Chapter 11: Metal Block

Chapter 11: Metal Block

The Immortal Temple had made adequate preparations this time.

Their request wasn’t too excessive. Just as they had said, the Blood Withering Medicine and Chaotic Soul Medicine both couldn’t do large-scale damage. Even though they were powerful, they were just like conventional weapons. Su Chen really didn’t have a reason to refuse them.

Most importantly, the other side had even voluntarily invited him to join their expedition.

The biggest benefit to doing it this way was that they could lower Su Chen’s vigilance, making it easier to obtain the medicines. Second, his help would be greatly appreciated. An elite graduate from the Hidden Dragon Institute was never going to be weak. Thirdly, and most importantly, they would be able to reestablish their relationship with Su Chen. They could mend the cracks that were present in their relationship and bring the ties closer together.

Perhaps they would be able to cooperate with each other in the future.

After all, sometimes once one thing started, it was very difficult to cut it off.

From this point of view, the Immortal Temple had basically pulled Su Chen over to their side.

In other words, the Immortal Temple would be able to haul a ton of benefits just from this one expedition.

But this way of doing things wouldn’t put a bad taste in Su Chen’s mouth. It was a much more efficient way of doing things than Ma Renze’s threats.

Under these kinds of circumstances, even Su Chen had no reason to refuse.

Of course, no matter what these medicines were still legendary-tier, and at present Su Chen’s ability was still somewhat lacking. He still needed some time to prepare.

Night Demon had already agreed on behalf of the Immortal Temple. They would give Su Chen three years to prepare; in the meantime, they would still need Spirit Sobering Medicine, but that number would go down to a hundred vials a year.

After casually conversing for some time, Night Demon left.

Su Chen saw her off, then returned to his residence, where he began to stroll aimlessly.

The former Li Clan residence was well-constructed, and the scenery in the flower garden was very beautiful. Su Chen wandered slowly in the garden, taking in the sights.

If there was any downside, it was that after the ‘demons sending babies’ incident, not a single woman dared enter this residence, so it was all males living here.

Su Chen walked through the flower garden into the backyard.

There was a well in the backyard. This was the well in which the first mysteriously pregnant woman had committed suicide in.

Because someone had died here, the well had been abandoned, and the mouth of the well had been covered with metal bars.

Standing and looking down into the mouth of the well, Su Chen could feel a cold, shadowy wind blowing across his face, as if there was something seeping out of the well.

In the Primordial Continent, because of Origin Energy, all kinds of supernatural occurrences could actually become reality. Even shadowy winds could be real.

Thus, when he felt the chilling intent wash over him, Su Chen activated his Origin Energy Eye to take a closer look at the well.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he activated his eye, he could see a bunch of strange particles of light floating densely within the well.

“This is......” Su Chen was shocked.

He got closer and found that this wasn’t an Origin Substance.

These dots of light were much larger than Origin Substance Particles, but they were still invisible to the naked eye. They floated in the air and could be inhaled into a person’s body at any time.

Su Chen stopped his breathing to prevent himself from taking in those motes of light.

After thinking for a moment, he grabbed one of the bandits and tossed them into the well.

Those dots of light were absorbed into the bandit’s body as he inhaled.

Su Chen ripped the bandit’s clothes open to get a closer look. The bandit was completely frightened, staring at Su Chen in fright as he covered his butt with his hands.

Su Chen ignored him as he continued to observe the changes in the bandit’s body.

His Origin Energy Eye couldn’t penetrate objects, but as the number of dots of light absorbed grew greater, there would definitely be some shining through, allowing Su Chen to make an analysis.

To his surprise, he discovered that these dots of light weren’t actually absorbed by the body itself. They circulated through the bandit’s body and then were exhaled after.

It seemed like they were completely harmless.

But Su Chen didn’t think that was the case.

“Harmless to humans...... or harmless to males? It seems like I need to find a woman to test it out,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

But finding a female target was going to be a problem. Su Chen only had a bunch of bandits with him, and not a single one was a female. His two rules for selecting human research subjects was that he wouldn’t offend anyone who didn’t offend him, and the second was that the offense had to be a significant one.

This meant that he would need to find a female offender before he could use her for an experiment.

“This...... this is going to be quite troublesome,” Su Chen muttered.

Of course, apart from doing experiments, there were other things he could do.

Such as go down there to take a look.

Since the dots of light were floating around near the well, that implied that there was something within the well creating these dots of light.

If that was the case, he could make some kind of discovery just by going down to take a look. In any case, these dots of light were, at the very least, not harmful to males.

But Su Chen didn’t go down himself.

Having reached this point, Su Chen was very clear about the importance of being cautious.

He said to the bandit, “You, go down into that well and take a look.”

Even though the bandit was crude, he wasn’t an idiot and knew that this place was strange. He said with fright, “Sir, I cannot!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. If you discover anything, tell me and I’ll reward you,” Su Chen said as an air tentacle wrapped itself around the bandit and pushed him into the well.

The cold water in the well drowned out the bandit’s panicked yells as he sank to the bottom. Su Chen wasn’t worried about the bandit drowning; the air tentacle wasn’t just a rope, but it could also be used to help him breathe. He branched out a small tentacle from the main tentacle and put it in the bandit’s mouth, helping him breathe. That way, the bandit would be able to stay underwater for longer.

After some time, Su Chen pulled him back out and asked, “Did you find anything?”

The bandit shook his head. “Everything was pitch black down there and I couldn’t see anything.”

“I forgot about that.” Su Chen pulled out a vial of medicine, sealed its opening with Origin Energy, then handed it to the bandit and said, “There’s a light technique stored in there. Go down and take a closer look.”

The bandit was much bolder upon seeing that there didn’t seem to be much danger. He took the light with him and went back into the water.

However, he still shook his head upon emerging from the water. “There was nothing down there.”

“Nothing?” Su Chen stared at the bandit intently, quietly activating his lie detection skill. “Was there really nothing?”

“Really, there was nothing down there!”

“Bang!” Su Chen slapped the bandit hard. “I’ll give you one last chance. Tell me the truth or I’m going to send you to the research lab right now.”

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” The bandit was scared out of his wits. “There’s a metal block in the mud below.”

“Go and get it.”

Su Chen tossed him back into the well.

When the bandit reemerged, he was holding a strange block of metal in his hands.

This metal block was extremely square, roughly the size of a bowl. It was covered in profound inscriptions; evidently, it was a man-made item.

There was a small hole at the very center of the metal block.

With his Origin Energy Eye, Su Chen could clearly see that the dark substance was coming out from this metal block.

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