Chapter 99: Silencing

Chapter 99: Silencing

At this point, the only person remaining was Hong Ming.

He laid on the ground unable to crawl to his feet, gasping for air desperately.

When Hong Ming saw Uncle Eleven walking towards him, he shook his head and said, “No, don’t kill me!”

“You injured me so grievously, yet you still want to live?” Uncle Eleven said menacingly.

He raised his hand, preparing to strike down Hong Ming.

Just as his palm was about to land, Su Chen suddenly said, “Why don’t you leave this person alive for now?”

“What?” Uncle Eleven turned his gaze to Su Chen, killing intent surfacing in his eyes. “Brat, you still dare open your mouth?”

If it weren’t for that brat, how could he have lost so many good people? Even Zhu Yanniang had died, and he himself had been gravely injured.

The frighteningly large hole in his back was due to Hong Ming, while Zhong Shisi’s sword Qi had burrowed its way into his body. Uncle Eleven had missed his early opportunity to expel it, so the sword Qi was now extremely difficult to deal with, continuing to wreak havoc within his body.

Apart from this, both Jiang Tao’s palm and Zhang Tingyue’s Verdantwood Poison were affecting him greatly as well. These attacks on their own would not be enough to put him in danger, but they were still able to pose a significant danger to him when combined.

Although he appeared to be relatively unharmed, in reality he had been severely injured. When adding on the fact that he had repeatedly activated the Red Fox Blood Tide, putting enormous strain on his body, Uncle Eleven had basically exhausted all of his strength.

Even so, it would be as easy as squeezing a small snake to death for him to kill Su Chen.

For Su Chen to speak such words was basically asking to die.

He stared at Su Chen with rage. “Everything is all your fault, but you still dare to make requests? Or do you think that there’s nothing I can do to you because I’m injured?”

Su Chen shook his head. “I don’t think that I can take advantage of you just because you’re injured. I don’t even think that I am the Young Miss’s opponent, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the right to speak.”

Zhu Xianyao stared at him, her eyes filled with the flames of rage.

No one else knew, but it was clear to her that she wouldn’t have been in such danger if he hadn’t pushed her, and none of the following events would have happened either.

Because of him, the circumstances of the battlefield had suddenly changed. Everyone from the Zhu Clan had died except for her and Uncle Eleven.

And because of him, the Zhu Clan had attacked the Six Great Nobility Clans, resulting in a bloodbath.

Everything that had happened was because of him!

Uncle Eleven laughed darkly, “Brat, you seem quite confident we won’t kill you, right? Forget about it. Since you dared to scheme against us so maliciously, it seems our cooperation has fallen through. If that’s the case, then I will just capture you and torture you, cutting off your hands, feet, nose, and tongue. If you are willing to cooperate, then at the very least I’ll leave your corpse intact. If not, then at worst I will have failed my mission. There are an infinite amount of opportunities under the sun; even if we can’t get this one, there are naturally many others. Did you really think we would be patient with you forever?”

As he spoke, he strode menacingly towards Su Chen.

Uncle Eleven, who had finally made his decision, would no longer be swayed by Su Chen’s threats.

However, Su Chen continued to smile. “If I still thought that I would be able to keep you guys under my control merely with Kaihuang’s Heaven at this point, then I really would be too naive.”


Uncle Eleven froze.

Su Chen sighed, “Are you really not going to check your surroundings before you make a move? Or have your injuries caused you to lose your fundamental perception skills?”

“Who is it? Come out!” Upon hearing Su Chen’s words, Uncle Eleven hurriedly spun around, sending a streak of bloody light behind him.

A black shadow flew forth from the forest, slamming into the streak of bloody light. With a pitiful wail, the black shadow fell to the ground. It was an Incense-Sniffing Mouse. After it was struck by the blow, it fell to the ground and died immediately.

Then, a person with a long, horse-like face slowly stepped out of the forest. It was Ma Renze.

Ma Renze stared at Su Chen, his expression cloudy. “Su Chen, what are you trying to pull? If you didn’t expose me, I could have ambushed him. Do you not want me to save you?”

Su Chen laughed, “You’ve been there all day without making a move. I thought that you didn’t want to save me anymore, so I was forced to call you out. How could I have known that you were waiting for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack? Were you not worried that I would be dead by the time the opportunity came around?”

“He already said that he wouldn’t kill you right off the bat, but rather torture you for a bit. Why are you so nervous?”

Su Chen sighed, “It seems like you really do hate me quite a bit.”

“There’s no way around it. Even if he didn’t do anything to you, I would have done the same. Brat, daring to go against me - did you really think that I would let you get off easy once you fell into my clutches?” Ma Renze said darkly.

Light flashed across Uncle Eleven’s eyes. “So you mean that you aren’t my enemy? If that’s the case, then I think we can come to an agreement. In any case, this guy has already destroyed our plans to this point, and we don’t even want to monopolize Kaihuang’s Heaven anymore. If you are willing, why don’t we just kill him right now? Isn’t that better?”

This was the first time he had spoken so tolerantly.

He hadn’t felt his wounds during the battle, but now that they had stopped fighting, the wounds on his body began to hurt quite badly. Uncle Eleven had lost all his desire to fight.

Ma Renze glanced at Uncle Eleven and laughed darkly. “Although I hate this brat, I cannot kill him just yet. After all, I still need him to do some things for me.”

“If that’s the case, then he belongs to you.” Uncle Eleven was quite decisive. He made the decision to let Su Chen go quickly and without any hesitation.

Su Chen, however, sighed, “Even if that’s the case, he might not be able to let you off the hook. Whose fault is it that you stumbled across our relationship?”

“What?” Uncle Eleven froze.

Ma Renze’s expression suddenly harshened. “Shut your mouth!”

Su Chen spoke casually, “He is someone from the Immortal Temple.”

When those words were spoken, everyone trembled simultaneously.

The entirety of the human race knew of the infamous Immortal Temple.

What Su Chen had said was basically equivalent to admitting that he had ties to the Immortal Temple. Now that the Zhu Clan knew of this secret, they would only need to bring that matter to light if they wanted to deal with Su Chen.

Ma Renze didn’t care too much about whether or not Su Chen was dealt with; the issue was that he still owed the Immortal Temple a great deal of Spirit-Sobering Medicines!

Ma Renze was so angry that his entire body began to tremble. “Su Chen, what are you trying to pull?”

Su Chen replied, “Naturally, I want you to help me kill Uncle Eleven. Why do you think I led you here in the first place? The Zhu Clan helped me take care of the Six Great Clans, and now I want you to help me take care of the Zhu Clan. It’s that simple.”


Silencing again!

The Zhu Clan had executed the Six Great Clans to silence them.

Now, Ma Renze was going to exterminate the Zhu Clan to silence them!

The Zhu Clan had been baited into making a move, and so had Ma Renze.

Even if he knew that he was being baited, Ma Renze has no other choice but to follow unless he was willing to potentially pay the price for failure.

Uncle Eleven was gravely wounded. He had no choice but to accept that he had failed his mission.

But Ma Renze wasn’t.

He was still fresh and full of energy, and he had chance of winning. Naturally, he would not be able to accept failure. In addition, as one of the members of the Immortal Temple, the price for failure he would have to pay was much higher than Uncle Eleven’s.

Thus, he could not possibly fail.

Thus, even though he knew Su Chen was using him, he couldn’t let the other party go.

Su Chen even supplemented, “They came here to try and negotiate with me. Before coming, they didn’t know what I wanted, so they probably prepared a lot of things such as precious medicinal ingredients, ancient information, precious Origin Tools, and many, many Origin Stones...... they must have brought these with them.”

Greed was the final reason that pushed Ma Renze to embark on the path that Su Chen had carefully laid out for him.

His gaze towards Uncle Eleven suddenly turned icy, his energy surging violently.

Uncle Eleven yelled, “I can give you the money, and I can also swear an oath to keep your secret!”

“Dead people keep the best secrets!”

How familiar those words sounded.

Ma Renze charged forwards.

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