Chapter 81: Intermarriage

Chapter 81: Intermarriage

Zhu Chen gave Su Chen three days to think it over and do some digging about the Zhu Clan. Although he could have told Su Chen about the Zhu Clan himself, that wouldn’t have been as effective in pressuring Su Chen.

True prestige didn’t come from bragging but through the mouths of others!

Because the Horizontal Mountain Zhu Clan wasn’t a part of Long Sang Country, their name might not be as widespread here. However, as long as Su Chen investigated closely, there weren’t many people of medium social status or above who haven’t heard of them.

It would be a miracle if he wasn’t scared to his core after learning about the strength of the Zhu Clan.

Zhu Chen believed that Su Chen would definitely capitulate.

Today, Su Chen was headed to class as usual.

He had taken most of the fundamental, entry-level classes after studying at the Hidden Dragon Institute for four years. At this point, the number of classes he needed to take had drastically decreased, so he had much more time to study and cultivate on his own.

Thus, Su Chen didn’t spend much time in class. He listened to the lecture for an hour before he returned to the Origin Energy Tower along a small, shaded path.

As he was walking, he suddenly heard Wang Doushan’s voice from behind him, “Su Chen!”

Su Chen turned around and laughed, “You just got off class too?”

“It was on Origin Energy Elements. It was so boring that I Ieft before the class even ended,” Wang Doushan complained.

“Wow, even Prince Wang skips class sometimes,” Su Chen teased.

“Are you looking down on me? I can’t skip class because I am from a Bloodline Nobility Clan?” Wang Doushan and Su Chen continued to joke around with each other.

Wang Doushan glanced around to make sure no one was nearby and then said in a low voice, “They returned yesterday.”

“The six clans?”


“Have there been any movements yet?”

“Not yet, but I imagine the storm will come soon. Be careful.”

“I will,” Su Chen said.

“Okay, then I’ll take my leave first.” Wang Doushan glanced around to confirm that no one had noticed him and then turned around to leave.

“Doushan,” Su Chen suddenly said.

“What is it?” Wang Doushan turned around to look at Su Chen.

Su Chen walked towards him and leaned into his ear, whispering a few sentences.

Wang Doushan’s expression suddenly changed. “What are you saying? You aren’t joking with me, right?”

Su Chen stared at Wang Doushan sincerely as he said, “Do you think I would joke about this kind of thing?”

“Absolutely not!” Wang Doushan gravely said. “I absolutely do not agree to this.”

“...... You’re sure?” Su Chen asked.

“Absolutely!” Wang Doushan gritted his teeth as he stared at Su Chen.

Su Chen shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, if you don’t agree then forget I ever said anything, but I recommend you remember what I said. If you think through it some day or the opportunity arises...... do as I have told you.”

Su Chen turned around to leave.

Wang Doushan suspiciously stared at him for some time before yelling at him, “Su Chen, what exactly are you planning?”

Su Chen only waved his hand, shaking his sleeve in response.


An hour later.

Within a small forest south of the Hidden Dragon Institute.

Jin Ling’er stared at Su Chen in shock. “What did you say?”

“You heard it already,” Su Chen indifferently replied. “Don’t you think that this method of resolving the situation is better?”

Jin Ling’er stared at Su Chen, a little dazed.

After quite some time, she said, “Do the others know about your decision?”

Su Chen shook his head. “I feel that it’s best to temporarily keep them in the dark about it. I’m sorry that you’ll be wronged temporarily.”

Jin Ling’er lowered her head.

She said after a long pause, “It won’t wrong me. This is something that I should be doing anyways.”

Her voice was low, and she spoke with grief and bitterness.

Su Chen gently smiled. “If you still feel regret for the decision you previously made, there’s no need to feel that way. You know that I never blamed you for it.”

Jin Ling’er stared at Su Chen, her eyes glistening. “Really? Su Chen, you never blamed me? You should know that you lost the Giant Adamantine Ape because of me. If that never happened, then the ensuing events wouldn’t have happened either.

“No!” Su Chen shook his head. “Even if you hadn’t taken the Giant Adamantine Ape, Zhang Sheng’an would still have done the same thing. I am certain about this because he is just that kind of person. Someone like him doesn’t care about whether others die, and he even gets pleasure from spilling the blood of others. Remember how Zhong Ding wrapped up the others, preventing them from helping out? Zhong Ding and I had no grudge between us, but he still tried to harm me just because he took pleasure in it! He is just that kind of person. Please don’t put all of the blame on yourself. I told you already that I don’t blame you...... I really never blamed you.”

Tears began to flow as Jin Ling’er sobbed quietly.

During the past few days, the pressure in her heart was wrenching.

Every time she thought of what had happened within the Falling Eagle Mountain, she always felt that she had committed some grave mistake, even believing that the battle had only started because of her.

The heavy weight on her heart sent Jin Ling’er into depression. It wasn’t until Su Chen said that he didn’t blame her at all that she felt a trace of relief.

If both the Giant Adamantine Ape and she hadn’t been there, would Zhang Sheng’an still have tried to harm them?

Su Chen didn’t know, and neither did Jin Ling’er.

No one had any way of knowing what would have happened.

But at this moment, they were both willing to believe it.

They wanted to believe that everything would still have happened, and that everything had been Zhang Sheng’an’s decision.

This was the only way that the cracks in their hearts could be repaired.

In that moment, the pressure in her heart suddenly was released. She couldn’t resist the urge to lean against Su Chen.

Su Chen was startled for a moment, but he quickly realized that this had nothing to do with love. This was just a maiden’s exhausted heart temporarily finding something to lean against.

She needed to borrow his shoulder to rest for a moment before being revived.

After sobbing for a bit longer, Jin Ling’er finally stopped.

She straightened herself out, and a smile suddenly appeared on her face. “Thanks for lending me your shoulder.”

Su Chen spread his hands out. “As long as you need it, you can use it.”

Jin Ling’er happily laughed. “You really are an outstanding guy, Su Chen. You’re smart, brave, and reliable. If it weren’t for the fact that the differences between our bloodlines were too great, I really might have been willing to marry you at any cost.”

“Marry me?” Su Chen laughed. “I don’t feel like you love me.”

“What need do I have for love?” Jin Ling’er countered. “I don’t know what it means to love, and my status forbids me from loving. As a woman, I bear the burden of passing down my bloodline to others. What I need is not love but to pass on my bloodline. If there is a man who looks good, has good qualities, and is willing to treat me well, then that is a person worth marrying. A person like you is already higher than that standard.”

“Apart from the bloodline,” Su Chen said.

“Yes, apart from the bloodline,” Jin Ling’er replied. “That is probably your only problem. If you had the bloodline of a nobility clan, countless maidens would probably be willing to marry you. But you don’t...... Even if someone is willing to marry you, they will only be seeking death if you don’t have the bloodline of a nobility clan.”

“Seeking death?” Su Chen was startled. “What do you mean?”

“Do you not know?” Jin Ling’er said. “To preserve the purity of their bloodline and status as nobility, many Bloodline Nobility Clans forbid marriages to commoners. Anyone who breaks this rule......must kill themselves!”

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