Chapter 96: Changes

Chapter 96: Changes

“Is this the strength of someone with a Demonic Emperor Bloodline?”

Su Chen stood to the side quietly as he watched in astonishment. The Zhu Clan’s Uncle Eleven had swept his way through the battlefield like he was the orchestrator of it all.

Even though Shi Kaihuang had explained and even demonstrated the power of the Light Shaking Realm to him before, he was completely stunned by the battle between Light Shaking Realm figures unfolding before him.

The amount of power being put on display was staggering. Within a thousand-foot diameter, nothing could remain intact - the trees, ground, and boulders - everything broke and collapsed as they battled. Every fist and kick contained enough power to shatter a mountain.

Since the people battling were targeting other people, they were controlling the direction of their power output. If they were to wantonly unleash their strength in every direction, the resulting damage would probably be many times greater.

What frightening strength and frightening bloodlines!

Even the weakest guard from any of the Six Great Clans was stronger than he was, yet they couldn’t hold Uncle Eleven down at all even with all of them working together. It was as if he was just playing a game as he killed them off one by one, it didn’t matter how much his opponents struggled.

“Do you understand now?” Zhu Xianyao shot Su Chen a glance. “The power of a Bloodline Nobility Clan isn’t something a commoner like you can easily understand, and breaking through the bloodline restrictions is nowhere near as easy as you think it is. The difference between Bloodline Nobility and commoners is like the difference between the Heavens and the earth. Only Bloodline Nobility Clans can fight against other Bloodline Nobility Clans. You should give up on your impractical dreams. It would be better for you to simply be realistic and try to take advantage of the situation.”

“Take advantage of the situation?” Su Chen glanced at her. “So you mean I should just hand over the cultivation technique and allow you to wipe my memories?”

Zhu Xianyao laughed, “That was the original plan, but I’ve changed my mind because even though your plan to pit us against each other to make a profit was only so-so, you at least have a lot of courage. If you are willing to help our Zhu Clan and follow me, I might really consider allowing you to marry me.”

“I’m not too interested in getting married, but I need to correct you about one thing. If you think that my only goal was to just incite the two of you to do battle, then you are wrong. From the very beginning, I knew that there was no way they could be your opponents. The only possible outcome would be a one-sided bloodbath.”

“Hm?” Zhu Xianyao’s interest was piqued. “If that’s the case, why did you need to trick us into making a move? Are you not afraid of angering us?”

Su Chen replied, “Because they were the ones to give me trouble in the first place...... I killed the heirs of their clans.”

Understanding dawned on Zhu Xianyao’s face. “So that’s how it is. You were simply borrowing our hand to get rid of a grudge. Why didn’t you just tell us instead of insisting on using Kaihuang’s Heaven in such a way and risk exposing it? We would have just helped you out.

“This was the only way I could ensure that you would kill them all,” Su Chen replied. “I don’t want to make this a condition anyways. If I offered to give you Kaihuang’s Heaven as long as you killed a few people for me, then we most likely would have had to haggle for it. But now, I don’t even need to bring up any conditions for you to take the initiative to do it. How good is that?”

“You really are quite the trickster,” Zhu Xianyao laughed as she covered her mouth. She was not angered by Su Chen’s scheming at all.

Of course, the real reason why she wasn’t angered was because, just like Su Chen had said, the battle was a completely one-sided massacre. That was the reason she was so light-hearted. If the situation were to suddenly change, she might not be so light-hearted anymore.

And the situation was about to suddenly change.

Change in a way that Zhu Xianyao absolutely did not expect.


Third Mother Guan was sent flying by a single palm.

This was the fourth time that she had been knocked into the air.

One of her hands was broken by the impact, two of her ribs were shattered, and most frighteningly of all, one of her eyes had been gouged out.

One of her eyes!

She did not have frighteningly powerful regenerative abilities like Zheng Bashan. If she lost one of her eyes, that was it.

She had become a one-eyed freak!

Third Mother Guan, who took great pride in her appearance, was about to go crazy.

She looked back at the battlefield. Everyone was still fighting against Uncle Eleven, but they weren’t qualified to be his opponent even with so many people. That man was like a demon, teleporting back and forth as he swiftly dispatched his opponents.

Half of the forty- or fifty-man platoon had been wiped out in the blink of an eye. The ground was littered with corpses.

The massacre only continued. Uncle Eleven was like cold-blooded executioner, taking the lives of his opponents one after the other expressionlessly no matter how much Zhang Tingyue and the others pleaded for their lives.


Third Mother Guan’s aura surged madly.

At that exact moment, a gentle laugh entered her ear.

Though it was not very loud, it was heavily laced with mockery, piercing into Third Mother Guan’s heart.

When she directed her gaze towards where the laugh had come from, she saw Su Chen off in the distance watching her.

He stared directly at her. A delighted smile appeared on his face.

When gaze met Third Mother Guan’s, he moved his lips and mouthed, “Idiot!”

Even though she didn’t know what he was saying, Third Mother Guan could accurately guess what he said.

He was humiliating them!

That bastard! He was humiliating her as he stood off to the side, as if he were just a spectator watching a play.


Everything was his fault! He had given Kaihuang’s Heaven to them, incurring this calamity upon them.

Everything was because of his schemes!

Third Mother Guan instantly understood.

“No!” she screamed wildly. She suddenly turned around and charged towards Su Chen.

Even if she were to die here, she would definitely kill Su Chen!!!

She flew away from the battle at high speed, completely ignoring it.

When Su Chen saw Third Mother Guan charging towards him, he suddenly grabbed Zhu Xianyao’s hand and said, “Careful, this woman is about to go mad. Protect me!”

As he spoke, he shoved Zhu Xianyao forward.

Zhu Xianyao hadn’t expected this sudden turn of events. She was pushed directly into Third Mother Guan’s path.

Third Mother Guan was similarly filled with hate towards Zhu Xianyao. When she saw Zhu Xianyao appear, she raked her left towards her. “Die!”

She was still a Yang Opening Realm expert. Even though Zhu Xianyao had a Demonic Emperor bloodline, it couldn’t make up for a disparity of two whole realms. As the claw descended, Zhu Xianyao was unable to dodge.

At that precise moment, Uncle Eleven, who had been embroiled in battle, suddenly charged out of the siege and appeared in front of Zhu Xianyao. He struck out with his palm, which slammed into Third Mother Guan’s face and split her head like a watermelon. A red-and-white mixture showered the ground.

At the same time, the others caught up with him, launching their attacks.

Uncle Eleven didn’t care, but just as he was about to dodge, he discovered a problem.

He was standing in front of Zhu Xianyao at the moment. If he dodged, then most of the attacks would land on Zhu Xianyao.

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