Chapter 85: Zhu Xianyao

Chapter 85: Zhu Xianyao

Two days later.

Zhu Chen came to find Su Chen again.

This time he brought an extra person with him.

A woman.

To be precise, a stunningly beautiful woman.

“Prince Su, it’s been three days already. Have you thought it over a bit more?” Zhu Chen asked as he gazed at Su Chen.

Su Chen glanced briefly at the woman beside him before asking, “If I say no, will you ask the person next to you to forcefully control me and make me pull down the notice?”

Zhu Chen’s expression shifted slightly. He was about to grow angry when the woman next to him laughed and said, “Prince Su, you must be joking. We are in the Hidden Dragon Institute right now; who would dare to behave so shockingly here? In addition, the Zhu Clan prefers to maintain a good relationship with everyone. If we can do it through a transaction, we definitely will not resort to force.

Su Chen smiled and said, “So that’s how it is. I feel much more at ease now. If that’s the case, then you all can return. Three days is not enough time; I need three more days to think it over.”

“Su Chen, don’t try to humiliate me......” Zhu Chen said in anger.

The woman stopped him and said, “Prince Su, why reject us after we have come so far to see you? If you feel that the Zhu Clan’s circumstances are not good enough, we can continue to negotiate. Or...... why not take a look first at the person we prepared for you?”

A person prepared for me?

Su Chen was startled.

The beautiful woman clapped her hands, and another young maiden emerged from the forest.

The young maiden looked like she was around sixteen years old. She wore a long, purple dress, and her face was covered with a white veil. Her hair was adorned with ornaments, and she slowly walked forwards, every step carrying a flirtatious intent with it. Every movement of her body was extremely seductive.

She stood in front of Su Chen and respectfully bowed. Her voice was clear and soul-stirring when she spoke, “Zhu Xianyao greets Prince Su.”

She then slowly pulled off her veil, revealing a peerlessly beautiful, delicate face with jade-like skin. She stared into his eyes with the slightest shadow of a smile, her eyes slightly rippling and swirling, slowly drawing at Su Chen’s heart.

Su Chen stared at her in a daze, as if his mind had suddenly blanked.

The woman next to him saw this and licked her lips as she laughed, “It seems like Prince Su is interested in our Xianyao. Since that’s the case, why not go with her and have some time to yourselves?”

Zhu Xiaoyao slowly walked towards Su Chen and gently placed her jade-like hand on Su Chen’s before pulling him into a nearby room.

Su Chen followed her step by step into the room. Then, Zhu Xianyao led him to the bed and helped him lie down before she leaned into his ear and said, “Prince Su likes me, right? If that’s the case, why not agree to the Zhu Clan’s conditions. As long as you cancel that notice of yours, you and I can remain together forever. Go, go to the Dreamrealm and cancel it......”

Zhu Xianyao gently spoke as she repeated her words.

She watched as Su Chen slowly drifted off to sleep, a trace of delight on her face.

At that moment, however, a voice suddenly spoke, “So this is the method you chose to influence me? My horizons have been broadened.”

It was Su Chen.

“You weren’t affected?” Zhu Xianyao’s heart trembled. She felt a powerful back surge of consciousness power surge into her mind, and she let out a cry as she fainted.

Su Chen sat up and grabbed Zhu Xianyao’s hand as he retreated.

Zhu Chen and the beautiful woman, who were standing outside, also heard the yell. They charged into the room together, only to find that Su Chen’s hand was clasped around Zhu Xianyao’s throat. He said, “If you don’t want her to die, you’d best behave yourselves.”

“Su Chen, you have a lot of guts!” Zhu Chen was infuriated.

“Making a move on me while I’m still inside the Hidden Dragon Institute? I don’t have a lot of guts, but you sure do!” Su Chen coldly harrumphed.

He had truly been caught off-guard a bit when they actually tried to pull something on him inside the Hidden Dragon Institute.

This didn’t necessarily mean that the Zhu Clan was powerful enough to ignore the Hidden Dragon Institute. Rather, their movements were extremely surreptitious, and they didn’t make huge commotions. Soul-type attacks were the hardest to detect, and even the Institute’s supervisors weren’t able to detect them.

Even more unexpectedly, the person to strike at Su Chen wasn’t that beautiful woman, but a young maiden who looked like she was even younger than himself.

They had made the move instantly and decisively.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Su Chen had been prepared beforehand, he really would have fallen right into their trap.

Even so, Su Chen had still been mesmerized for a short period of time.

It had to be said that a Demonic Emperor’s bloodline was truly extraordinary. Compared to the Slyheart Demonic Emperor, Jin Ling’er’s confusion techniques were significantly inferior.

The beautiful woman said in shock, “How is this possible? How did you awaken so quickly?”

Su Chen tightened his grip around the young maiden’s smooth, exquisite neck as he harrumphed, “It seems like the Zhu Clan never had any intentions of truly negotiating with me. You just want me to die, is that right?”

“Prince Su, you’ve misunderstood us,” the beautiful woman hurriedly said. “The Zhu Clan genuinely wants to form an alliance with Prince Su, but we had no other choice but to perform such a scandalous act because you kept refusing. We asked Xianyao to make a move first simply because we wanted Prince Su to cancel the notice before discussing the matter of joining our family. Unfortunately, because Prince Su woke up earlier than we had expected, we didn’t have a chance to demonstrate our sincerity.”

Her tone was filled with regret and helplessness, and her expression seemed quite generous. All Su Chen could do was helplessly say, “So what you mean is that I simply woke up too early?”

“What else could it be?” The beautiful woman rolled her eyes at Su Chen somewhat bitterly.

The woman didn’t mention Zhu Xianyao’s plight at all. She just constantly talked about being wronged and demonstrating her sincerity. Her thoughts were carefully expressed, and Su Chen couldn’t find much fault with her for some time. He knit his eyebrows tightly in thought.

Upon seeing his expression, the beautiful woman, sighed and said, “Forget about it. No matter what we say now, Prince Su probably won’t trust us anymore. Since that’s the case, why not let us do a little more for you so we can demonstrate our sincerity.”

“Do a little more?” Su Chen didn’t understand.

“That’s right,” the beautiful woman said. “Doesn’t Prince Su think that we are just trying to use you to cancel the notice and then kill you afterwards? Since that’s the case, we’ll just pay up first.”

As she spoke, she and Zhu Chen retreated outside of the room.

Pay up first?

Su Chen was still trying to figure out what was happening when the maiden called Zhu Xianyao fell back into Su Chen’s bosom while looking into his eyes, her eyes as clear as a still lake. She said, “Prince Su, you’ve misunderstood Xianyao. Xianyao just wanted to finish this matter so that we can tie the knot more quickly and spend the rest of our lives together. If Prince Su doesn’t believe me, we can get married today. Don’t worry, Prince Su, Xianyao’s body is still completely preserved......”

As she spoke, the clothes on her shoulder slipped away, revealing the slender skin underneath.

Zhu Xianyao continued to lean in, raising her lips towards Su Chen to kiss him.

Su Chen was so badly startled that he instinctively pushed Zhu Xianyao away.

As soon as he pushed her away, however, Su Chen immediately realized what he had done. He tried to grab her again, but Zhu Xianyao’s figure flew away in a flash, slamming through the front door and shattering it.

Dammit! He had still been tricked by this little girl in the end.

“Hahaha, many thanks to Prince Su for treating me so tenderly. Since you want three more days, then we will just give you three more days. I will come to see you again soon. Xianyao will be taking her leave first.”

By the time Su Chen rushed out of the room, all that remained was the sound of these words echoing through the air.

When he saw that no one was in his surroundings, not even the Institute’s supervisors, Su Chen shook his head helplessly as he bitterly laughed.

Then, he tilted his head to the sky and yelled, “Remember to come at night. That’s the best time to sleep!”

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