Chapter 83: Unwavering

Chapter 83: Unwavering

“The organization has already given you too much time. It's time for us to take it back,” Ma Renze said expressionlessly.

“I don't get any input?” Su Chen asked.

“I came here to inform you, not to discuss with you,” Ma Renze said coldly.

Su Chen thought for a moment before he said, “I want to speak with Sang Zhen.”

“There's no need.”

“Tonight, same location as always.”

“I said there's no need!” Ma Renze said harshly.

Su Chen coldly stared at him. “Do you think that Sang Zhen’s tactics were too soft? Do you feel that the only reason he was being led around by me was because he wasn’t forceful enough? Do you think that I am afraid of destroying everything indiscriminately? Do you think that you can frighten me just because you are acting all powerful right now?”

“So what if the answer is yes?” Ma Renze coldly laughed.

Just as Su Chen had said, Ma Renze had chosen to discuss things in the Hidden Dragon Institute just to tell Su Chen that the Hidden Dragon Institute wouldn’t be enough to protect him.

As long as Ma Renze wanted to, he could come at any time and exterminate Su Chen.

An Erupting Firebird appeared in Su Chen’s hand.

Ma Renze was stunned by the sudden turn of events. “You're going to attack me?”

A mere Qi Drawing Realm cultivator dared to attack him?

Ma Renze was almost in disbelief.

Was he trying to get himself killed?

Su Chen coldly said, “I'll say it one more time. I want to meet with Sang Zhen tonight! Remember to tell him.”

As he spoke, the Firehawk that had formed on his hand took flight.

Ma Renze paid it no mind. He wouldn’t even need a barrier to withstand the Firehawk’s attack. However, in the next instant, the Firehawk suddenly changed direction in midair.

With a boom, it exploded against the ground.

“Not good!” Ma Renze's expression drastically changed.

The Hidden Dragon Institute contained a large formation with nodes densely spread around to allow the instructors to monitor the Institute.

Ma Renze chose this location because he had set up an Origin Energy Formation in advance to suppress the node placed here and avoid detection.

Su Chen’s Erupting Firehawk was aimed directly at the Origin Formation beneath his feet.

With a large boom, the Origin Formation was suddenly shattered.

The seal had been shattered. An instant later, a powerful will came surging towards them. Evidently, it had noticed the Origin Energy fluctuations coming from this location.

“Bastard!” Ma Renze cursed, infuriated.

Su Chen gestured, and another Erupting Firehawk flew forth, only this time it was aimed at Ma Renze.

Ma Renze was so angry that he wanted to laugh. This guy really did have some guts.

He punched out with his fist, and the Erupting Firehawk slammed into it, casting a fiery brilliance across the sky.

If he wanted to, he could have used the momentum of this punch to shred Su Chen into pieces.

But he couldn't do it!

The Immortal Temple had waited for so long to reach this point. If he were to kill Su Chen now, wouldn't they lose everything that they had worked for?

At this moment, Ma Renze finally understood why Su Chen could afford to act so wildly.

Because he was in debt!

He was so in debt that he could do whatever he wanted!

That filthy bastard!

Ma Zeren was so angry that he itched all over.

An instant later, however, Ma Renze was sent over the edge.

“AHH!” He Sihong fell to the ground with a tragic yell, his head blasted into smithereens by Su Chen.

The Firehawk that flew towards Ma Renze was only intended to draw his attention. Su Chen’s true target was actually He Sihong.

He Sihong hadn't expected to be attacked by Su Chen, and he had been blown to bits on the spot.

After his attack succeeded, Su Chen yelled “Someone, come quickly! There's a spy trying to get into the Hidden Dragon Institute!”

Ma Renze was both shocked and infuriated.

Su Chen truly was risking it all.

If he was caught himself, then his relationship with the Immortal Temple would be exposed. However, Su Chen evidently couldn’t care less about it.

He was going to use his actions to prove that he was not just saying that he had the ability to destroy everything indiscriminately.

He wasn't afraid at all!

However, that didn't mean that Ma Renze could afford to be unafraid.

Ma Renze stared daggers at Su Chen as he squeezed out, “You have some guts!”

At that moment, the supervising instructor heard Su Chen’s yell. A massive hand came crashing down from the sky, and it was as if a mountain was descending to the earth.

Even though the instructors of the Hidden Dragon Institute were all extremely powerful, Ma Renze didn’t necessarily need to be afraid of them.

The problem was that he was still in the Hidden Dragon Institute, a place where many experts above the Light Shaking Realm could be found. He might be able to defeat one of them, but he wouldn’t be able to defeat a large group of them.

Ma Renze knew that continuing to do battle was inadvisable. A starry sky suddenly appeared beneath Ma Renze’s hand as the massive palm descended, and he quickly placed it against the descending palm.

His figure disappeared in a flash of brilliant light.

The massive palm slammed into the ground, leaving behind a large crater.

An angry voice spoke from midair as the voice’s owner retracted the large hand, “That spy left pretty quickly. Hey, kid, how come it’s you again? Do you know who that person was?”

It was Ji Hanyan’s personal instructor again.

Su Chen replied in a loud voice, “Sir, it was someone from the Immortal Temple.”

“The Immortal Temple!”

The instructor’s enraged howl could be heard in all directions.

Upon hearing this yell, Ma Renze almost put out a mouthful of blood just as he emerged from his concealment technique.

He knew without a doubt that Su Chen must have said something for them to have discovered that he was part of the Immortal Temple so quickly.

Ma Renze had never dreamed that Su Chen would be so decisive and firm.

Ma Renze’s heart trembled involuntarily as he thought of this youth’s courage and resoluteness.

In the meantime, a person began to descend from the sky following that enraged yell.

It was an old man with an extremely brawny body.

Even though he was evidently quite old and his hair all white, his figure was like that of a giant, the muscles on his body protruding quite impressively. Time had not worn down his power. Even though his body was beginning to decline, he still exuded an aggressive and dominant aura.

The fierce old man walked over and said, “Kid, you said that he was from the Immortal Temple? What happened? And who is this dead guy over here?”

“He was called He Sihong, and he was also a student at the Hidden Dragon Institute. In reality, however, he was running errands for the Immortal Temple. He was the one who brought me over here.” Su Chen replied.

“Bastard!” Upon hearing that he was a student that had been lead astray, the old man cursed and then asked, “Why was the Immortal Temple looking for you?”

“They wanted to recruit me to do things for them,” Su Chen directly replied.

“Why would they try to recruit you?”

“Perhaps because I am talented,” Su Chen replied.

This reply was not very modest, but when the old man heard this, he laughed loudly. “Interesting, but within reason! Shi Kaihuang’s disciple was noticed by the Immortal Temple even before the we were able to. Hahahaha, how interesting!”

“That can only mean that you guys are blind.” Shi Kaihuang appeared from the forest, his hands behind his back. “The Hidden Dragon Institute was actually infiltrated by an old rat from the Immortal Temple who actually tried to harm my disciple, yet you, Fan Hongli, can laugh about it?”

“Isn’t he fine?” The old man named Fan Hongli rubbed the back of his head and laughed, embarassed. He glanced around and said, “Hmm, he used the Sky-Concealing Formation. No wonder he was able to escape our detection. Not bad, kiddo! You were actually able to discover the formation’s weak point and destroy it in one blow.”

“It's all because of instructor’s teachings,” Su Chen respectfully replied.

After all, he was good at studying and one of the Institute's true geniuses. There were probably quite a few people stronger than him in terms of combat prowess, but not many had the foresight that he possessed.

“But there is still something that seems a bit off,” Fan Hongli suddenly said.

“What is it?” Shi Kaihuang asked.

Fan Hongli said, “ It took about three breaths of time for me to reach this place after Su Chen cracked the Sky-Concealing Formation. Although three breaths of time isn’t too long or too short, not only did that guy just run away and not kill Su Chen, he also let Su Chen kill that bastard surnamed He or something like that. That doesn’t make very much sense. If I’m not wrong, the guy who ran away was in the Light Shaking Realm.”

As a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator, it really was a little suspicious that he had emerged unscathed after three breaths of time against someone at the Light-Shaking level, let alone find an opportunity to kill another student.

Shi Kaihuang couldn’t help but gaze at his own disciple.

Su Chen said, his expression unchanging, “He probably didn’t even try to attack me because he couldn’t bear to.”

“Couldn’t bear to?” Fan Hongli said in shock.

Su Chen replied, “Regardless of what I did, I am the inventor of the Clear Wind Net, Thunderfire Balls, Adamantine Battle Body, and the person who completed Kaihuang’s Heaven. To the Immortal Temple, I still probably have a lot of value.”

Fan Hongli was rendered speechless.

He wanted to continue questioning Su Chen when Shi Kaihuang said, “That’s enough, old Hong. My disciple isn’t some kind of criminal. Not only was he able to ferret out the spy from the Immortal Temple, but he also discovered that one of our students had been bribed.”

“Yes, I understand. I just wanted to ask, but since you’ve said as much then I’ll forget about it.” Fan Hongli laughed before he leapt into the air, disappearing almost instantly.

Now that old Fan had left, only Su Chen and Shi Kaihuang were still present.

Shi Kaihuang glanced at his own disciple and then asked, “You, is there anything else you want to say?”

Su Chen shook his head. “I’ve already said everything that needs to be said.”

Shi Kaihuang nodded. “Since that’s the case, you can go.”

“Yes!” Su Chen bowed and left.

Shi Kaihuang stood there silently, gazing at his back. It was unknown what he was thinking.

After a brief period of time, someone sighed from behind Shi Kaihuang.

The physical source of the sigh could not be found, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.

Shi Kaihuang turned around and bowed at seemingly nothing. “Headmaster.”

A voice drifted towards him. “Your disciple is quite interesting.”

Shi Kaihuang replied, “I know that what Su Chen said might not be completely true, but I believe that Su Chen is not trying to incur a disaster. From his actions, it is obvious that even if he has ties with the Immortal Temple, he is absolutely not their lackey.”

“We still need to investigate it thoroughly.”

“There’s no need. Su Chen is a clear-headed kid. He knows what he is doing. As long as he maintains the same general direction, there’s no need to pay attention to these trivial matters.”

“Is being connected to the Immortal Temple considered a trivial matter?”

Shi Kaihuang replied straightforwardly, “Compared to breaking through the bloodline restrictions, it is a trivial matter!”

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