Chapter 74: Taking Leave

Chapter 74: Taking Leave

The mood suddenly became heavy, as if someone had suppressed it with a large stone.

The words that had been secretly spoken in the woods reverberated in his ear.

So they had made a move in the end?

In order to successfully implement their plan, they had brazenly killed Yue Wuti.

Every person had their own point of view that was restricted and directed by the circumstances under which they lived.

When Su Chen was cooperating with the Immortal Temple, he had encountered their humorous, easy-going side. As time went on, he began to overlook the “fear” attribute of the Immortal Temple. Indeed, he viewed them as a harmless organization that was currently evolving. But to Yue Longsha, she saw an organization that would use any means necessary, underhanded or not, to achieve their goals. They were a frightening organization that even dared to assassinate the head commander of the Secret Task Force.

There was no “real” or “fake” involved here. Both of them had encountered a genuine characteristic of the organization.

They could scheme, they could compromise, and they could retreat, but they could also ruthlessly kill anyone who blocked their path forwards regardless of what status that person had.

Upon seeing Su Chen’s expression, Yue Longsha suddenly understood something.

She said, “The secret you overheard...... Did it have to do with my father?”

Su Chen nodded his head gravely. “I originally could have warned him, but after discovering that he was the head commander of the Secret Task Force, I felt that there was no need to do so. After all, he probably faced this kind of matter every day, and he definitely would have some protective measures, so......”

“So you overlooked everything that happened, allowing them to kill my father?” Yue Longsha’s voice trembled.

“I......” Su Chen wanted to say that he hadn’t overlooked it, and that he hadn’t expected them to actually follow through with it, but he couldn’t say anything.

There was nothing he could say to defend himself. That was the truth!

In order to protect himself and to use them, he had truly overlooked it.

When faced with Yue Longsha’s anger and pain-filled gaze, Su Chen couldn’t find the right words to say.

Large tears began to roll down Yue Longsha’s face.

She wanted to curse at him, to blame him, but there was nothing she could say.

Yue Longsha wasn’t an unreasonable woman. She understood Su Chen’s situation, and before she knew that the secret he had overheard had to do with her father, she was even applauding him. There was nothing wrong with the decision that Su Chen had made at that point in time.

Because of this, however, the pain in her heart was even greater.

She had no way of hating him, and the anger in her had no outlet. The pain in her heart was hard to endure, and she couldn’t let it out. All she could do was repress it and prevent it from escaping.

Suddenly, Yue Longsha spit out a mouthful of blood.

Su Chen was startled. He hurried over to help her up, but Yue Longsha pushed him aside.

All Su Chen could do was say in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Yue Longsha shook her head, unwilling to look at him.

Su Chen felt even more guilty upon looking at her pale face.

He thought for a moment, then pulled out the ring, placing it in front of Yue Longsha along with a vial of medicine. “The ring is yours. I left everything inside as is. This medicine can neutralize the effects of the Qi Obstructing Powder as well as a few other substances. Keep it for yourself. I really am sorry about your father. If possible, I wish to never have any dealings with them in the future.”

As Su Chen spoke, he turned around and left.

Yue Longsha gazed at his disappearing back, a complicated expression on her face.


After leaving Yue Longsha behind, Su Chen returned to Reflection Rock.

It was already evening by the time Su Chen returned. Almost everyone had already left, and only a few people remained, waiting.

Wang Doushan, Cloud Leopard and the others were there, but no sign of Zheng Xia or Yan Fuxing could be found.

Su Chen’s heart sank upon seeing this.

Upon seeing him walk over, Wang Doushan met up with him. “You finished off Zhang Sheng’an?”

Su Chen nodded his head. “Zheng Xia and Yan Fuxing......”

Wang Doushan sighed. “They died.”

“How did they die? Were they killed by the Clay Giant?”

“It was Guan Shanying and Jiang Yang......” Wang Doushan explained roughly what had happened after he left.

Upon hearing that after he left, everyone had chosen to fight back against their opponents even while under threat of the Clay Giant, Su Chen was quite surprised.

He knitted his eyebrows. “So you’re telling me that everyone from Team Soaring apart from Jin Ling’er all died?”

Jin Ling’er was fine because, in the end, she had not chosen to participate in the battle.

Iron Cliff had found her, but the two of them did not exchange blows. They just stared at each other mutely.

Even though Jin Ling’er had lost the Giant Adamantine Ape, Iron Cliff was still not strong enough to be Jin Ling’er’s opponent.

Jin Ling’er herself was unwilling to fight them, so to her, facing off against Iron Cliff was the best way to defuse the situation.

Thankfully, she hadn’t wanted to fight. Otherwise, Team Bright would have lost more than two members.

“Mhm!” Wang Doushan nodded his head. “The most pressing issue right now is to figure out how we should handle the situation now.”

Six members of Bloodline Nobility Clans had all died at the same time. No matter what, this matter was going to blow up.

Su Chen muttered, “You mean......”

“No matter what, news of this incident cannot spread,” Wang Doushan said. “We cannot let those six clans know that we are the ones who killed them. Everyone must claim together that the Clay Giant had killed them.”

“Perhaps this reason alone will not be enough to satisfy them,” Su Chen said faintly.

Su Chen, who had exchanged blows with Zhang Sheng’an, was very clear about how many trump cards these six people must have had.

Perhaps the Clay Giant could chase them all over the place, but it would be too difficult for it to actually kill them all. In addition, there was no way that it was faster than Guan Shanying.

Wang Doushan replied carelessly, “Whether they agree or not is up to them. We took care of things on our end very well - at the very least, they won’t be able to pin the blame onto us.”

Su Chen laughed, “Looks like you thought this through while I wasn’t here.”

Wang Doushan laughed darkly. “Although I’m fat, I’m not stupid. Thankfully, the Clay Giant really went crazy, and many people already saw it. I already took care of the corpses, and no one will discover them. At the very least, they won’t be able to find any problems for now. As for how long......”

Wang Doushan shook his head. “We’ll delay for as long as we can.”

His tone clearly indicated, however, that he didn’t have much faith in that idea.

Su Chen gently smiled. “Some things in life depend on fate. Why so pessimistic? If they don’t discover it, that’s naturally for the best, but if they do discover it, all we need to do is prepare for a fight. What do we have to fear?”

Wang Doushan was shocked. “You seem to be quite carefree about this.”

Su Chen replied, “Ever since Zhang Sheng’an charged at us with the Clay Giant, I’ve been clear about what to do...... There are many situations where retreating will not end well. Those aloof, remote Bloodline Nobility Clans always looked down on the lives of others. Since retreating will not gain their respect, we should just fight it out. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

As he spoke, he turned and glanced at Wang Doushan, “Do you believe that no matter how well you cover your tracks, it won’t be of any use? Those Bloodline Nobility Clans will definitely go crazy upon discovering the deaths of their precious sons. They will try and find someone to get revenge on. Even if no such person exists, they will just create someone.”

Wang Doushan’s heart sank. “You’re telling me that they will definitely come and try to bother us?”

“Us, but that won’t include you,” Su Chen replied. “You are also someone from a Bloodline Nobility Clan. As long as you stop associating with us, you should be able to escape it.”

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