon walking out of the center hall, they saw two people standing in the middle of the sky. One of them was Shen Yuanhong, and the other was an old man whose face was unfamiliar. It didn’t take a genius to realize that he was definitely another Light Shaking Realm cultivator from one of the Bloodline Nobility Clans.

“It seems like they came here quite quickly,” Su Chen muttered.

Jiang Xishui looked up and laughed, “Shen Yuanhong, aren’t you embarrassed? Are you sure that last time you held back? Then why have you brought another person with you this time?”

Shen Yuanhong’s face reddened. He was just about to say something when he saw Su Chen.

He had never seen Su Chen face to face, but he had seen pictures of Su Chen many many times and was familiar with his face. As such, when he saw this, his anger immediately began to surge. “Su Chen, so you’re hiding here!”

“Hiding?” Su Chen laughed coldly. “Did you think that I was forced into hiding by Wang Zhanyu and didn’t dare to show my face anymore?”

“Is that not the case?” the other Light Shaking Realm cultivator said powerfully.

He was called Wei Pei and was one of the Wei Clan’s Clan Elders.

“Whether I was or not, you’ll know just by trying it out.” Su Chen didn’t bother wasting any words with him. He unleashed the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, jumped into it, and shot into the air.

A Sky Lightning Cannon was installed on the back of the shuttle, its offensive capability around 300 or so. Su Chen directly activated it. An intense light began to shine from the aft of the shuttle. A thick column of lightning shot forward, searing the air. It almost seemed to howl at Wei Pei as if it were a lightning dragon.

This furious attack gave Wei Pei quite a shock. An attack of three hundred offensive capability was something that even a Light Shaking Realm cultivator couldn’t ignore. In that instant, Wei Pei’s figure blurred, leaving behind an afterimage where he was standing before.

The Sky Lightning Cannon shot right through Wei Pei’s afterimage, exploding into a shocking cloud of mist.

Su Chen felt a tinge of regret that his attack hadn’t connected.

Even though this Sky Lightning Cannon was very powerful, it generated an extremely bright light when activated, meaning that its attacks lacked a surprise factor. No Origin Qi Scholar with brains would try to face it head-on. As such, its hit rate was abysmally low. When factoring in how much energy it expended, it became the most impractical weapon on the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

However, it didn’t matter. This cannon blow of Su Chen’s wasn’t meant to kill his opponent with a single blow.

An instant later, Su Chen controlled the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle and flew off into the distance.

When Wei Pei saw this, he harrumphed coldly, “Leave this one to me. You take care of Jiang Xishui.”

Shen Yuanhong wanted to say that if he could handle Jiang Xishui on his own, what was the point of asking for backup? However, those words were simply too weak, and he couldn’t say anything in the end other than a grunt of assent. He wanted to wait for Wei Pei to finish off Su Chen before coming back to help him out.

Wei Pei began to chase after Su Chen.

Even though the Sky Lightning Cannon was very powerful, Wei Pei could already tell its major flaw. Because it could only shoot in a straight line, Wei Pei would be completely safe as long as he wasn’t right in front of the mouth of the cannon.

As he pursued furiously, Wei Pei activated the wind from afar. A massive palm formed in the sky and began to descend towards the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

“Do people who reach the Light Shaking Realm like to play this way?” Su Chen muttered as he raised his head and glanced at the massive palm descending on him.

As the palm drew near, another bright flash of lightning appeared, enveloping the shuttle’s surroundings like countless sharp spikes. The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle instantly turned into something like a hedgehog made of lightning.

Wei Pei’s palm slammed down right onto those densely packed spikes. It was like a balloon that had been pierced and exploded immediately.

The lightning barrier was specifically meant to defend against these kinds of attacks. Wanting to directly snatch it was going to be impossible, so he was going to need to unleash real attacks.

Upon realizing this, Wei Pei didn’t hold back anymore.

An illusory image of a large, fierce beast appeared behind him. It looked like a massive monkey with the face of a horse, but it had four eyes, and two unevenly-sized horns protruded from the top of its head.

This beast was known as the Blue-Blooded Divine Wind Mythical Beast.

The instant it appeared, it let out a reverberating howl at the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle and leapt at the shuttle.

This was the first time Su Chen had seen an illusory Bloodline Image attack independently of its owner and was shocked. Thankfully, his Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was incredibly fast. With a sudden burst of speed, he was able to dodge that blow.

With a slap of the shuttle’s body, the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle rocketed forward.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Wei Pei yelled. His figure flashed as he suddenly appeared right where the Blue-Blooded Divine Wind Mythical Beast had been.

So his Bloodline Image could not only attack independently of himself, but it also allowed Wei Pei to practically teleport. However, the distance this Bloodline Image could go was limited, so the teleportation distance wasn’t unlimited.

Upon seeing that the distance between himself and Wei Pei was being pulled closer, Su Chen chuckled to himself, “It seems like I need to up my pace.”

He increased the consciousness energy he was pouring into the shuttle. The shuttle’s speed shot up again.

The person and shuttle, one chasing and one escaping, flew off into the distance.

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