Chapter 84: Proposal

Chapter 84: Proposal

One thing that Shi Kaihuang said was correct. Su Chen truly wanted to begin decreasing the interactions between him and the Immortal Temple.

This idea began to bud after he met Yue Longsha.

The assassination of Yue Wuti exposed the front that the organization had been putting on in front of Su Chen, ruthlessly jarring his wishful thinking towards the organization.

However, he also knew that he couldn’t just sever ties just like that.

The Immortal Temple had invested too much into him. If he were to directly break off their relationship, he would only invite a calamity upon himself.

Even so, Ma Renze’s sudden appearance and his forceful attitude at this point in time was only a catalyst for Su Chen’s unhappiness, and Su Chen made up his mind because of it.

He wasn’t afraid at all!

Why? Because although Su Chen had become quite familiar with the Immortal Temple in the past few years, most of the time it was the Immortal Temple spending for Su Chen’s sake, not Su Chen doing things for the Immortal Temple.

There was a big difference between those two principles.

He had undoubtedly committed a crime by accepting the sponsorship of a terrorist organization, but it would not be enough for a death penalty. His punishment would be determined by the circumstances.

What circumstances? That depended on what he had done for them.

What had Su Chen done for the Immortal Temple?

Quite plainly, all he had done for them was enter the Spirit Burying Terrace to obtain the treasures inside for them.

This was the only thing that he had done, and most of the Corpse Spirit Flowers still belonged to Su Chen.

In other words, he could argue about whether or not he had done it for the Immortal Temple’s sake.Perhaps he had swindled the Immortal Temple for his own benefit. From that aspect, this might not even be viewed as a crime but a merit to the government.

Under these kinds of circumstances, Su Chen was not worried about his link being discovered at all.

Thus, he had decisively exposed himself then and there.

At worst, his cooperation with the Immortal Temple would be discovered, but because he wasn’t too deeply involved with them and he had come forward with the information himself, only a certain level of punishment would be applied to him. However, if all of the Corpse Spirit Flowers were taken away, Su Chen and the Immortal Temple would become mortal enemies.

A medium outcome would be where the link between him and the Immortal Temple would be discovered after an investigation, but the matter of the Spirit Burying Terrace would go unnoticed. As a result, he would probably only receive a reprimand. It would be extremely difficult for the Immortal Temple to meet with Su Chen after that, so naturally he could default on the debt of Spirit Sobering Medicines that he owed.

The best outcome would be if the investigation didn’t uncover anything after a certain amount of time and his account of the situation completely believed.

However, Su Chen didn’t expect that the situation had actually turned out better than his supposed best-case scenario.

There wasn’t even an investigation.

There was no interrogation or inquiry. Seemingly, nothing had happened except for the three hundred extra contribution points that he had been awarded for the discovery of He Sihong’s connection to the Immortal Temple.

Su Chen knew that it was because of Shi Kaihuang’s help.

His personal instructor seemed to be very laid-back, but he was never careless during critical moments.

But since that was the case, the day that he broke ties with the Immortal Temple needed to be delayed again......


Nightfall arrived.

Su Chen pulled out a vial of medicine and began to disguise himself.

He dressed himself up as a yellow-faced student before he left his room.

Shi Kaihuang, as per usual, was sitting underneath the Origin Talisman Energy Formation in deep thought. They had successfully developed a method for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline, but the old man didn’t slow down at all. He had begun to research a method for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline.

Upon seeing Su Chen appearance, Shi Kaihuang said, “Are you going to meet someone?”

“Yes,” Su Chen replied.

Shi Kaihuang sighed. “Do you know what you are doing?”

“Instructor, please have faith. Disciple will absolutely not do anything that betrays the human race!”

Shi Kaihuang nodded and fell back into silence.

Su Chen exited the Origin Energy Tower and began to walk towards the Institute’s exit.

After leaving the Hidden Dragon Institute, Su Chen arrived in front of a small, shady alleyway. He zig-zagged his way through it and entered one of the front gates.

When he entered the courtyard, he found Sang Zhen sitting there.

Upon seeing that Su Chen had arrived on his own, Sang Zhen let out a long sigh. “Thankfully, the situation hasn’t deteriorated too terribly yet. The Hidden Dragon Institute didn’t do anything to you, did they?”

“Not this time, but it’s hard to say in the future. That Ma Renze of yours is not easy to deal with,” Su Chen said as he stood in the corner.

“You’re the one that isn’t easy to deal with, aren’t you? You become hostile on the flip of a dime,” Sang Zhen bitterly laughed.

“If I hadn’t resisted under those circumstances, Ma Renze would have thought that I was a pushover. I had to show him what I am capable of so that he will know the kind of attitude he should have when dealing with me.”

“Yes. However, based on what I understand about Ma Renze, your actions won’t make him fear you; just hate you more.”

Su Chen coldly laughed. “Well isn’t that interesting? It seems like both of us have quite the temper, but I don’t care much. If he wants to fight, then I’ll play along. In any case, I’m the one who owes you guys, so what do I have to worry about? At most, we will break ties, he will kill me, and the Spirit Sobering Medicine will disappear along with me.”

“What’s the point in doing that? No matter what, the Immortal Temple has never mistreated you. The Spirit Sobering Medicine is something that you should be giving us in the first place.”

“You want the Spirit Sobering Medicine? Fine. Tell Ma Renze to scram. I will only deal with you.”

Sang Zhen shook his head. “Sorry, I’m not really in the position to make that decision. I have already been transferred elsewhere, and I am returning to the Three Mountains Region tomorrow to oversee the matters going on there. Night Demon and the others will also return with me.”

“Why does it have to be this way?” Su Chen didn’t understand.

Sang Zheng sighed. “You should know that no large organization has just a single opinion. Sometimes, the east wind suppresses the west wind, and sometimes the west suppresses the east wind.

Su Chen somewhat understood. “So what you mean is that this time, the winds of force suppressed the winds of compromise?”

Sang Zhen silently nodded. “Some people believe that strength, advancing relentlessly, and killing should be the Immortal Temple’s style, rather than compromising or settling.”

“In other words, I cannot change how they think no matter what I do?”

“Ma Renze told me to tell you that even though you’ve won this time, it doesn’t change anything. As long as you are still alive and haven’t been exposed, you must concoct the Spirit Sobering Medicine!”

“That uncompromising?”

“There’s nothing else we can do. The Immortal Temple is currently battling another organization, and we desperately need large amounts of medicine. The Spirit Sobering Medicine can not only increase the power of our souls, but it can also suppress and defend against soul-type attacks, which is precisely what we need. This is also the reason why Ma Renze is willing to go to great lengths to force them out of you.”

So there was an important reason behind their decision?

Su Chen thought for a moment before he replied, “I can make the Spirit Sobering Medicine for you, but I want Night Demon to remain as our contact. If Ma Renze doesn’t want to make the current situation worse than it already is, he’d better agree on this point.”

Sang Zhen was briefly startled before he nodded his head. “How many can you make?”

“I will do my best to make as many as I can so that you can handle your emergency. It will at least be a hundred vials of medicine, but you will need to support me; at this moment, I am simply losing too much by making these medicines.”

“Okay, I’ll notify them as soon as I get back.”

Su Chen turned around and left.

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