Chapter 94: Obstruction

Chapter 94: Obstruction

When the four people started charging at them, Zhang Tinyue said scornfully, “Four juniors at the Blood Boiling Realm? Sending any more people would be giving you too much face. Yuanhu, Laiyi, Xiangyu, and Huyi, you four go teach them a lesson.”

“Yes!” The four guards charged forward, clashing head-on with the four black-clothed warriors.

The eight figures slammed into each other. After exchanging a few blows, the four guards from the Zhang Clan were sent flying.

In this battle of pure strength, the Zhang Clan had been completely defeated.

At the same time, the four black-clothed warriors continued to press forwards, placing their hands on the four guards’ chests as fast as lightning. Even though they tried to defend themselves, the blows still landed.

Blood spurted wildly from their bodies, forming four columns of blood in the air.

The four guards fell to the ground simultaneously, never to crawl back onto their feet again.

Zhang Tingyue’s expression changed. Although he had guessed that their opponents were not simple people, he still felt that he had lost too much face because of how cleanly and quickly his own subordinates fell.

The four black-clothed warriors’ attacks succeeded, but they continued to press forwards.

Jiang Tao harrumphed, “Arrogant!”

He waved his arm, and the Jiang Clan’s guards charged forwards. This time, there were eight of them.

Zhu Xianyao laughed, “Didn’t someone say that sending more people would be giving me too much face? Now it has become a two-on-one battle.

Zhang Tingyue’s face reddened. Jiang Tao said, “Brother Tingyue’s words don't necessarily represent my views.”

Zhu Xianyao said, “Unfortunately, two-on-one won’t be enough.”

Before she was even done speaking, two of the Jiang Clan’s guards were sent flying with loud bangs.

Jiang Tao’s expression changed slightly.

Thankfully, Hong Ming said at that moment, “You guys go as well.”

Eight more guards charged forwards, joining forces with the Jiang Clan’s guards to attack the four black-clothed warriors.

They were basically engaging in a four-on-one battle, and the fight slowly began to stabilize.

The people involved in the battle constantly exchanged blows. The four Zhu Clan warriors attacked savagely. Even though they were outnumbered, they were constantly on the offensive, and all of their attacks carried a powerful momentum behind them. If the battle were to continue in this way, it was likely that the four Zhu clan warriors would still emerge victorious.

“Where did these warriors come from? How are they so powerful?” Third Mother Guan was astonished.

The guards participating in the battle were all elites in their respective clans, and many of them were high-layer Blood Boiling Realm Cultivators. If they still weren’t able to win, then their opponents likely possessed strength at least equivalent to that of the Yang Opening Realm.

It wasn’t extremely rare for someone to possess strength a tier higher than their cultivation base in the Primordial Continent, but it all depended on who that person was.

However, it was extremely rare for four common warriors to possess this kind of tier-jumping strength.

Zhang Tingyue recognized this as well, and his expression grew even more somber.

Zheng Bashan didn’t seem to care much. “So what? They are just four common warriors. Our guards haven’t even gotten involved yet, let alone us.”

“Idiot! What do you know!?” Zhang Tingyue said angrily. “Our opponents aren’t idiots. Since they dared to attack us even with a numbers disadvantage, they definitely have backup plans in place! Everyone, be careful; our opponents have definitely set up an ambush!”

Zhu Xianyao laughed, “Three Demonic Lord-level bloodlines and three high-tier bloodlines. I feel much more at ease now. Don’t worry, there isn’t any ambush here...... or if there is, there’s only one person waiting for you.”

“What?” Zhang Tingyue and the others were stunned.

Zhu Xianyao raised a finger. “Yes, one person. As long as you can defend yourselves against this person, you will be able to survive.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a tempest abruptly began to form.

The gusts of wind that had suddenly appeared from nowhere swirled turbulently, carrying with them a frightening pressure that threatened to wipe out everything.

A finger suddenly shot forth from the tempest as if appearing from a void.

“Not good!” Zhang Tingyue, Third Mother Guan, and the others cried out.

The finger only brushed past a guard, but that brief contact caused the guard to explode on impact. The swirling wind seemed to engulf and wipe away the guard’s flesh and blood, causing him to disappear without a trace. Meanwhile, the finger continued to press on. In the blink of an eye, it had reduced numerous guards into flying ash.

The finger’s momentum didn’t decrease in the slightest as it continued to advance.

Zheng Bashan yelled as she aimed her fist right for the finger.

Zheng Bashan’s fists had leveled hundreds of feet of mountainous rock in the Razor Cliffs before.

Apparently, Northriver’s He Tiehan had refused to accept his defeat at the hands of Zheng Bashan. He had brought his four-edged Demonface Shield to do battle with her, yet Zheng Bashan had broken through the shield with a single punch, killing him immediately.

And apparently, Zheng Bashan had only used thirty percent of her full power at the time.

This time, Zheng Bashan attacked with all of her might.

She activated her Sword Rhinoceros Bloodline to its limit. Horizon-Reaching Fist!


The punch was instantly negated. Zheng Bashan’s arm cracked in countless places like a patch of dry earth before exploding in a cloud of flesh and gore, and her mountainous figure was sent flying.

“Let’s move!” Jiang Tao yelled.

Zhong Shisi unsheathed his sword. The sword began to suffuse a cold light that chilled the hearts of any who saw it.

Third Mother Guan twirled through the air, her talons glimmering as they raked through the sky.

Jiang Tao slammed out with his palm, his strikes sending forth waves upon waves of torrential Qi.

Hong Ming pulled out his blade, each strike sharp enough to cleave a person’s soul and set it on fire.

Almost immediately, however, the sword light disappeared, the palm winds stilled, the talons disappeared, and the blade light dimmed. The four of them had attacked simultaneously, and they were sent flying in the same manner. In fact, they flew back faster than any of them could even retreat.

A finger.

Just a single finger!

That single finger was enough to injure five experts from the Six Great Clans.

However, that finger strike had yet to stop advancing.

Zhang Tingyue finally made a move.

His palm began to glow with a jade-green light as he struck out. A wave of jade-green Qi surged forwards, carrying with it an endless power of genesis, disrupting the natural order of the universe. As the wave of Qi swept forwards, the ground began to glow a matching jade-green color.

Verdant Palm!

When faced with this palm, the finger’s forward momentum was suppressed and extinguished.

“Pu!” Zhong Shisi and the others fell to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Are you all okay?” Zhang Tingyue asked.

“I’m not too injured,” Zhong Shisi said as he stood up, clutching at his chest.

Next, Third Mother Guan, Jiang Tao, and the others slowly stood up.

“Zheng Bashan, are you still alive?” Zhang Tingyue yelled.

“Of course! I am not that easy to kill!” a coarse, rough voice yelled in reply.

Zheng Bashan walked towards them with her usual heavy gait, but this time her right arm was gone. Even so, Zheng Bashan ignored it. As she walked forwards, a new arm began to grow from the bloody, mangled wound.

Her arm completely regenerated itself before she had even reached their side.

Zheng Bashan retreated hastily to Zhang Tingyue’s side and said, “That person is frighteningly powerful!”

A single finger was enough to negate their combined efforts and even send them flying. How could they not feel fear? Even someone in the Light Shaking Realm shouldn’t be able to fight Zhang Tingyue, someone who was also in the Light Shaking Realm, to a standstill immediately after defeating multiple people.

Zhong Shisi said, his expression steely, “Could it be a Spirit Burning Realm expert?”

Spirit Burning Realm experts were comparable in strength to Demonic Emperors, powerful existences that were rarely encountered. Unexpectedly, one had suddenly appeared today.

Zhang Tingyue shook his head and said, “They're not in the Spirit Burning Realm.”

“What?” Everyone stared at Zhang Tingyue in disbelief.

Zhong Tingyue said with conviction, “That person is in the Light Shaking Realm.

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