Chapter 93: Obstruct (1)

Chapter 93: Obstruct (1)


The masked person flipped through the air a few times, landing in front of Zhang Tingyue.

“You got it?” Zhang Tingyue asked calmly with his hands behind his back.

The masked person kneeled on the ground with his hands out in front of him, offering out a manual. “Replying to senior’s question, it belongs to us now!”

“Were there any unforeseen accidents?” Third Mother Guan asked.

The masked person replied, “Everything went according to plan. No unforeseen accidents occurred.”

By the time the masked person had replied, Zhang Tingyue had already taken the manual and began scanning through it.

He looked through it very diligently, scanning over every word and sentence. The more he read, the more serious his expression was.

“What do you think?” Jiang Tao asked.

Zhang Tingyue didn’t reply. He continued to read through it intently, causing the others to be so anxious that it was as if a hundred claws were raking at their hearts.

After a long time, Zhang Tingyue finally closed the manual and let out a sigh.

This sigh caused everyone to feel disappointment. “It’s fake?”

“No, it’s real, and the technique is an extremely marvelous Blood Boiling cultivation technique. There is a forty percent chance of success, and even if someone fails, they can try again after another half year of cultivation with no disadvantage. What a genius! Only a genius could develop such a technique. Who knows how Shi Kaihuang thought of such an exquisite and complicated technique? He was actually able to complete something the human race hasn’t been able to achieve for tens of thousands of years!”

As Zhang Tingyue spoke, he couldn’t help but shake his head in admiration.

He had sighed simply because the technique was so exquisite.

Everyone was extremely happy upon hearing this.

Hong Ming said, “Great, now that this divine technique is in our hands, Shi Kaihuang can forget about monopolizing it. Our six clans have already agreed that, apart from our clans, no one else can learn it.”

“Then what about Shi Kaihuang?” Zhong Shisi asked. “He also knows Kaihuang’s Heaven.”

“We’ll just need to find an opportunity to deal with the master-student pair,” Zhang Tingyue said darkly. “Also, we should probably find a different name for Kaihuang’s Heaven.”

“Since our six clans own it together, why not call it the Six Clans’ Heaven?” Jiang Tao said.

Third Mother Guan laughed, “I think that sounds pretty good.”

Zheng Bashan was the most impatient. She pouted, “Why are you still spewing out rubbish? Quick, make some copies of it so that each one of us can get one.”

“Naturally.” Zhang Tingyue nodded. A person stepped out from behind him and pulled out a few jade slips[1.], pointing them at the manual. The characters on the manual were inscribed onto the Jade Slip using an Inscription Origin Skill, which was considered to be an Ancient Arcana Technique.

In an instant, Kaihuang’s Heaven had been completely copied down, and each of the six important clan figures now had a copy.

Every one of them didn’t closely inspect it just because they were interested in it. After all, the six important clan figures all had a cultivation base of the Yang Opening Realm or above, and Kaihuang’s Heaven wouldn’t be of much use to them. However, because the person inscribing the manual on the jade slips was someone from the Zhang Clan, the other five clans were worried that the Zhang Clan would try to play a trick on them. They constantly compared the two.

None of them trusted each other.

After confirming that the inscription was accurate to everyone’s satisfaction, Zhang Tingyue said, “Now that we’ve finished our missions, we’ve performed a great service for our clans.”

“Since we’re done, why don’t we find a place to have a toast?” Jiang Tao laughed.

“Great! We can finally eat!” Zheng Bashan excitedly yelled.

“Then let’s go to the Jade Green House and find us a peerlessly beautiful dancer......”

“Hong Ming, we’re going to eat, not look for prostitutes.”

“Appetite and lust are natural companions; having great food without beautiful women is something to regret.”

“I say, let’s go to the North Frontier Garden. They have large platters of fragrant meat, and the portions there are large. It will be more than enough to satisfy your hunger!”

“Forget about it, Zheng Bashan. We can eat until we are full anywhere, unlike you.”

“I think we should go to the Riverman Hall. The fifty-year-old “maiden rosé” they have there is supposedly peerless.”

“Jiang Tao, you like to drink wine, but we women might not like it.”

“Third Mother Guan, what do you mean, ‘we women’? You’re the only woman here.”

“Hm? Are you saying that I’m not a woman?”

“Not only are you not a woman, you aren’t even a person.”

The whole group burst into laughter.

The group laughed and bickered as they continued to walk. They hadn’t decided where to go yet, but regardless they were still headed for Long Coiling City.

Suddenly, Zhang Tingyue stopped in his tracks.

They had just arrived at an empty grass plain, and a vermilion pinewood forest was off to the side.

Zhang Tingyue stopped and stared at the vermilion pinewood forest, his expression tense and alert.

“Old Zhang, what’s wrong?” the others asked upon seeing his strange behavior.

Some of them were quicker than others, and they soon realized that something was wrong. They stared at the pinewood forest vigilantly.

Zhang Tingyue said, “Friends in the forest, we don’t know your intentions if you hide in the forest. Can you come out for a chat?”

“Sigh, we were discovered in the end anyways. What a pity. I originally thought that we could have taken care of this matter much more easily.”

A beautiful, melodious voice spoke, after which a young maiden appeared from within the forest. It was Zhu Xianyao.

Zhang Tingyue didn’t relax when he saw the young Qi Drawing Realm maiden. He said coldly, “What about the others?”

“How fussy. Hey, come out, they’re talking about you guys!” Zhu Xianyao turned around and yelled.

Seven more people appeared from the forest. It was Zhu Chen, Su Chen, and the others.

“Su Chen!” Zhang Tingyue and the others yelled angrily when they saw Su Chen appear.

Zhang Tingyue’s expression sank. “I knew that something was wrong.”

Su Chen smiled. “It has nothing to do with me! Some people just don’t want you to have the manual that you currently own.”

Zhang Tingyue glanced at Zhu Xianyao, who said, “Kaihuang’s Heaven belongs to you?”

Zhang Tingyue coldly harrumphed, “Su Chen gave it to us.”

“But I saw you guys steal it.”

Zhang Tingyue still wanted to explain himself, but Zhong Shisi interjected, his eyebrows twitching, “So what if we did?”

Explanations were only necessary for weaklings to give to those who were powerful, not the other way around.

Zhang Tingyue had forty or fifty people on his side, and at least ten of them were of the Yang Opening Realm or higher. In addition, Zhang Tingyue was in the Light Shaking Realm, and he also had Zhong Shisi and Zheng Bashan, who were both a half-step into the Light Shaking Realm, with him.

Their opponents, on the other hand, consisted of Zhu Xianyao, who was in the Qi Drawing Realm, and Zhu Chen and the four black-clothed warriors, who were all in the Blood Boiling Realm. Only Zhu Yanniang was in the Yang Opening Realm. No matter how they looked at it, their opponents were weaklings!

What need was there to explain anything to weaklings?

Zhong Shisi was too lazy to even explain the agreement between them and Su Chen.

Zhu Xianyao was also thinking the exact same thing.

She didn’t really care about whether the other party had stolen it from Su Chen or whether he had given it to them.

She only cared about one thing. “Have you all seen Kaihuang’s Heaven already?”

Zhu Xianyao didn’t even wait for her opponents to respond. She shook her head and said, “Forget it, there’s no need to even answer. You must have verified the contents, so how could you not have seen it? You all carry yourselves differently, so evidently you are not all from the same clan. Because you accomplished this together, you must have verified it even more thoroughly. The easiest way to take care of this situation is to just kill you all.”

A desire to kill flared in Zhang Tingyue’s eyes. “Little girl, you speak quite arrogantly.”

Zhu Xianyao said dismissively, “You’ll know whether I’m being arrogant or not once you try me. Attack!”

The four black-clothed martial artists pounced.

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