Chapter 132: Sea of Clouds Auction (4)

Chapter 132: Sea of Clouds Auction (4)

After the Arcane Heavy Armor came a pair of Shadow Stepping Cloud Boots.

The Shadow Stepping Cloud Boots were Grade Five Origin Tools, which could typically only be used by a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. However, this Origin Tool was a bit unique; Origin Qi Scholars a tier lower could also use it. This pair of boots had a flight Origin Formation built-in. As soon as the user activated this formation, any weight-reduction techniques would be boosted, allowing a person to soar through the air. In addition to this, the user could activate a shadow-chasing Origin Skill once a day that allowed the user to jump to a person’s shadow. It was quite a powerful movement skill.

Even though Su Chen already had the Whitetower Teleportation, it could not be used in rapid succession, and Su Chen didn’t mind having an extra one on hand. This way, he could pounce and then retreat almost immediately, making his attacks even harder to defend against. The flying ability of the boots also supplemented his lack in combat. Even though he already had the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Shuttle, it could only really be used strategically for retreating. Movement during combat was much more easily accomplished with these boots.

But most importantly, the price was very cheap - Su Chen was able to buy these boots for only five million Origin Stones.

To Su Chen, spending five million really wasn’t anything impressive anymore.

Su Chen now had armor, shoes, and consciousness equipment, but he was still missing a good weapon.

Unfortunately, what came next wasn’t the weapon that Su Chen had wanted, but another item.

It looked like a white tangled mass of yarn. Though it seemed messy, each strand glowed with a soft silvery light and fluctuated in a way that was hard to describe, as if the strands themselves were alive.

“This is the Algae Thread Coral from the Seafloor Rock Salt Kingdom, a strange existence that survives by consuming Origin Energy, and it is the best ingredient that can be used to make a Thread Coral Robe. We don’t need to mention its value. There is no minimum bid!”

“Algae Thread Coral?” Su Chen was shocked. “So it’s this item? I didn’t expect that they would even be able to pull out a treasure like this.”

The Algae Thread Coral was a unique lifeform that could only be found in the Rock Salt Kingdom. The corals they formed were made out of thread-like organisms, which was why it was given the name Algae Thread Coral. It took Origin Energy as its food and only grew in places where Origin Energy was dense. The Algae Thread Coral they formed when they died had extremely potent Origin Energy nullifying properties, making the Thread Coral Robe that could be made from them a top-tier defensive Origin Tool.

The Algae Thread Coral couldn’t be cut and their unique property could only be conserved by knitting them together. In addition, once used, they would form a unique connection with the user, as if recognizing a master, and would only belong to that user. No other person would be able to use it. As such, the Algae Thread Coral was only sold as a raw ingredient, not as part of a finished product.

Unlike most defense-type Origin Tools, the Thread Coral Robe’s defensive rating was relatively low, but it could weaken most Origin Skills by 10-30% and was ineffective against consciousness-type skills.

In other words, no matter how powerful your cultivation base was and how much might you possessed, your attacks would all be weakened by an appropriate amount before taking effect against an opponent wearing the Thread Coral Robe. Most importantly, this Thread Coral Robe was like a consciousness-type Origin Tool; its power relied on a person’s own physique, meaning that it likely wasn’t infused with any Origin Formations and wouldn’t be affected by Origin Energy interference. In other words, you could easily wear another defensive piece of equipment underneath, multiplying your defensive capabilities.

This kind of absolutely overpowered defensive attributes were exactly why everyone was so covetous of the Algae Thread Coral. It was a useful treasure no matter what cultivation level you were at.

If Su Chen paired the Algae Thread Coral with his Arcane Heavy Armor and activated his Adamantine Battle Body and Flowing Wind Body, his defenses would enable him to withstand a few all-out blows from a Light Shaking Realm expert.

When they saw this item appear, everyone felt their blood start to boil.

A material like the Algae Thread Coral was what truly attracted everyone’s attention.

An instant later, everyone began to call out prices.

“Two million!”

“Three million!”

“Five million!”

“Six million!”

“Eight million!”

“Ten million!”

The Algae Thread Coral’s price shot up at an alarming rate, quickly breaking into the ten million range.

Even so, this was only the beginning. As people continued to call higher and higher prices, the bid for the Algae Thread Coral quickly reached twenty million and only continued to rise.

Algae Thread Coral took a long time to grow. A mass of Algae Thread Coral like the one before them would need at least ten thousand years to mature. This really was a ten-thousand-year-old treasure. Because of overharvesting, Algae Thread Corals had become rarer and rarer. They were incredibly hard to obtain now, so no one was willing to let this opportunity go by.

The Sea of Clouds Pavilion had dared to sell it with no minimum bid because they weren’t worried that no one would want something like this.

“Fifty million!” Su Chen made his first bid, directly raising the price to fifty million.

However, this price of fifty million didn’t scare anyone off. Very quickly, someone else raised the price to eighty million.

Damn, there’s so many people in this world that have money! Gu Jintang sighed in his heart. He came from a Bloodline Nobility Clan, but this was the first time he had felt so financially powerless.

When the price reached eighty million, not many people could still afford to continue bidding.

Apart from Su Chen, the guests in the 14th and 18th guest rooms were still in it.

However, nothing like what happened with Shi Tianchou occurred. Everyone continued to patiently raise the price, competing and showing off their wealth.

Finally, Su Chen, who spent money like water, obtained it for a price of 110 million Origin Stones.

The yarn-ball-like Algae Thread Coral was delivered into Su Chen’s hands. Everyone stared longingly at that treasure.

This was 110 million Origin Stones!

Yet it had been exchanged for this ball of yarn. It was impossible for them not to have a weird feeling in their hearts.

However, this feeling of depression ran back and forth in their hearts first before it gradually slipped away.

“Dammit, it’s that guy from guest room 16 again. Is that bastard here to swipe all the goods from the auction? He’s already won ten or so items, hasn’t he?”

“Dammit! Where did this brat come from? He doesn’t treat money like it’s worth anything.”

The people discussed amongst themselves animatedly, but there was nothing they could do.

Even Shi Tianchou was dumbfounded.

If he had any thoughts remaining of trying to get revenge, he now put those permanently to rest.

No matter what, anyone who could casually pull out 110 million Origin Stones wasn’t someone that he could afford to provoke.

Su Chen carefully put the Algae Thread Coral away. Someone was already knocking at the door to their guest room.

The guests of the auctions had sent out invitations and greetings to try and meet this person who had spent a hundred million in a single blow to obtain the Algae Thread Coral.

Su Chen politely declined them all, no matter who the other party was. In any case, since he didn’t come from a noble background, he was going to be the enemy of the Bloodline Nobility Clans in the future, so there was no need to make trouble for himself.

The Algae Thread Coral’s appearance immediately pushed the auction into its climax. Everything that was auctioned subsequently was good.

As long as it was something good, Su Chen wasn’t planning on letting things go.

There were indeed many rich people here, but someone who could pull out a hundred million Origin Stones to buy equipment for themselves were much rarer.

Everything else began to fall into Su Chen’s rhythm after that.

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