Chapter 77: A Big Sale

Chapter 77: A Big Sale

Meng Lan gazed at Su Chen approvingly.

This was a young man who was very clear about what he was doing and why he was doing it. He had an all-encompassing ambition, but he could also remain sober and clear-headed.

This kind of man possessed an inherent attractive power.

Even though they weren't from the same race, Meng Lan still felt her heart flutter in that instant.

However, she quickly restrained her emotions and smiled. “I understand what you mean. Since that's the case, I will personally help you take care of this matter. The Adamantine Battle Body will be advertised on the main screen for three days with a 9-star evaluation.”

The notices in the Hall of Knowledge have different rankings, which are particularly important for Origin Skills and cultivation techniques. Thus, Castle Lords and Ladies sometimes assign them evaluations based on their content, originality, and practicality. They were assigned a value by the number of stars they have. The number of stars range from one through nine, and the more stars a notice has, the better it is.

Put quite plainly, they represent the Castle Lord’s (or Lady’s) recommendation.

Origin Skills with the Castle Lady’s recommendation had a certain degree of insurance behind it, and people who bought it would have much more faith in them.

A 9-star evaluation was the highest possible evaluation.

Su Chen’s Kaihuang’s Heaven hadn’t received an evaluation because he hadn’t been acquainted with Meng Lan at the time and because at a price of one hundred Dream Droplets, such a technique didn’t need an evaluation to sell like crazy. When an item was that much of a steal, things like evaluations didn’t matter anymore.

By having the advertisement on the main hall’s screen for three days in a row, the skill’s dissemination would be maximized.

Tens of thousands of notices were sent through the Hall of Information every day. Most people’s notices would shoot by in a flash, but the Adamantine Battle Body would be displayed in a prime location for three days in a row. That was quite a large discrepancy.

Advertisements in the Dreamcastle like this would normally require a sky-high price, but Meng Lan had done it for him for free.

This was one of Meng Lan’s special privileges.

Although she could not directly raise Su Chen’s privilege tier, she was allowed to publically and freely spread information about good items.

The Adamantine Battle Body was truly an excellent Origin Skill. Perhaps a 9-star evaluation was a bit too high, but it wasn’t completely unreasonable either.

Three days of free advertisements and a 9-star evaluation - this was the best support she could possibly provide.

Of course, Meng Lan wasn’t just offering her assistance for free. She demanded that Su Chen use all of the Dream Droplets he earned on raising his privilege tier.

Naturally, Su Chen was not willing to agree to those terms.

Doing research expended a lot of materials. The Adamantine Battle Body may have seemed like a chance occurrence, but it was built on the foundation of countless failures and a mountain of resources.

Thus, the Adamantine Battle Armor’s success was both lucky and inevitable!

If he used all of the earnings to raise his privilege tier, how could he perform any future research?

The two parties argued this point for some time.

Finally, they reached an agreement. For the first ten days it went on sale, 90% of the profits from the Adamantine Battle Body technique would go towards raising Su Chen’s privilege tier.

After ten days, all profits would belong to Su Chen.

Unlike material objects, knowledge and information could be spread, so as time went on it would become increasingly difficult to sell them.

For instance, if someone bought the Adamantine Battle Body within the Dreamrealm, they were prohibited from redistributing it within the Dreamrealm due to the Dreamrealm’s rules. However, upon leaving the Dreamrealm, they could sell it for a much lower price in the real world.

There was nothing that could be done to prevent this.

Thus, as soon as a piece of information was revealed within the Dreamnet, it could be sold for as little as 1/10th of the original price in the real world.

When considering the extremely high price of Origin Skills, more illicit copies might be sold than the original. Some people profited from this by ordering others to mass distribute any good Origin Skills they obtained. Oftentimes an Origin Skill that had been bought for a thousand Origin Stones could be sold at half the price for many more copies, allowing them to profit.

Because of this, Origin Skills would sell the most during the first ten days they went on the market. After this time period, even the best Origin Skills would become harder to sell and eventually be worth less than before.

To Meng Lan, increasing Su Chen’s privilege tier would force the other party to pay a much higher price to continue to suppress Kaihuang’s Heaven.

To Su Chen, the Adamantine Battle Body would definitely sell like crazy with Meng Lan’s support. Even if it sold less after ten days, he would still be able to make a steady, constant profit.

This was beneficial for both of them, so the matter was decided quite quickly.

Very soon, the Adamantine Battle Body appeared on the Hall of Knowledge’s main screen.

An Origin Skill with a 9-star evaluation was naturally very easy to notice, and this was only augmented by the claim that the Adamantine Battle Body could resist an attack equivalent to the strength of eight bears.

The bears mentioned were Cliff Bears, low-tier Vicious Beasts that relied purely on their physical power to do battle. They were commonly used as a standard to assess the power of an Origin Skill, similar to how martial artists would use horsepower to measure strength.

Of course, pure power wasn’t exactly a fair assessment of an Origin Skill’s value. After all, Origin Skills came in all shapes and sizes. For instance, the Soul Eye, Clear Wind Net, Whitetower Teleportation, etc. could not be assessed purely based on power alone. Even so, bear strength was usually a good reference point.

The lowest-tier Qi Drawing Origin Skills were equivalent to the strength of one bear, while better ones could be as high as three bears. Bloodline Origin Skills were usually above five bears, which was the standard.

To say that something has a combat strength of five in the Primordial Continent is equivalent to saying that it has the strength of five bears. Anything underneath this standard was usually considered irrelevant.

Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird was comparable to a few Bloodline Origin Skills because its offensive capabilities were equivalent to the strength of twelve bears. Even compared to the multitude of Origin Skills that exist, this was still quite impressive.

Because the Adamantine Battle Armor hadn’t been paired with the Adamantine Medicine, its defensive capabilities were only rated as the strength of eight bears. Even so, this was already quite impressive.

It was important to understand that this Origin Skill was a defensive-type Origin Skill, not an offensive one.

Amongst Origin Skills of the same tier, offensive Origin Skills were rated as more powerful than defensive ones. However, when offensive and defensive-type Origin Skills were at the same level, defensive-type Origin Skills were much more valuable.

The Adamantine Battle Body could handle a blow with the strength of eight bears, implying that any Origin Skills with less offensive power would be useless against it. Even attacks stronger than that threshold would have their effects greatly reduced.

The only drawback to this Origin Skill was that, upon activation, one’s body weight would increase, affecting one’s speed. The exact effect depended on the person: the sturdier a person was, the more they could ignore this effect. Those who relied on lightness to remain agile would be affected much more.

Even so, to most Qi Drawing Origin Qi Scholars, this Origin Skill was quite valuable.

With the help of the Castle Lady’s 9-star evaluation, Su Chen sold three hundred copies of the Adamantine Battle Armor in just half an hour.

At 1000 Dream Droplets per copy, Su Chen instantly earned 300,000 Dream Droplets. His good fortune had come so quickly that even he felt a bit disoriented.

However, he knew that this was all because of the 9-star evaluation and free advertising Meng Lan had given him. The former was a guarantee of the Origin Skill’s quality, while the latter was to allow as many people to see it as possible.

Without these two benefits, Su Chen might not have sold even a tenth of the number of copies.

A day later, Su Chen received the sales numbers.

2,213 copies of the Adamantine Battle Armor had been sold.

Su Chen’s privilege tier instantly jumped to that of a Tier One Dream Officer, granting him a medium amount of authority.

These were just his earnings on the first day.

During the following two days, sales of the Adamantine Battle Armor exploded. 3,800 copies were sold in two days, earning him another 380,000 Dream Droplets and increasing his privilege tier to Tier Four Dream Officer.

Within three days, Su Chen had earned over five hundred thousand Origin Stones. Su Chen felt as if he were dreaming.

Su Chen was also rendered speechless by the incredibly high price tag associated with raising his privilege tier.

Five hundred thousand Origin Stones were only enough to bring him to a Tier Four Dream Officer. If he wanted to become a high-tier Dream Monarch, he at least needed a million more Origin Stones!

However, these privilege tiers weren’t just for show. Su Chen also obtained many perks because of this increase.

Su Chen would be able to advertise his notices on the main screen once he became a Dream Monarch. By paying a small fee, he would be allowed to advertise them for a certain period of time. Though it would not be as long as three days like the Castle Lords and Ladies could do, the duration would be long enough for most people to see it.

Even if he was just a Dream Officer, he had already obtained many unique privileges within the Dreamrealm.

For instance, he no longer needed to wait in line in the side rooms to do what he wanted.

As a Dream Officer, he could select a Dream Spirit to be at his service.

Su Chen chose Lulu.

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