Chapter 130: Sea of Clouds Auction (2)

Chapter 130: Sea of Clouds Auction (2)

Sun Zhengtao had just spoken when someone said, “I’ll take it for 800,000!”


“A million!”

“1.1 million!”

The price very quickly exceeded 1 million Origin Stones, reaching the price of a Grade Five Origin Tool.

This was the attraction of a top-tier treasure. When a typical Origin Qi Scholar used a Grade Six Origin Tool to unleash a power that surpassed their normal limits, it would increase their strength by quite a bit. It was worth paying even more money for it.

Su Chen smiled at Gu Qingluo. “That bracelet seems pretty good, and its design is quite elegant. What do you think about me gifting it to you?”

Su Chen knew that to girls, most of the time practicality was much less important than appearances, so he emphasized the stylishness of the bracelet.

Indeed, Gu Qingluo laughed and replied, “Is that really fine?”

“I think it’s fine.” As Su Chen spoke, he raised his hand. “1.5 million!”

“But this is just the first one.”

“Don’t worry, if we find something better after this we’ll just buy it then.”


With this price of 1.5 million called out, no one else followed up after it.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford this price, but that they were all looking for value for their money.

It was just a Grade Six Origin Tool. This kind of price was already high enough, and any more wouldn’t be worth it.

An instant later, the Sanxiang Ghost Jade Bracelet was sent to Su Chen, and he personally put it on Gu Qingluo’s wrist. The purple jade bracelet glowed faintly against Gu Qingluo’s skin.

“The next time you don’t treat me well, I’ll use this to smack you,” Gu Qingluo said.

Su Chen laughed bitterly. “Young Miss, is this the reward that I get for giving you a present?”

Gu Qingluo covered her mouth as she giggled, sending everyone nearby into a daze.

The two maidservants were stunned, feeling extremely lucky that they hadn’t carelessly opened their mouths earlier. Otherwise, their faces would have been slapped swollen.

The second treasure was already being auctioned. It was a Grade Eight Origin Tool blade.

Su Chen wasn’t interested in this item, and Gu Qingluo had obtained the Frost Soul Chilly Sword from him, so everyone ignored it. They watched the people behind them fight over it.

Good things would appear at the auction from time to time, making sure that the auction remained lively and bustling the whole time.

Su Chen also bid on a few, distributing them to everyone.

“We are now selling the 37th treasure, the Deathwater Soul Prison Ring. This ring’s most valuable attribute is the Soul Frightening Pearl on it. It can attack a person’s consciousness and disrupt it, but on its own it isn’t very powerful. The kind of effect it’s going to have depends on the user’s abilities. Because this is a consciousness Origin Tool, and a utility-type at that, the price of this ring is hard to determine. As such, we will treat it as a unique treasure, with the starting bid at 2 million Origin Stones.”

“Oh? This is quite a valuable item.” When he heard the price, Su Chen sat up.

Amongst all the Origin Tools, consciousness-type Origin Tools were hard to come by because power that came from a person’s consciousness was always mysterious and abstruse. It had no physical substance and couldn’t be manifested with physical tricks and skills. Most Origin Tools relied on the materials they were constructed from and the Origin Formations they were imbued with to generate different effects, making them much more than the sum of their parts.

Consciousness-type Origin Tools were different. Their effectiveness relied on the consciousness attributes of the materials they were created from. For instance, this Deathwater Soul Prison Ring was built around this Soul Frightening Pearl; it being fashioned into a ring was just for ease of use. After all, it would be inconvenient to have to take it out every time they faced an enemy. Actually, it would still be possible to use the pearl even if it were separated from the ring.

When he heard Sun Zhengtao introduce the item, Su Chen activated the microphone within the guest room. “Can this item strengthen a person’s own consciousness?”

Sun Zhengtao shook his head. “It cannot.”

“How effective is it against a person’s state of mind? Are there any limitations to its usage?”

“If you activate it directly, it can cause an opponent a certain amount of dizziness, but the exact effect depends on the gap in consciousness strength between the two people. If you own any consciousness-type Origin Skills, this ring can increase its effectiveness. Its usage limitations depend only on the user’s expenditure of consciousness energy.

The benefit of having a high-quality host was clearly evident now. He was very clear on what the asker wanted to know, and the preparations he had made were very adequate. With but a few sentences, he had clearly explained the unique aspects of this treasure.

So this was an Origin Tool that could weaken the defensive capabilities of an opponent’s consciousness.

In reality, no matter what his answers were, Su Chen had already decided he wanted it upon hearing that it was a consciousness-type Origin Tool.

But just as he was about to speak, he heard a voice call out, “2.5 million. I want it.”

The voice came from a nearby guest room. The speaker couldn’t be identified, but his languid, self-content voice could clearly be heard. His simple yet powerful words carried a great deal of self-confidence.

Su Chen’s eyebrow jumped. He said, “Three million.”

The crowd immediately began to murmur.

This Deathwater Soul Prison Ring was obviously something that could be only used by Origin Qi Scholars with powerful consciousnesses. In other words, this auction had at least two experts with powerful consciousnesses. As for how many exactly there were, it was hard to say.

“Four million.” The opponent obviously wasn’t planning on backing off, adding on another million to the bid directly.

Su Chen didn’t back off either. “Five million!”

“Hmph!” A dissatisfied and cold harrumph shot towards Su Chen from the other guest room, attempting to dig its way into his mind.

Su Chen knew that this was his opponent testing him out.

With a thought from Su Chen, his consciousness energy was erected around him like a wall, easily blocking this consciousness probe. Simultaneously, he shot a glare at the opponent, a powerful dart of consciousness energy shooting towards the opponent’s guest room. With his consciousness sensing, Su Chen could tell that there was an expert with a powerful consciousness in that guest room, attracting his attention like a burning flame.

However, this attack seemed to be completely ineffective. It disappeared without a trace like a drop into the ocean when it hit its target.

Even so, the opponent obviously hadn’t expected Su Chen to counterattack and was both surprised and angry.. A fiercer wave of consciousness energy assaulted Su Chen.

Su Chen endured it without any issues and countered.

An invisible exchange between the two of them continued.

On the surface, they were also continuing to call out prices.

After Su Chen called out five million, the person in the other guest room immediately called out six million. Evidently, he was also someone rich and imposing.

Su Chen bluntly called out a price of seven million.

The opponent raised the price to eight million.

The crowd burst into a hubbub. This was already quite a shocking price. In truth, the two of them were no longer bidding for the item, but to outdo the other.

But just as everyone was waiting for Su Chen to call out a higher price, he suddenly stopped.

The host called out 8 million three times. Upon seeing no one raise the price, the gavel fell, marking the item as sold.

The person in the guest room obviously hadn’t expected that Su Chen would suddenly stop bidding and was dazed for a moment. Su Chen took advantage of this to counterattack, throwing all of his consciousness energy at the opponent. The opponent couldn’t respond in time and lost his grip on the situation. Su Chen’s consciousness attack caused him to jump straight into the air.

A piece of Su Chen’s will had wriggled its way into the opponent’s brain.

Consciousness battles were not small matters. Defeat would not only result in damage to a person’s mind, but the opponent’s will could also infiltrate them, resulting in their memories being stolen or even them becoming directly controlled.

The opponent knew the situation wasn’t good. He furiously attempted to defend himself as he simultaneously yelled, “Quick, bring the Deathwater Soul Prison Ring over!”

The person beside him began to dig for the ring.

However, water far off in the distance couldn’t quench one’s immediate thirst. Su Chen drank a vial of Spirit Sobering Medicine, and another wild and unrestrained wave of consciousness energy smashed into the opponent.

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